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'Crush' just a simple word but what happens when Greenery Smith is pushed over the edge of sanity finding herself standing in a dark, neat and heavenly smelling room belonging to none other than Sabasian Black, the devilishly handsome bad boy. This is a twisted story of love, obsession and madness where the stalker falls victim to her victim with a promise of forbidden love

Romance / Fantasy
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It was a Friday and Fridays were always the worst for the brunette that sat at the booth by the corner. She hated how she felt worthless and poor. She hated how no matter how much she tried she could never fit in and was always the odd man out.

" What will you have Greenery?" Pearl's voice gaining her attention as she sat up, eyes cast down to the menu held in hand.

Her eyes scanned through the blue menu looking for something that could be covered by the twenty bucks she had stole from her father's wallet knowing perfectly well it was for gas.

A thought crossed her mind, wondering why she did not just part ways with the four girls she had called friends for half her life. With all those sleepovers spent together you would think they would be tight as a knot but of course they were, the four blond girls were as tight as they come with their matching hair colour and tattoos as evidence of their undying love. Where did she fit in really?

" I'll have a double cheese burger please," Greenery finally answered sighing. The waiter took down her order and left with a promise of coming back with their drinks.

" How many times have I told you to keep it on low carbs Greenery! Is that a size thirty-four?" Sandra spoke up, the one everyone envied to be, Greenery herself included.

" You know it's a thirty-two Sa," Greeney said back looking away from the four girls who over the years seemed to look more alike.

" It's that attitude that kept you from my party last week, I didn't want some smart ass spoiling my mood at my own party."

Greeney had been so relived when she was left out of the guest list. She would have had to wear that Christmas dress her dad bought her, again, and that would have been enough to get herself picked on all night and bullied to no end.

" You know we love you Greenery even though you make it so hard. Look at you, look at those boobs spilling out."

Greenery looked down at her size 12-13 top. She couldn't afford new clothes so made do with what she had but her body did not get the message because at age fifteen her boobs were already a cup B. Her curves making her a victim of older guy's snucky comments of how ripe looked, like really!

Her eyes trailed back only to freeze on a face she knew too well. Bash went to Starbright high in Lockwood which was at a town nearby, apparently he and his friends liked hanging out around Salsalt town for some particular reason. She went back memory line where she had first laid her eyes on him. He had knocked her breathless with the dark and mysterious vibe he carried along with his striking looks that left her heart beating from her throat with her knees threatening to buckle out.

Everything seemed to blur out with the focus being on Bash. She could see those red-blackish lips moving about with him brushing his tongue along them now and again. He held a bottle full of beer, envy gripping her as she wished nothing else than being that bottle.

The waiter came with their drinks standing in her line of view.

" Sorry, can you please move a little ?" She said gesturing for the waiter to move to the side but the waiter did not barge as he served the drinks.

" Move please!"

All eyes turned to her as they all gave her weird looks. She sighed rubbing her forehead as the waiter moved but she did not dare look at where she wanted because then everyone would see who she was fussing about.

" Forgive her, she's a little bit cray-cray" Pearl said to the waiter who was probably a college boy,definitely their type.

Grabbing her glass of coke she took a straw and pushed it out of it's wrapping before putting it in and drawing some coke up. Bash was all that clouded her mind and she could not help but steal glances now and again. It seemed her heart would explode. She wondered how it felt to seat next to him, touch his skin, listening to his sweet deep husky voice. She could not help the feeling that washed over her body, the urge that was too strong she clenched her chair.

Just a hug, just a hug she thought. What she would do to just get a hug.

She closed her eyes trying to control herself before she exploded telling Bash and the whole world how deeply in love she was with him.

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