Everlasting Passion

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"Your innocence draws me to you like moth drawn to flames." "I want to drop all the veils of decency and pass all the limits with you." "You will only think of me! Only me and instill it in your mind, you are mine!" They met in unexpected circumstances. She was like the pure light. He was dark, like a never ending abyss. She is innocent in the world full of ferocious and ruthless people. She has to pay for her father's fault and he made sure, she pays enough. Someone else fault and the consequences bearer is other. Hooria Ali never thought that her vanilla and ordinary life would change so drastically and only one person is to be blamed, Adam Khan. Their expedition started with thirst for vengeance and swing them through the whole roller coaster of different emotions that brought everlasting changes in their life. Join Hooria Ali and Adam Khan's savage expedition to experience a burst of different emotions that will make you laugh at a time and pull out your hair in frustration, next second.

Romance / Drama
Rabia Sajal Niazi
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Chapter 1

The rising smoke from the backyard was the clear indication that the chicken was now being roasted. The disk jockey changed the song as the crowd shouted loudly for the next song. The photographer along with his crew was all in hype. The drawn controller was standing in the corner and capturing the beautiful view with full focus. The house was twinkling with the fairy lights that hung on all of it’s four walls. Ladies and girls were all sitting, in their heavily embellished clothes, in a circle as they sung the song while clapping, happily. Little girl dance on the dance floor not caring if their steps were in accordance with the song or not. Any guesses what is it?

Yes it’s a wedding, but not any wedding, it’s a Punjabi wedding of people of Asia. Where all aunties doll up from head to toe to compete with girls of young age. Where everything is dolled up whether it’s bride’s or groom houses or grooms car. Cause why not?

‘Oh my God! What’s with all introduction? Leave it! And let me have my sweets in peace.

But guess what? She can’t have a moment of peace, as her loving Ami is constantly calling out her name.

“Hooria! Hooria dear! Hoor—!” She very reluctantly, leaving her plate of sweets rushed to her mother. Wearing the beautiful white embroidered toe length frock, she looked no less than a angel.

‘God save me from evil eye! Trust me! I am looking the most prettiest today!’ She thought smiling proudly.

“Yes Ami?” She asked fixing her hair, which were very nicely curled with small hair accessories fixed on them.

“Go bring Amna from her room. It’s time for her wedding ceremony and bring her quickly! Don’t waste anymore time now go now! Go quick!“Mama said as she adjusted her heavily embroidered veil on her head.

‘She is looking so beautiful, just like a Queen she is.’ The daughter praised her mother lovingly in her mind.

“Okay mama.” Amna is her cousin and her best friend. Today is her wedding with a nice man Amjad, who’s in army. Amna, unlike her, always dream of getting married in early age and also had no interest in studies. Whereas, she always dream of becoming a engineer, just like her father. That is why she have taken admission in the best engineering university in the city.

She opened the door and saw the beautiful bride all dolled up in her gorgeous red wedding dress, waiting for her beautiful new journey to begin.

“Amna! You look so gorgeous! May you have all the happiness in the world!” She chirped loudly as she hugged her cousin. Her eyes twinkling with happiness.

“Haha! thank you love! But Hooria, I will miss you.“Amna said slowly as she hugged her tightly.

Laughing lightly, she backed away a little and replied mischievously,” yeah only if you will have spare time out of Amjad embrace.”

“Haha very funny!” She showed her tongue, childishly, and then started laughing. It was her tactic just to hide the hideous blush that had made way on her cheeks.

“Okay Okay! Now stop! It’s time for your vows ceremony. Let’s go?” She said as she smiled brightly at the bride and Amna nodded shyly.

Soon, vows ceremony was done and Amna Saad became Amna Amjad. Congratulations were shared and everyone almost forced the sweets in poor bride and groom mouth’s.

All was going good, when Hooria noticed that she haven’t seen her father anywhere since they have came here. She started looking for her Abu. When a small boy came running to her.

“Sister! There is someone asking for you!” The small boy said motioning towards the exit gate of the house. She looked at him questioningly but before she could have asked anything, he ran away.

‘Maybe, it is Abu who is calling me. But what would Abu be doing outside the house? Maybe I should go and check.’ She thought as she nodded to herself.

But a little voice in mind keep nudging her to not go, to stay in the premises of house safety and wait for her father.

‘Also, I won’t look good standing on the road wearing this heavy frock and all dressed up. But what if it really Abu?’

Her mind again signaled her to take precaution.

‘Maybe, I should go and check? Yes I should go and check’ with that she decided to go and check. Moving forward she stepped outside the wedding house and stand on the road, but not far from the house gate.

Only faint sound of music and laughter could be heard coming from the house.

It was quite late and the cold weather caused goose bumps to appear on back of her neck or maybe it was fear? Fear of being alone.

With thumping heart, she stepped away from the house and walked a few steps on the road. She saw a distant figure in darkness of alley.

‘Maybe it’s Abu? I really hope its Abu . The figure looks quite like Abu. But where is Abu going?’

" Abu? Abu! Abu! Is that you?” she asked loudly as she moved towards the figure but the figure kept on moving without even turning its back.

‘So strange’ her mind and heart filled with fear yet she didn’t stop.

‘Maybe it’s not Abu and I should head back. Also there is no one out in the alley and it’s dark. Yes! I should quickly head back.’ A alarming voice said loudly in her mind.

Sudden panic filled in her heart and she quickly started running back towards the house with paying no heed to the fact that she is wearing four inch heels.

But the luck was not on her side that night. A large hand clasps her mouth and strange smell filled her senses, inviting her to the abyss of darkness. a a tear fell from her eye rolling down her cheek.

The thick smoke of cigar covered the room as the silence fell heavily upon the room. No sound could be heard till a footstep nearing the room were heard soon followed by a knock on the door.

“Come in....” A thick voice from inside the room answered. The man entered the room and walked near the table.

“Sir?” His voice confident as he looked at the tall man sitting on leather chair with his one leg over other as he took in the deep inhale of the cigar.

“Is it done?” Only three simple words spoken but they could change someone life entirely for good or bad.

“Yes Sir.” The man answered with same confidence and the work was indeed done smoothly.

“Good.....” the reply came after some seconds as a deep whiff of cigar is inhaled again.

“Anything else sir?” The man asked for any other order as he tied his hand on his back.

“Yes! No one touches the girl! Is it clear?” Icy voice cut through the air.

Dead clear...

Time for some revenge.....!

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