Loving Lilith

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Lilith: I don’t believe in love, I believe in truth. If you can tell me what’s on your mind and accept what’s on mine we will get along fine. I just discharged from army intelligence and am looking to calm my life down with my handsome man. My son Jax. I’ve been single since my ex passed and am not looking but my friend Kelly seems to forget that. God love her she is the best friend a girl could ask for but I could do without the matchmaking... Damian: I don’t know what’s out there. Don’t care either. All I care about is my club, my bike and my best friend Brody. We’ve had each other’s backs forever. And even though he is a playboy he always comes through when your in a bind. And that’s why he’s my VP. He thinks he’s found his One and while I’m not too sure about this girl he’s happy and that’s all that counts. Now he believes I need a woman and he can kiss my ass. I don’t need anyone on the back of my bike when I got a whole club on my shoulders.

Romance / Thriller
Maddie Clouser
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I'm sitting here in my MC, the Devils Army, nursing a beer when my VP and best friend Brody walks in with his newest woman of the week. Candy, Brandy, Tammy hell I don't know. She wont be here next week anyway. He always does this. Finds a woman who pretends to love him and all that hes worth and then in a week or two he finds her with some other brother in the club.

Not me though. I haven't been with a biker bunny or club whore for years. At 35 I'm tired of the same old shit. My names Damian by the way, but everyone around here just calls my Prez. Yea I'm the president of this MC. Were not a 1% club but we aren't afraid of anything that fucks with whats ours.

There are about 100 in the MC or Mother Charter. Not all live here at the compound and not all are nice decent guys. I mean we are bikers. Most of the older bikers have Ol' Ladies and they are either super nice or a mega bitch. And when I say super nice I mean they will get on their knees while their husbands are with a bunny. Hey whatever gets your rocks off I guess.

I turn to Brody and realize that he's been talking to me this entire time. Fuck, I'll here this later.

"Hello.. Prez.. Fuck man wake the hell up out of this daydream!!"

"What Brody? I'm not in the mood."

"Yea no shit Prez. You need laid. Hey baby think your friend thats coming into town next week will like the Prez here?"

As I look over this new girl hes brought I notice that she's not actually a "bunny type". I mean that's a shock! She has a cute face, great smile and a body that looks like she works out. Well shit I might see this girl for longer than a week or tow so I better get to know her name then.

"Ummm, I don't know honey, I mean he is definitely her type but I really don't think that she is looking to get into anything at the moment." This girl sounds like shes using her real voice and not some fake bullshit voice that women think we want to hear. Wow, I might actually like this girl for Brody. God what the fucks her name again?

"Come on Kelly! They'll be perfect together from what you tell me!" Brody says.

Ah ha!! Kelly! Thats it! Now that saves me from looking like an ass! I look over their way and try to let them know I'm not looking either. "Hey guys, I don't really want anything either at the moment. I mean shes more than welcome to come hang around with you Kelly but I've got too much shit in a storm to be worried about a woman."

This girl actually looks like I did her a favor and Brody looks at me and scowls a bit. What is up with him tonight? I mean hes tried to set me up before. Well if threesomes and bunnies for one night count but hes never pushed a girl on me this much.

"Whatever you say Prez" Brody looks at me like I'm missing something and I almost care to ask when I look towards the door and see my fucking uncle Skull show up. Yea I dont know his real name, no one does but this asshole is about to stir up a shit storm I dont know that were ready for.

I look around the room and just look towards Skull and chin lift him towards church. "Hey! Everyone! If your not a member go home." Every woman sucks their teeth and the men start to shuffle them out. "NOW!" I bellow with the most powerful voice I have. There's a reason my uncle Skull is named that. He's killed several people men and women that he says looked at him the wrong way. And I don't want to have to clean up a mess tonight. If he's here he wants something so lets find out what it is.

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