The Fifth Star Of Ophiuchus

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Chapter 12- Finale

“That blue serpent mark under his ear glowed as soon as he entered the room,” Reignald said.

“You mean Andrew is...”

“He’s Zeihronian. The blue serpent is the mark of the royal army specifically, the King’s guard. Who are you?! Why did father send you here?!” Reignald demanded irately as he got up and pounded the table with his fist. “Tell me now!” He snarled.

To Mira’s surprise, Andrew dropped on his knees and groveled at Reignald’s feet.

“Forgive me, my Prince. Forgive me.” He said.

Mira could only watch quietly. She was trying to understand the scene in front of her.

“Explain yourself,” Richard commanded.

“Your highness, I am Izabok, second-order swordsman of King Ralix’s royal guards.”

“Izabok. Of course, one of my father’s most loyal soldiers. You trained together when you were children.”

“Trained with his father? That means... He must be a lot older than... Oh my God! I’ve been sleeping with an old man!” Mira gasped at her silent realization.

The two men were oblivious to her thoughts and the tension between them remained heated. “Your father has been keeping watch of the crown prince’s family here on Earth. From doing so, he had a change of heart and grew fond of Princess Celestine. He then ordered your release from Nagul and then sent me here to protect the princess and keep her safe. I was supposed to just blend in and watch your family from afar but...” He paused and pressed his forehead on the floor.

“But what? Keep talking,” Reignald said sternly.

“I’m sorry, Prince Rix. I did not mean to fall in love with your wife but I did and I wanted to keep her and Celestine for myself. So, I hid them from the king and you. I used my job here on earth to move them from place to place. I cut my ties to Zeihron and hid from all other Zeihronians on this planet. Every time I sense you watching them, I take them away.”

“You, filthy son of a bitch! You’re a traitor and a lying scoundrel!” Reignald grabbed Andrew by the collar and forced him to stand up.

He looked at the other man furiously and spoke sharply behind gritted teeth. “You deceived my wife and my daughter! You betrayed your king and stole my family! You deserve to die!”

Mira was appalled and moved to go in between the two men. “Reignald, please…” Her husband looked at her and gave her a reassuring nod.

Reignald took a deep breath and exhaled slowly then loosened his grip on Andrew’s shirt. “But you took care of my family and you were good to them while I was away. For that, I will spare your life. I also know how much you mean to my daughter. For her sake, I will not harm you but, you have to stay away from them.”

“Yes. Yes, my Liege. Thank you,” he whispered. He then turned to her and said, “Mira, I’m truly sorry for everything.” Andrew tried to reach out to her but Reignald held his wrist.

“Don’t.” The prince warned coldly. “Don’t ever come near my family again because next time I won’t be so forgiving.”

Reignald let Andrew go and took Mira’s hand. He held it firmly before addressing the other man again.

“I am taking my family and we are going to live the life that you stole from me. The life my father took away from us. The life that was always meant for us. And you should never show your face again,” he said and went upstairs with his wife to get their daughter. Shortly later, they were ready to go.

And as they walked out of the house together, leaving the man who had been good to them for the past few years, Mira looked back and saw Andrew staring out of a window after them with sullen eyes.

She loved him, yet she felt no guilt in leaving him and tearing him apart. Piece by piece and page by page, she set fire to the man who hasn’t aged in a very long time. It wouldn’t be fair for her to stop now.

Because she was where she was supposed to be all along, beside the only man who could ever fill her heart and soul and their daughter who was the happy ever after to their extraordinary love story.

When they got to the car, Reignald and Mira stood, each holding Celestine’s hand who was in between them. They looked at each other quietly with soft smiles on their faces, hearts full and content, basking in the moment of their little family’s new beginning.

Their daughter watched them with curious eyes and although she did not completely understand everything that just happened, she was very happy to be reunited with her father and to see her mother’s joy. In her young mind, she knew that she has never seen her Mama smile as bright and her eyes sparkle with bliss as in that very moment.

“Mama? Papa?” The little girl called. Her parents were shaken out of their joyful trance and looked at her.

“Yes, my love?” Mira smiled.

“Where will we go now?” Celestine asked.

The husband and wife who haven’t thought of a plan on how to start their life together sought each other’s eyes. For a few moments, they silently conversed through their gazes and agreed.

Reignald leaned down and picked their young daughter up into his arms. “Well, little darling, we will let you decide. We will go where you want to go,” he said.

Celestine shrugged. “I don’t have somewhere I want to go now. I just want to be with you and Mama.” She smiled.

“Awww, baby. I love you so much.” Reignald held her closer to him and kissed her forehead.

“I love you, Papa.” Celestine hugged him back. Her father was not able to hold back his tears anymore and quietly cried tears of joy as he held her. Mira joined their hug. She felt she couldn’t ask for anything more now that they are all together again. They stayed in that warm embrace for a while before haven’t Reignald spoke again.

He cupped Celestine’s cheek and asked, “Sweetheart, what do you think about going on a space adventure?” He grinned.

The little girl’s eyes widen in excitement. “That would be awesome, Papa! Let’s go!”

“And you, my love? What do you think?” He smiled at his wife.

“I think that I would go anywhere with you. I don’t ever want to leave your side ever again, akreim banchr.” She grinned after seeing the amazement on his face when she called him “my husband” in Zehronian. “Gugmrcheid meim.”

Reignald grinned wider, his heart bursting with love and joy to the seams, then pulled Mira in for a passionate kiss before he replied, “I love you more.

The End

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