The Fifth Star Of Ophiuchus

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Chapter 2

“It’s finally time.”

Reignald closed his case and picked it up, then walked towards the door. Today, he was not just leaving his work area. Today, he was leaving it with a purpose. Finally, after many years of longing and hard work for his plans and research, he has succeeded in his efforts and it was time to go home.

He’s going home. He’s going to find Mira and he’s going home to her.

The plans have been set for a while now. He patiently worked for five long years to complete what needed to be done and his final eight full moon alignments wait was almost unbearable if not for the hope that he held in his heart.

A hope that soon he will hold Mira in his arms again. Soon, he would feel her warmth against him, her sweet smell on his nose, her heartbeat echoing his. Soon, he would once again drown into her sparkling brown eyes, be lost in the expanse of her silky olive skin and be captured by her cherry lips.

“Soon, my love, I’ll be home soon.” He smiled as he closed his eyes and imagined Mira’s lovely face beaming back at him.

Rix! Hinneim, huwachr meim gawchnemchr! He heard his younger brother called him by his birth name and speak to him in their native tongue. “Rix! Stop! Don’t do this!”

Dishan, Patchreim. Galnchr kochreim tayhdch, meim lamnech. Reignald, Rix to his family and his home, said as he turned to face his juvenile brother, young but mature for his age. “Dishan, I’m sorry. You know how long I have waited to do this.”

Reignald saw the disappointment in his brother’s eyes. Ever since their mother and older sister passed, it was just the two of them and their father. He looked after his younger brother, day in and out, while their father worked.

Dishan has always depended on him. He remembered how it broke his brother when he had to leave him to fulfill his duties to the planetary cause. He cried and clung to his big brother’s waist while he demanded Reignald to take him along.

He was devastated to leave his brother behind but knew that a lot of people depended on the success of his expedition and that when he returns home, he will bring with him new hope for everyone he left behind.

His younger brother has since grown from that day and has also started to work with their father. Now, Reignald knew that the boy he will leave is much stronger and more dependable.

Dishan walked to him and held the elbow that carried his case in an attempt to stop his older brother.

Meim dirnei naprch sineim. Amrechr guraneichr yaneim. “You won’t find them. Father made sure of that,” the younger man warned.

Gawchnemr kochreim, Dishan. Kochreim dirnei gildrch gangrei kochreim. “I will, Dishan. I will not stop until I do,” he answered.

Sigchr yanbud kochreim samreich meim, kapchrad. “Then let me go with you, brother.” Dishan appealed.

Reignald sighed and put down his case. Those were the exact words Dishan said all those years ago. He then placed his hand on his younger brother’s shoulders and explained.

Damchre pared meim ditchram. Amrechr langchreid meim ditchram. Kochreim langchreid meim ditchram. Dapchre ishreim taochri kochreim tiweiden ditchram. “There’s a lot in store for you here. Father needs you here. I need you here. There should at least be one person I can trust left here.”

Dishan nodded his head and finally let his brother go. Chrei. Laganeichr meim emchr kochreim saleim meim hanchr silreim. “Okay. Take care of yourself and I hope you find them.”

Salamchreim. Laganeichr meim, kapchrad. Balraweich, meim gawchneimr kilachrien meim bagchr kapneid achr meim pamneid. ”Thank you. Take care of yourself, brother. Someday, you will get to meet your new sister and your niece,” Reignald whispered as he held Dishan in a farewell embrace.

With that, he picked up his case and walked out the door with a hopeful spirit.

“I’ll see you soon, Mira. Very soon.” Reignald whispered as he sat in the pilot seat and looked at his flight plan.


“Mama, I’m really scared about tomorrow,” Celestine said as they laid on a blanket in their backyard garden on the first night of summer.

As promised, Mira prepared a picnic for them that evening while they gazed at the stars above. They were on a mission to spot her favorite constellation. Andrew was working late and the sky was still a little cloudy so their plans didn’t go exactly as they hoped.

With her daughter’s endless pleas, Mira finally agreed for them to stay another hour outside to talk about anything they can think of.

The little girl was talking about her performance as Tanya in their school’s stage adaptation of An American Tail. She will be singing Somewhere Out There in front of all her classmates, teachers and parents. Celestine was very nervous about it.

Although her Mom has always been supportive and even when she has a very beautiful voice, Celestine has always lacked confidence in herself and her talent.

“I know that you will be the brightest star tomorrow. Everyone will see how my Celestine sings like an angel and I will be right there in front of the stage, proudly watching and quietly cheering you on.”

“You think so, Mama?” The little girl asked.

“I know so, sweetheart.” Mira smiled and kissed her dear daughter’s forehead then looked up at the sky. “Oh wow!” She gasped.

“What is it, Mama?” Celestine asked.

“You see that up there, sweetheart?” She asked, pointing up. “That star... Just a little to your right. Yes, right there. Do you see those three big bright stars twinkling?”

“Yes, Mama.”

“You see that smaller star just a little to the left of the top one?”

“Yes, Mama.”

“You see how it shines brighter than all the others around it? That... That’s my favorite star.”

“Wow! It’s beautiful, Mama.” The little girl gasped, her eyes twinkling, mirroring the view above.

“It is and it reminds me of you. She’s beautiful and amazing though her simple appearance doesn’t show it you realize as you see her besides the other stars that she shines brighter than any of them in her quiet way.” Mira explained while gently stroking her little girl’s hair.

“What’s it called, Mama?”

“It’s called Zeihron, the fifth star of Ophiuchus. She always comes out first to signal that we will soon see the brilliance on the entire constellation.” She said with a smile as she looked up and watched the stars.

Suddenly, a flashing light made Mira close her eyes, then a barrage of random phrases from a low and gentle male voice flooded her mind.

“That star... Will lead you... The fifth star of Ophiuchus... That’s Zeihr... It will lead you to me... Mira... That star... I love you... Wait for me... I will find you...”

Mira opened her eyes with a loud gasp like waking up from a vivid dream of a man she does not even remember but somehow felt like a part of herself.

“Mama, what’s wrong?” Celestine worriedly asked as she saw Mira’s expression.

“It’s nothing, sweetheart. I’m just tired. I think it’s time for bed.” She smiled softly. “Let’s go?”

Celestine smiled and got up then took Mira’s hand as they walked to the house. “Mama, can I sleep beside you tonight?”

“Yes. Of course, my love. Why do you ask?”

The little girl beamed. “Because I want to sing to you until you fall asleep to make you feel better.”

“Thank you, sweetheart. I’d love that.” Mira smiled.

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