The Fifth Star Of Ophiuchus

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Chapter 7

“Wait, hold up. Are you telling me that you are Celestine’s dad?!” She gasped.

Reignald slowly nodded his head, his eyes never leaving hers. “I am. Celestine is our daughter.”

“No. Wait. How? How can you be so sure? We were together for one night. Did you know all along? Where were you all along? After all these years, did you know who we were? Why the hell can’t I remember you and yet I have this strong feeling like… like I’ve known you for so long? Was I that drunk? How old are you? 24, 25? Why are you so young? How old were you when… Uhm… you know… when we had coitus? 16, 17? Oh my God! Am I a criminal now?” Mira ranted then buried her face in her hands. “Lord! What have I done with my life?”

Reignald chuckled. He always found her tireless tirades adorable. How she switches from shy and demure to bold and passionate never ceased to amaze him. She was still the same. They may have erased her memory but they can never change who his Mira was.

“Oh God! You’re laughing at me? I’m stupid and you’re laughing at me.” She groaned.

He stopped laughing and his voice went back to a serious tone when he spoke. “You are not stupid, darling.”

He then gently held her wrists and removed her hands from her face. “Look at me,” he whispered.

And she did.

“What you think you know, may not be true. It will be difficult to understand if I just tell you, it will all make sense with Celestine. She is the key. And if you let me, we will have all the answers for you. You know I will never harm our child. Do you trust me, Mira?”

Mira looked into his eyes and found sincerity in his words. Although she just met him, his words, his touch, his stares felt like they have always been there like she’s always known them, and she believed him.

“Yes. I trust you.” She said.

“I can prove that she’s my child with just one touch and we can start our story from there.”

He smiled.

And somehow that smile was enough to tame the wild tempest of confusion and emotions that stormed within her.


As Mira wished, they waited until Celestine was fast asleep for Reignald to show her his proof. They took the car from her coffee shop’s parking then she drove to their house which was only fifteen minutes away.

An hour later, the little girl was tucked in bed. A few minutes after that, she was peacefully sleeping on her bed with yellow sun and moon sheets in her sky and space themed room. Reignald looked around his daughter’s room with appreciation as he sat on a chair at the foot of the bed while Mira sat beside Celestine on the bed.

“Reignald...” Mira called softly.

He carefully walked over to them as he carried the chair with him. He set it beside the bed and sat down.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

She slowly nodded her head. “I am, will it hurt her?”

“Not at all.” He assured her as he gently turned Celestine’s left palm up and touched his left hand over it.

A few seconds later a bright yellow light glowed from within their hands. It slowly expanded to form a ball-like shield around the three of them. Mira could not believe her eyes. She has never seen something so magical, so out of this world, so amazing and she was excited and scared at the same time.

The glow lasted for what seemed like a minute before it gradually faded. When it did, Reignald turned his hand so their palms laid side by side.

Mira gasped at what she saw on her little girl’s hand. The light left a red mark on her palm in the shape of a serpent that was curved in what looked to her as a G clef.

Shock and fear poured over her. She took her daughter’s hand and looked at Reignald with accusingly piercing eyes.

“What are you? What is this? What have you done to my daughter? You promised you wouldn’t hurt her. I trusted you, you jerk!” She snarled.

“I did not hurt her. I just gave our daughter her birthright. She has that all along, a father needs to touch his child’s palm to recognize the child’s rights and claims and bring out the mark. The serpent is the symbol of a Zeihronian. The red serpent indicates the royal bloodline, the House of Frewoex. The shape also speaks of a child’s destiny. Mine told of my path to be a medical engineer and Celestine’s mark tells of a future in music and the arts.”

“What the hell are you talking about? You said you had answers, Reignald, but so far all I have are more questions.”

He smiled. “Your eyes are telling me you understand but are afraid of the truth. Don’t fear the truth, Mira. Ask.”

“Zeihronian... Zeihron? The fifth star of Ophiuchus?”

He nodded. “Ophiuchus is our galaxy and Zeihron is not a star but a planet. Our planet.”

Mira suddenly burst into a sarcastic laugh. “Is this a joke? Where the hidden camera?” She said, looking around.

“This is not a joke. There’s no camera.”

She giggled. “You’re telling me that I hooked up with an alien, a very handsome alien, I’ll give you that, and that I have a daughter who is an alien princess?” She paused to let the ridiculousness of what she just said set in and laughed louder. “Did I get that right? Did I miss anything?”

Reignald chuckled. “You still haven’t changed, my realistic Bella. Always the skeptic... Yes, despite the laughter, you have understood correctly.” He looked at her and the sincerity in his eyes made her stop laughing. “And it was not just a hookup. We met, we fell in love, got married and had a daughter.”


“Yes. Two years. We were together for two years.”

“Two years... All those times I always thought I was missing something from those two years before I had Celestine but I wasn’t sure what... I don’t understand.”

“I told you… It’s not easy to understand but if you let me, I can show you. Mira, I need you to trust me again. After this, you will remember everything and you will have all your answers.”

“Show me,” she whispered, her eyes unfaltering and determined. “But... But not here. Let’s go to the living room. We might wake Celestine,” she said and lead the way to the room downstairs.

They sat on the couch and faced each other.

“Okay. I’m ready,” she said.

“You have to trust me completely. You may not remember but I am your husband and as the wife of a Zeihronian, you also bear hidden marks in your body that holds a memory, each one matching one on mine. Our story. Our love is held in our hearts and etched on our skin,” Reignald said as he looked deep in her eyes and very slowly reached his hand out to touch her cheek with the back of his hand.

As soon as their skin touched, a yellow mark glowed on her cheek and on his hand which ushered her first memory, from when they first met.

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