The Fifth Star Of Ophiuchus

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Chapter 9

It was morning by the beach, Reignald stood staring at the sunrise with feet firmly planted on the sand.

She giggled as she quietly snuck up from behind him and slipped her arms around his waist then leaned her cheek on his strong back.

“Good morning, Love.” She smiled.

He smiled and sighed then turned to face her. “Good morning, beautiful.”

He gently caressed her cheek and kissed her lips.

She smiled as he leaned his forehead on hers. “Can we stay here forever? I wish every morning can be as beautiful as this,” she whispered.

“Our mornings will always be beautiful because we will always have each other, my love,” he said.

“What do you mean?” Mira asked.

Reignald went down on one knee and took out the small box that he kept in the pocket of his board shorts.

“Mira, I love you. You are the love of my life, my destiny. There will never be a love like ours in any lifetime or any universe.” He smiled as he blinked back his tears and his heart brimmed with the love he felt for her. “Since the planets started spinning and the stars started twinkling in the sky, it has been written that you and I are meant to meet and be together until all existence ceases. Two hearts who have searched for so long and now we are here. Together. I was meant to find you and you were meant to find me.”

He took a deep breath and opened the box to reveal a 3-carat emerald cut diamond ring set on a platinum band.

“Mira, my sweet Mira, will you be my wife and share this destiny with me forever?” He asked.

“Yes! Yes! I love you, Reignald. Of course, I’d say yes!” She answered with tears flowing from her eyes and a happy smile on her lips.


When Reignald pulled away and the mark stopped glowing, he saw Mira crying.

That was what she has been lacking all along. That void in her heart that was impossible to fill now very slowly brimmed with his presence. He was the missing piece.

“Mira... My love...”

“I’m sorry.” She sobbed and threw her arms around his shoulders. “I’m so sorry. How can I forget? How did I forget?” She cried as she nuzzled on his neck.

He wrapped his arms around her and gently rubbed her back up and down. “Shhh... It’s okay. It’s not your fault, Love.”

“I want to remember everything,” Mira said as she pulled away to stare in his eyes. “Show me, Love. I want to remember us.”

“Mira, that would mean I’ll have to touch you… Uhm… more… a lot… all over… and I can’t assure you that…”

“I know,” she whispered and with her eyes glued on his, she slowly lifted the edge of her shirt and pulled it over her head. “Touch me.”

Reignald held his breath as he gazed at her half-naked body. His whole being filled with a yearning for his wife.

She leaned closer to him, her lips mere inches from his, her bare chest pressed against his own and he could feel her pebbled nipple on his clothed skin.

“Show me, Love. Touch me,” Mira repeated as she whispered on his lips and it was enough for him to succumb to her request and his longing for her.

Reignald slipped a hand around her waist and another on her nape and pulled Mira closer. He melded his lips on hers and kissed her hungrily as he tried to fill the years of emptiness inside him with her kiss. His wanting mouth drank from hers like a parched traveler who finally found an oasis in the middle of a scorching desert.

All at once, marks glowed all over their bodies, bringing forth a cascade of different memories of their love story.

Soon they were both stark naked on the couch, insatiably feeling, kissing and touching each other.

Each touch, each kiss, revealed a new mark and a new memory.


He joked about accepting her wet business proposal which made them both giggle and blushes the day they opened their first branch.

They celebrated that over dinner which is also their first date on his hotel’s rooftop which he filled with hundreds of red roses, fairy lights, and candles as they had shared a meal under the stars with a string quartet playing lovely music in the background.


He palmed one breast as he took the other in his mouth. He sucked on its soft flesh thirstily, flicked its tip with his tongue and nipped on her skin.


They moved into their penthouse condominium unit in Makati and marveled at the beautiful view of the city landscape at night.

Every morning, she opened her eyes and found him watching her with a smile on his face. He would say “I love you. I missed kissing you while you slept so I watched and waited until you woke up.” Then he would kiss her like it was the first time all over again.


She arched her back and moaned his name as he took his sweet time relishing every inch of her skin.


When they opened their next branch, they celebrated by renting out a private cinema so they can watch The Notebook over wine, cheese, and prosciutto.


Mira sighed softly and laced her fingers through his hair as Reignald trailed kisses down the valley of her breasts to the marked glowing skin of her belly to the apex between her legs.


They had a long walk all over her hometown while they ate ice cream and kissed on the sidewalk, ignoring the stares and giggles around them, before he asked her parents for their blessing to marry her.


He slipped a finger inside her core as he sucked on her nub which her move her hips up and down slowly to ride in his rhythm and moan in sweet pleasure.


He cried so hard during their wedding that the priest had to ask twice if he said “I do” between his sobs and when he declared a clear resounding “Yes, I do,” from the top of his lungs, everyone laughed.


She whimpered and spasmed as she came, spilling creamy warmth into his mouth while he savored every drop of it.


They had their honeymoon in the Maldives. A two-week holiday on an island paradise she has always dreamed of going to. Every day they spent there was magnificent and every night was magical.


Trying hard to catch her breath, she then stroked his throbbing erection with shaky hands and lifted her hips towards him, aligning him to her entrance, offering herself to the only person who can fill her thoroughly— body, heart, and soul.


They went to Italy for their first anniversary. It was early in the summer and it rained for days when they arrived. One night, the sky was finally clear enough for some stargazing and wine as they cuddled on a blanket that they spread in the middle of the garden at the backyard of the villa they rented along Lake Como.

“Wow. This is awesome! You love stars.” He beamed after Mira showed him all the constellations she knew. “I bet I can show you one constellation you haven’t seen before.”

“Really? Where?”

“Look up there, opposite of Orion, that’s Ophiuchus a rare constellation that can only be seen on clear summer nights like tonight.”

“Wow, I’ve heard of it but I’ve never actually seen it. It’s amazing.”

“It is.” He smiled. “And that star, the brightest one is called Zeihron. The fifth star. That’s my favorite star. If there ever comes a time when I have to leave, remember that the fifth star will always lead you to me.”

“It’s beautiful. I think that’s my favorite too from now on.” She sighed. “Wait... what do you mean by ‘leave me’? Hey, Mister, I love you too damn much to ever let you go. You have no choice, you’re stuck with me,” she said rolling her eyes.

Reignald laughed and hugged her tightly. “Not as stuck as you are with me, sweet Mira. I love you very much. In every lifetime, in any place in the universe, Love.”


He slipped his shaft into her wet core and they both groaned as he felt her clamp around him and he filled her to the brim.

He moved slowly at first, the marks that filled their skin shone brighter with each thrust.


They both quietly stared at the two blue lines on the pregnancy test kit for a few minutes, eyes wide, mouth agape, before they both cried and laughed with joy over the good news.


Reignald swung his hips faster as she wrapped her legs around his hips and met his thrusts. Each one was harder and deeper than the last.

The room was filled with bright yellow light from their bodies. Their heartbeats raced, as they moaned and panted, quickly climbing to the peak of satisfaction.

As hormones raged and emotions soared, the biggest revelation dawned.

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