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Dance of The Roses

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Discover the thrill of 4 girls fall in the abyss of forbidden love

Romance / Fantasy
Mohab El-Sobky
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Blooming of The First Rose

It all started in a marvelous summer day in the amazing city of Unyhneas, the capital of the vast and marvelous elven kingdom of Kemen. The sun was shining, bathing the whole land in its warm beams. The sky was clear; everything was just beautiful here at the greatest elven capita, especially on the vast mountain on top of which the magnificent royal palace of the two sisters stood upon.

Yandera, a young human sorceress and a close friends to the royal sisters. She was 21 years of age, tall and regal. Her eyes were deep blue and her hair was a strange shade of dark violet, was summoned by Princess Anar, the oldest of the two sisters and the bearer of the magic of the sun, to come to the castle for a matter that was described to be of major importance. Being the ever-faithful student that she was, she didn't hesitate for a moment to obey the orders. She also thought that it would be a great opportunity to see Princess Ithil, the younger sister and the bearer of the magic of the moon and night. As it has been a while since she last saw her. They had a very good friendship together for a while now after that Full Moon Celebration when she was introduced to the city of Thilal Asari.

She arrived at the Princess’ study and knocked. After hearing the Princess bid her “Enter”, she pushed the huge oaken door open, and strode in. Her gaze roamed the room, taking in the high, molded ceiling, which amused her to think that, even here, the castles architects couldn't set aside their dreams of grand halls and tall towers. She moved on to the bookshelves lining the walls, which ran down both sides of the room, terminating at the outside wall of the chamber on the left side and the window which faced, conveniently enough, toward Thilal Asari. Next was the large table that, on first glance, appeared to be carved from a single block of marble. Magical examination, however, revealed that it was merely so exactly crafted, that the pieces fit together with no gap or visible line between them. Stationed atop this massive masterpiece was a map of Kemen and its immediately abutting neighbors, held down at the corners with paperweights that matched the banners of the kingdom.

As for the princess, who was more than gorgeously seated at her desk, a maple mammoth emblazoned on the front side with the banners of the kingdom, which rested at the end of the right-hoof set of shelves, allowing the Princess to meditate on the outside world when Royal Duties stymied even one as old as she. At present, a scroll was suspended in the golden glow of her magic, causing her to furrow her brow in concentration.

“Good morning, your highness.” Yandera said.

This might be a good opportunity to tell you a bit more about the two royal sisters. For most of the elves in Kemen the two princesses were regarded to be the protectors and the creators of joy and prosperity of the kingdom. Some even go all the way to worshipping them as the goddesses of the sun and the moon. This is actually not a strange thing to think when you see two gorgeous sisters whose ages are ranging between two to three thousand millennia.

The older one, princess Anar, was a true definition of mature beauty. With her long golden hair and red eyes. She was the strongest sorceress in the known lands not just Kemen, only matched by her sister, princess Ithil, who was younger than her by roughly six centuries. She possessed the power over the moon, the stars, and even the dreams of others. Making her a very wise person with the matters of the heart, and a formidable enemy if the times were to come. She was couple of inches shorter than her sister. Her eyes were as blue as the ocean, and hair as long as her waist and as dark as the night sky itself.

As for how did a human sorceress as Yandera came to befriend the two most powerful magic users in the world. Is because of Yandera’s other side. She is actually half human, half elf. Her father was one of the six legendary elven mages who made this kingdom and protected the elven race from the attack of the dragons more than a thousand years ago. The only one who’s still alive from these seven ‘Gods of Kemen’ as the common folk here call them. Is princess Anar herself.

After the princess discovered the presence of this amazing human sorceress who could manipulate the elemental magic and even work through the magical core at the age of 12, she went to investigate. Sure enough, even that Yandera looked like her mother only, Anar knew without a doubt that she was the daughter of Giliath. Afterwards she took her as her student. Mentored her to be the greatest human mage and one of the best among the elven mages even.

“Oh! Yandera! Good morning. I didn't notice you entering.”

Yandera furrowed her brow in thought. She could have sworn the Princess had invited her in, hadn’t she? “But Princess, didn’t you ask me to come in?”

Princess Anar frowned at her for a moment, and then her gaze brightened, a smile flashing onto her face, and a small laugh slipping out. “I must have been so engrossed in my work; I gave the automatic response for when someone knocks on my door. I guess that’s what happens when one is giving the same response to the same stimulus for centuries!”

“I hope I didn't interrupt you.”

"No, not at all."

“So Princess, what was it you needed my help for?”

Princess Anar summoned a wooden box full of scrolls and put it on her desk. Then she took one of the scrolls and opened and placed it on the desk for both of them to read.

Yandera looked at the scroll which was filled with some strange symbols. She noticed some familiar figures which were that of the old language of the higher gods. She was studying that language since they discovered some historical archives under the Crystal Palace in Khemir. So far, however, the language’s secrets were stubbornly refusing to reveal themselves.

Yandera raised her face to the princess and said with a confused look. “What is that Princess?”

“These scrolls had been sent to me by your brother from the ruins of the old gods’ kingdom in Khemir. They found it in one of the temples and they think that these have some important secrets about the magic of Corm, the crystal heart of the universe.”

“I see. But why hadn’t they translated it before they sent it.”

“Well, they tried to find anyone from the scholars of the temple to translate it. But the spell that had been cast on them by the Sentient Wyverns had erased all their memory about this language. It also made them unable to relearn any of it due to the remains of the dark magic’s spirit.”

“Mmm, so it’s up to us to translate all these scrolls if we want to know about the Corm magic.”

“I know this is a hard task. But I have faith in you my student. And I know that you will be able to do it.”

“This is so exciting. I would be a part of discovering a whole new civilization. This is like a dream come true.”

“I knew you would enjoy it. Now let’s get to work. We have a lot to do.”

It was late in the day when Yandera left the study. She was exhausted from working with the princess. As she was walking in the hallway that leads to the front gates of the palace, she met Princess Ithil. But this time she felt something strange about it. She felt her heart bound faster. She felt butterflies in her stomach, and heat building up in her core.

It wasn't the first time she felt like that when she was around the Princess. She was annoyed with these feelings and didn’t know what they were. But these feelings started some months after the second Full Moon celebration she spent with the Princess.

But that day it was stronger. Even the way she looked at the princess was different. She noticed how beautiful her body was. She admired each and every single detail about the princess of the moon. But she collected herself when she saw the princess and her dark mare approaching her.

“Hello, Yandera of Thilal Asari.” Princess Ithil said.

“Hello, Princess Ithil” Replied Twilight, bowing formally.

“You don't have to do this Yandera. After all, we're friends.”

Yandera quickly straightened, a blush adorning her cheeks. “Sorry about that. It's the habit.”

Ithil giggled a bit then said. “It's okay. I see you have just had a tough session.”

“Yeah, Princess Anar is trying to push me to my limits. But I can't say I don't enjoy it.”

“You always do give your all when learning something new.” Princess Ithil said as she descended from her horse to escort her friend to the main gates of the palace.

“Well, it’s always good to have a good challenge every now and then. So, how is life going around with you?”

“Well, the normal royal duties you know, politics, duties, formalities, balls, aristocracy, magic lessons. It’s just the same every day. Sometimes it bores me but I'm getting used to it.”

“Wow, and I thought I'm the one with the busy life.” Yandera said with a little laugh. “Do you even get any time to rest?”

“After I finish the night court session. That is my time to become just Ithil. I spend the night listening to music and reading. But Friday nights are my gaming nights, which are my favorite.”

There was then a pause of silence. Ithil looked at Yandera with a strange look which made the sorceress feel rather uncomfortable. Was there something on her face? Was her hair messy? Those worries soon faded as she lost herself looking into Ithil’s eyes. But she pulled herself out from the awkward situation anyways.

“Princess Ithil, are you okay?”

“Yes, yes I'm fine.” Ithil said as she got back to herself. Blushing a little but tried to hide it from her little friend. “So how is Thilal Asari?”

“Good, nothing unusual. The annual race of leaves is coming soon and Caryave is practicing. She says that this year the competition is tough because a lot of really good competitors are coming from Mylhnaes. But she is aiming for the first place in all events as always. You know how serious she gets when it comes to horse racing.”

“She is really one of the best I've ever seen when it comes to riding.”

“Yes, she is. So, won't you come and pay Thilal Asari a visit any time soon?”

“I’ll try to do so the nearest chance I get.”

They've already reached the gates by that time. “Well, I better get going.” Yandera said. “I hope to see you again soon.”

“I hope so too.”

“Well, I'll have to say goodbye now.”

“Have a nice day.”

Yandera was just about to leave when she heard Ithil calling her. “Yandera, Wait!”

“Yes princess.”

She turned back to find Princess Ithil looking down at her feet, rubbing one against the other’s fetlock in an uncharacteristic display of anxiety. “There is something I've been trying to tell you about for a while now. B-but I've never had the courage to say it.”

Now Yandera’s curiosity was well and truly peaked. “Go ahead princess.”

“Well, I don't know how to say this. But since that night when we were together in Thilal Asari, I started to have some strange feelings. Something that I thought I would never feel again. But you've revived it in my heart.”

“Princess, I don't understand. What is that feeling?”

The princess let out a sigh, and then she gazed almost lost into the blue of Yandera's eyes almost taking in every detail and essence in her eyes, saying the magical words that could turn everything upside down.

“Yandera of Thilal Asari, daughter of Giliath the great mage of Kemen, the fairest of elves and the most beautiful in men. Amin mela lle. I'm in love with you.”

Ithil said these words and there was a moment like everything was paused in the world. Then the princess of the night vanished through the wind, leaving the young Yandera standing there, speechless, frozen like a statue, cracking every cell of her brain in a futile attempt to understand the situation that just unfolded in front of her. She had two different feelings, one of huge awkward feeling and anxiety. And the other was a little feeling of happiness to hear that from her princess.

The young human sorceress gathered herself a little and managed to sit on a small bench in the Royal Gardens. She just let a long gaze to the vast space. She had millions of thoughts in her head. But the more she tried to sort this situation out, the more questions rose to her, and the more awkward she felt. At last she just gave up and let her face sink into her hands.

She just sat there, lost in her thoughts and unaware of anything around her. All she had in mind now was to sort out that situation. But she knew it wasn't a mathematical equation or something mental. It was something new to her, an inner fight between the thoughts she had towards the princess as her ruler and mentor’s sister, and these other feelings she had for the princess and tried to ignore, the new feelings toward Ithil as another woman, one who, despite her age, was still youthful in both mind and body.

“I just don't know what to do.” Yandera said to herself. “I mean I don't have anything against Ithil. She is smart, funny, joyful to be around, in addition to her gorgeous beauty, and her dark sparkling hair that is breathtaking on its own when it’s carried away by the wind.”

“What am I saying? Could I be..... No, no, no, no. I can't be holding feelings for her, except being her friend of course. Yes, that’s right. We're just friends.”

“But what about these feelings I've had about her lately? I mean, I’ve read some romantic novels. And according to them, all the symptoms I’m feelings indicates a feeling of love towards Ithil.”

“But she is my princess. I can’t have a romantic affair with my princess, can I? And why am I starting to actually like the idea of me being with Ithi?”

“Did I just think of her as Ithi? Oh great, now even I disagree with myself. That’s it, I give up.”

She went silent for a minute, trying to gather her thoughts to come up with something to settle this down. But as she was doing that, she felt a gentle hand landing on her shoulder. She turned around and saw Ithil. Yandera’s face went frozen like she had just encountered a monster.

“I knew that I would find you here.” Ithil said to the little sorceress with a genuine smile.

There was a moment of silence. Yandera’s mind was as blank and frozen as her face. She didn't know what to say or how to respond to Ithil. It’s like she forgot how to speak all together.

But Ithil went on without a pause. Like she was about to give a speech that she rehearsed a thousand times before. “Listen, I know it was shocking to you. And I know you weren't prepared for this. But I kept it away for too long. And I thought that this was the time to say it. I'll completely understand if you didn't have the same feelings towards me.”

Yandera sat there with a million words to say. But not a single one had the courage to come from her mouth. She knew she had to say something. But every time she tried to speak, words would melt at the tip of her tongue. But she gathered every last drop of courage in her cells and said. “Ithil, I- I. You just really surprised me with these words. And I really didn't have the time to think this straight. Ithil, I really am-”

She was interrupted by the look on the princess’s face. She saw, for the first time of her life, tears coming out of Ithil’s eyes. After all these years they have known each other. After all these battles they fought side by side. She has never seen Ithil without that spark in her eyes. But seeing tears coming out from those blue eyes made Yandera almost break into two halves. That’s when everything became clear. Her blank mind gave the room for her heart to say the final words. And she chose to let her heart get control to settle this down for the last time.

“I really am in love with you Ithil.”

Ithil’s face lit up with a wide smile. Her hair seemed shiner than it was ever before. Yandera also had a little shy smile between her red cheeks. They looked at one another, watching out, waiting for some small sign, a clue of how to proceed. Unknowingly, their faces were drawing closer and closer together. Their lips met and they melted into the kiss, their lips molding to each other’s whims. Where one shifted, the other complied, with no break between the seal they’d created. After a time, their lips slowly parted. Yandera found herself leaning forward, her head on Ithil's chest, their arms around each other in a sweet embrace.

“Ithil.” Yandear said.


“I've been thinking for a response to what you've said for the last hour or two and couldn't come up with anything. But your eyes gave me the answer I needed. Thank you.”

Ithil looked to her, and responded with another deep kiss. Then they turned to watch the beautiful sun melting down the horizon, signaling the end of the day and the beginning of a new night. With a new magic in possess, that magic was the most powerful magic of all time, the magic of love.

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