Dance of The Roses

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Blooming of The Stability Rose

After the events happened between the two girls. Both of them needed some time to reassess how they’re going to continue their relationship. So they thought it would be a good idea to stay for some time in Unyhneas. It worked for both of them for more than a single reason. They got to spend a lot of time together. Princess Mir and Prince Kiri were on some official business in the capital so this was a great opportunity to see her older brother and sister in law and discuss the latest discoveries she had about Corm.

It has been two days of hard work for Ynadera and the rest of the royal family. So on the third day they thought they might just take it easy for a while and just have a good time. They were all sitting together in the royal dining room. Princess Anar, Princess Ithil, Princess Mir, Prince Kiri and Ynadera all together enjoying a nice dinner after the eventful day.

Everyone was busy with digging into the plate of fine pastries in front of them, when Princess Mir said. “How long has it been since we just had a good dinner together?”

“A long while I know.” Yandera said. “I wish we all didn’t have so much to do all the time.”

“I know it’s sad.” Ithil said, ruffling her lover’s hair. “But it just makes these moments worth it.”

“Oh, please honey, stop that” Yandera said, profoundly blushing. “You’re embarrassing me.”

This comment earned a nice laugh from the whole pack. Then there was a small silence when only the cracking of the forks and knives against the plates was the only audible sound. Then again it was Princess Mir to break the silence.

“So, Ithil.”

“What’s it Mir?”

“How everything is going between you and Yandera so far?”

“Well, we've had some problems. But we managed to overcome them and get back on track.” Ithil said with a soft glance to Yandera.

“Don’t worry sis.” Yandera said. “Ithil and I are more than fine together.”

“I see,” Kiri said “It’s been, what? One year?”

“One year and two months.” The two lovers said in union, a sense of pride in them.

“Okay, okay. So, have you thought about, you know, taking it to the second stage?”

“KIRI!” Yandera burst out, earning another round of laugh from the rest of the family members.

“What? I’m just speaking my mind. But the choice is yours of course.”

“Mir, Kiri,” Anar said, taking the hint from the profound uneasiness of the two girls. “I know you’re concerned. However, I think that they’ll be able to make the right decision. Also, it’s better to let everything run its course.”

“You’re right Anar,” Mir said. “Sorry guys, It’s just we thought about asking you if you considered the idea.”

“Well, umm” Yandera stumbled and looked at Ithil who was silent and very deep in thought.

“It’s okay guys, you should take your time anyway right.” Kiri said, trying to relieve the stress surrounding the situation.

The rest of the night was just small talks about different topics. Mostly Yandera’s researches about Khemir’s history and the powers of Corm and how it’s connected to Mir and the possibilities that can happen if these powers were to be restored completely and its impact on the internal and external affairs of the ancient kingdom. However, Ithil was there only by body and not by soul. She was always lost in thought and more than once was found staring in the void throughout the night.

What Mir and Kiri said was still echoing in her head. They both had a point; Ithil and Yadnera have been in together for over a year now, which was the longest relation that Ithil had ever been. But she wanted it to go for more time, she wanted it to continue on forever. Also, the new fact that was discussed earlier with Anar to make Yandera the Royal Advisor of Witchcraft will help her achieve this dream. But this small talk made Ithil realize that she has never given a real deep thought about the future of this relationship. Were they ready for this kind of commitment? She did love Yandera, and she had some fancies of them getting married. But it was all just some thoughts. To actually take this step was really something she needed time think about.

She didn't sleep that night. The thought was consuming her. She didn't know why she was so afraid of the thought. Maybe because of the last events that happened. Or was it the fact of being into a long committed relationship that scared her. But she was in a committed relationship for a year and she has never felt happier in her life.

“You look so thoughtful tonight my dear sister.” Anar said in a sweet manner, coming into the roof balcony Ithil loved to go to when she needed to think. Anar may be a huge troll and had some bad habits. But when necessary, she turns on to her mother mode in a jiffy, “Is it something you want to talk about?”

Ithil let out a deep sigh and said with a voice that was so soft that it may resemble that of Leuthil more than the loud, bold gamer princess. Anar was the closest thing to a mother Ithil had in her entire life. So it was the most appropriate thing to talk to her. “Anny, am I a foul pony?”

Anar was taken aback by the question. Howeer, she knew her sister and how her mind operated very well. She collected herself and said in the most mother like tone. “Of course you’re not. You’re not even near to that.”

“Then why am I so afraid Anny?”

“Are Mir and Kiri’s words still bothering you?”

“Yes, but I’m not annoyed by them. I’m more annoyed by my thoughts.”

“Then speak your mind Ithil. Maybe it can guide you to the answer.”

“The whole situation is new to me. I mean, I had a lot of fantasies about me and Yandera getting married. We even joked about it multiple times when we were together. But the moment that the topic came to real grounds. I felt as scared as a little filly standing in front of an ogre in the middle of the forests around Khemir.”

“I think your fear is because the situation is brand new to you. You’ve never been in a relationship for that long. And you and Yandera seem so dedicated to one another.”

“It’s not just that. Also what happened in Gal Lenora won’t be easily forgotten. I’m afraid of being irresponsible enough to do anything stupid.”

“I don’t know about that. But I know that you were responsible enough to co-rule a huge kingdom and even to be my sound of sense when I get off my limits. Also you know that you have a very responsible partner that will be always by your side.”

“I guess you’ve got a point Anny.” Ithil said and then she stood up with a look of determination on her face. “I was planning to do this since I knew that Yandera would become an advisor in the court. Plus, being a coward now would be just humiliating for both myself and my beloved Yandera.” Then she gave her sister a tight hug. “Thank you Anny.”

“Don’t mention it.” Anar said after she broke from her sister’s arms. She stood up and turned to the door and before she reached it she turned quickly to her sister. “See, you made me almost forget something of great importance.”

“What is it?” Ithil said with a look of curiosity. This look turned to a look of attention as Anar used her magic to summon a small box which was coated in a fabric as if it was cut from the skies of the clearest summer night and decorated by hundreds of glimmering stars. The princess of the sun slowly opened the lid of the box to reveal a ring firmly settling on a small cloud of white lace.

The box was amazing enough, but the ring inside was, to simply put it, as if it was made by the gods. It had a gemstone that is unidentified to the human race or even the higher races. It was so gorgeous that Leuthil would faint a thousand times from the first sight of this olive sized gemstone. It was clear, it was pure, it was white, it was black, and it was rainbow colored. You can’t really say how it was cut to be a masterpiece like that. The body of the ring was made of pure gold, or what seemed like pure gold, for it changed its color in different angles. It was shaped like two dragons embracing the masterpiece. There was also tiny and elegant carving on the inner side of the ring which was carved in the ancient language of the Elder Gods.

“W-what is this?” Ithil said with a look of massive astonishment from what’s in front of her.

“It’s a ring.” Anar said after she turned the troll mode on. But her little joke wasn’t received with the desired ‘no shit Sherlock’ look from Ithil, which Anar always found so entertaining and rather cute. So she got upset and turned back to her matter of fact mode and said in a serious tone. “But this is not an ordinary ring. This ring was possessed by our mother. It’s carved by the most powerful of monks of the Khemir. This masterpiece is one of the very few remaining pieces which were enchanted by the long lost magic of love in its raw form, which is even more powerful than the love magic Mir now possesses. It’s called The Bond of The Gods.”

“It’s beautiful.” Ithil said, still focused on the ring which was like no other in the universe.

“It is my dear sister. It was our parents will for the ring to be given to whoever gets the decision of marrying first. I guess you earned it sister.”

Anar closed the little box and have it to Ithil who took it in her hands. Once she really held it she sensed a great power inside it. It was the same feeling she gets when she is with Yandera or when she’s even thinking about her. However, this feeling was multiplied a thousand times.

“But be careful sister.” Anar said with a little smile. “For that in the moment you put this ring in Yandera’s finger. A bond will be formed between you. A bond that is so strong that your souls will be united. You’ll feel all what your partner is feeling and vice versa. Her happiness, sadness, sorrow, confusion, fear, hate, love, all.”

Ithil slowly looked up to her sister. She had a smile of bravery. Her eyes were full of confidence, like that of a brave warrior that can take down the strongest of armies to finish his quest. Then she said in a low, yet strong voice. “Don’t worry my sister. I already made my choice to take this promise of commitment, and I’m not ready to turn back now. Also this bond you speak of will make my commitment a lot easier. For we’ll understand each other even better than what we already do.”

“I see you made your choice then. Good luck, and may the Gods be with you.”

“Thank you, for I need all the luck and prayers I can tomorrow

The next morning was a normal, busy day in the capital, and the palace was no difference. Yandera was really busy with Princess Anar in the discussions of her new duties as an advisor in the court and the impact of her research on the political affairs of the elven race in both Khemir and Kemen. The only time that ithil and Yandera were ever allowed to meet was on lunch and it was all about Yandera being concerned about her girlfriend’s behavior. Ithil in turn just dismissed the thought cheerfully, assured Yandera that she was perfectly fine and asked her to come spend the night with her in her room. An invitation that, needless to say, Yandera accepted with great joy and eagerness.

This busy atmosphere that surrounded the entire palace was just perfect for Ithil to prepare her ‘greatest proposal ever’ plan. Yes, that was the name of the plan, she even had charts and a drawing board for it. She spent the entire day changing the whole decoration of her room to make it more close to the fanciest restaurant in Unyhneas. She also got out her best and hottest dress she had and put it on. She erased any evidence of her gamer self and carefully arranged it inside her closet. She spent the rest of the day in front of the mirror, a thing that she had never done before and as a dedicated gamer and hipster despised the girls that did that, but today was a special day. So, even if she hated it, she made and excerption.

When nighttime came, she started the second part in her plan, which was quite impressive. She massed up as much magical energy as she could, chose a far and dark corner of the night sky. She then chose near small stars to this parts, rearranged them, and threw it as far as possible to appear as just a single dot in the sky. Just as she finished her preparation, Yandera was knocking at the door. She was as precise as always. Ithil opened the door and Yandera was standing in front of her in Ithil’s favorite dress. It was slightly different though. Yandera changed it with a golden strip on the waist and the tips of the sleeves. It was a simple adjustment, but it really made the dress glow more. It made Yandera glow more.

“Good evening my sweet love.” Ithil said in a soft voice. “How are you doing tonight?”

“Hey Ithi, you look really stunning tonight.”

“You also look more beautiful than the moon in this wonderful night.” Anar said as she gave Yandera a quick kiss.

“T-thank you my love.”

“So, Minister Yandera.” Ithil said, closing the door behind her. “How was your first day on duty?”

“It was good, but really exhausting. I had enough formality and etiquette sessions for my whole life. And the aristocrats, I hated them before, now their sight just pisses me off. And don’t make me start with the paper work. But I least I’m used to that.”

“Thou art fairly different from us our dear minister.”

“Oh puh-lease, I've really had enough with the Higher Tongue. I only used it in reading old books on rare occasions. I've never thought I would be forced to speak it.”

“Don’t worry you’ll get used to it. But did Yandera tell you your authorities?”

“She said something about being in charge of the scientific and magic researches all over Kemen, also to be the supervisor on the royal university.”

“Wow, everything you love in a one package.”

“But it’s a great responsibility. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it perfectly.”

“I have faith in you. You’re a responsible woman and you can do anything. I’m sure of it.”

“Thank you Ithil. But I’ll need you with me, or I feel I might crack.”

Ithil wrapped her in a soft embrace and said in a soft tone. “I’ll never leave your side.”

“I’m sure of that Ithi.”

They broke apart. At this moment Ithil decided to make her move. She pointed to the sky and said to Yandera. “Hey, I just discovered a new constellation in a far part of the sky.” Then she used her magic to reveal her little masterpiece. It was a phrase written by stars that sparkled in the middle of the clear night sky. The phrase was simple, it was ‘Twilight, You’re the only mare that captured my heart. Would you accept to be my partner in this life forever? Bonded together by the sacred bond of marriage?’

Yandera was stunned by the sudden proposal. Her face was deep cute red. She kept staring at the stars for a while. When she turned to Ithil she found her on her knees, holding out the graceful ring in its night sky box. Yandera looked at Ithil and at the ring for a while. She was stunned, speechless. She kept like that for a while, looking at the nervous-as-hell Ithil.

Each and every minute that Yandera spent with Ithil came back to her as a really fast and beautiful romantic movie. She remembered the day the princess had confessed to her. At that time she took a decision that she has never taken before, a decision that had changed her life totally, definitely for the best. That decision was to put her mind a side and let her heart take control. At this moment she took the risk, and she was willing to take it again.

Suddenly she threw herself on to Ithil and gave her a very deep and affectionate kiss. Her heart had already taken the decision. She parted, shouting form the deepest pit in her heart. “Yes, yesyesyesyesyesyesyes.”

Ithil wrapped her tightly for another deep kiss. They've just made a life changing decision. But they were determinate to take it, as if it was an unspoken fact that their relationship would reach this stage sooner or later. It was something to look for and they took their time. They just kept together, looking at the night sky, waiting for the dawn of a completely new chapter in their life. An interesting and amazing one.

The next day the sun bathed the lands of Kemen in its golden rays, signaling the beginning of a new day. The rays came through the small crack between the dark blue curtains of the Princess of the moon, and slowly cast themselves on the closed eye lids of the young sorceress. She lazily opened up her eyelids to look at the smiling face of her sleeping fiancée. She kept there, enjoying the moment, looking closely at her beloved princess, feeling her warm soft breath on her chest. This beautiful, lazy moment made her remember last night. She is now a member of the royal family.

She started analyzing this thought. She knows very well that she had already agreed to marry Ithil. She agreed to be bonded to her with a sacred, unbreakable bond forever. She loved the thought, but she was afraid as well. Her fear was with the responsibilities that were associated with this bond. But on second thought, she thought that this could be the best thing that had ever happened to her. She loved Ithil with all her heart, and if she was determined enough to take this step and put herself to this kind of commitment. Then Yandera would also do her best to do the same.

Her thoughts were cut when the two eyelids in front of her were opened; revealing the two big, oceanly blue eyes that she always got lost in. The two eyes kept staring into her as well. Then a wide smile was formed on the face of the owner of these eyes. This face then got closer to Yandera and planted a quick kiss on her lips.

“Good morning my little Yandera.” Ithil said with a half sleeping, half singing voice.

“Good morning Ithi.” Yandera said with a little smile. “Did you sleep well?”

“Well, you were so good yesterday. I couldn't manage but to sleep like a baby.”

This comment made Yandera’s cheeks turn deep red. “Well, I’m happy that I pleased you.” She said giggling. “But the credit must go for you being an awesome teacher.”

Both of them shared a good laugh together. Then they got up and went to take a nice, warm and long shower together. When they came out they dried themselves and started combing and braiding each other’s hair, a habit they developed to do together every time they spent the night with each other. They said that it was relaxing and made them bond together even more.

After a short time they went downstairs to the royal dining room as accustomed. Princess Anar was already sitting on the table digging into the plate full of baked goods in front of her. The girls walked over and sat beside each other as always.

“Good morning, Princess.” Yandera said.

“Good morning, yandera.” Anar said. “But I think we agreed that you call me Anar. After all, I’m not your mentor anymore, and you’re almost part of the family. Unless we’re the court of course Minister Yandera”

“Or you can call her Anny as I do.” Ithil said playfully, making both girls giggle.

“Sorry Anar.” Yandera said, blushing a little. “But it’s hard to stop calling you without your title just like that. My tongue still feels foreign calling you by your bare name.”

“But you managed to do so easily with Ithil.” Anar said, pouting playfully.

Yandera giggled a little and said. “You know it was different with Ithil. She was my friend, even before we became together. But you’ve always been my mentor. I sometimes felt that you’re like a second mother of mine.”

Hearing these words made Anar smile softly and even a tear ran on her cheek. She came from her seat and moved to Yandera. She wrapped her arms around her in a soft embrace and planted a soft kiss on her forhead. Then she parted from her, looked her in the eye and said. “You've always been the source of my pride Yandera. You've never been just my student. And if you think of me as your sister, then I would be honored to call you my sibling. And if you think of me as your mother, then I wouldn't be more proud of my little daughter.”

They wrapped their arms around each other again. Ithil was watching and smiling greatly at how the two most important people in her life happy. She felt great warmth in her body; she felt that she was really a part of a family. Then she wrapped her arms around the two other girls. Who took her in their arms and shared a warm and pleasant group hug for a moment. Then each mare turned back to her seat.

“Now that was emotional.” Ithil said with a smile.

“It wasn’t so bad.” Anar said.

There was a mere moment of silence, which the mares took the advantage of to fulfill their desire for food. Anar was the first one to break the silence, obviously looking bored.

“So, ithil.” Anar said.

“Mmhm.” Ithil replied with her mouth full.

“How did it go yesterday?”

“Well, let’s just say that Yandera just gained a reason for her to upgrade her status quo from a minister to a princess.”

“Really! That’s true Yandera?”

Yandera responded by nodding and showing her The Bond of Gods on her fingers.

“Well, I congratulate both of you. And I’m so happy for you.”

“Thanks Anar.” Yandera said. “But how did you know?”

“Ithil told me about it last night, she was nervous as hell but I guess she really wanted you. The wedding ring she presented to you was from me, passed from our mother.”

Yandera’s eyes widened, looking at the ring in her finger. “You mean that this ring I’m wearing right now is The Bond of Gods?”

Ithil looked strangely at her fiancée. “You’re correct, it is. But how did you know about that ring?”

“It was one of the artifacts that I came upon to know more about the limits of the ancient love magic of Khemir and its history. I only saw parchments talking about it. I think I was so caught in the moment last night I didn't really notice.”

“Well then, now it will be yours to experience its true powers.” Anar said with a smile.

“You know Yandera,” Ithil said. “when I touched it last night. I felt something that I’ve never felt before. It’s like the feelings I have towards you, but multiplied many, many times.”

“That’s because, as I read, it boosts the love feelings for whoever wears, or touches it. It also makes them feel the love that the other person feels for them in addition to their own love.”

“Wow, I didn't know that you had that much love for me.”

“Oh, really? So you had doubts about me loving you more than you loving me?”

“Yandera, I think we had this sorted out months ago. We both love each other more than each other.”

Anar raised an eyebrow and said in a confused tone. “What is that supposed to mean?”

The other two mares giggled at the confused Anar, making her even more confused.

“Care to explain to her Yandera?” Ithil said playfully.

“Why should I always be the one who does the explaining?”

“Because you’re better at explaining sweetie.” Ithil said with a smile.

“Okay, you beat me again with your sweet smile. Well, Anar, this still feels oddto me you know, the statement that you’ve heard is like a theory that we came up with to fulfill an argument we were having on who loves the other more. We kept arguing about it for a long time. Until we discovered that our love for each other is infinite. So we came with this statement to symbolize the infinity of our love.”

This explanation made Anar even more confused. But she chose to drop the topic because she knew that she would go nowhere with it anyway. Then the girls resumed digging in their plates once more.

After breakfast was done, Yandera followed Anar to another day of working her crazy in both translating the parchments and a full check on the Royal University and its facilities. So it was up to Ithill to run the court for the day. She couldn't be on full concentration in the sessions, though. She was always thinking about Yandera. Their future life together and how they’ll handle it. Especially after the recent event that happened to them. She wasn’t sure if it would happen again, and if it did, would Yandera be able to handle it once more? She had to reveal her fears, but it must wait for another time.

After dinner, Yandera and Ithil went together for a walk in the royal gardens. It was a fine night, the moon was bright, cool breath was blowing in the branches of the trees making them dance lazily. The two girls kept walking in silence for a while. It was fears they wanted to talk about, and it was fear that made them silent.

After a while, Yandera looked at Ithil’s face. She was looking up in the sky. She had a look that Yandera knew very well, a look of worrying and unease. Whenever she had that look Yadndera knew that there’s something that Ithil wanted to talk about but was afraid to. She extended her hand to Ithil’s cheek and slowly pulled her face to face hers.

“What’s the matter dear?” Yandera said in the sweetest tone she could manage. “You seem so lost in thought.”

“It’s….. It’s just something that happened today in court. Don’t worry about it.”

“Ithil,” Yandera said in a serious, but still sweet tone. “I know you well, it’s something about us isn't it?”

Ithil let out a deep sigh. “You know me so well Yandera, I really can’t hide anything from you. I should keep that in mind.”

yandera let out a giggle, more to lighten up the mood than actually being amused by the comment. Then she said softly. “Yes darling, so speak your mind, please. I don’t like to see you like that.”

“I was thinking today about the decision we took together. It’s a whole new life Yandera, and I fear that I might treat you in a way you don’t deserve.”

“W…what makes you say this? We made this decision together.”

“I know, I know, but what happened in Gal Lenora never left my mind. It’s like a dark ghost following me everywhere and I can’t flee from it.”

“I told you before; it was just remains of a broken spirit. It’s not like you’ll turn back into Mori Olos.”

“How can you be sure?”

Yandera stood in front of Ithil and looked deeply into her eyes. Then she said. “Because you have something you didn't have back then. You have love, you have me.”

“That what makes me fear the most.”

“No, that’s what should make you be certain that what happened back then won’t happen again, because love is always stronger than hatred.”

“But you-“Ithil was then cut off by Yandera’s fingers covering her mouth.

“Don’t you worry about me. As long as we’re together, there’s nothing we need to fear.”

“I’m so glad that I have you by my side.”

Ithil then planted a kiss on Yandera’s lips. Then they wrapped their arms around each other, looking at the moon. The wind billowed into the branches of the trees behind them, making a sweet, soft melody to their ears. It’s a new life, a new start, a new phase in their lives, and they’re going there with their heads up high.

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