Dance of The Roses

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Blooming of The Determined Rose

It was an ordinary morning at our beloved, lively town of Thilal Asari. Where, as the song says, everything is certainly fine. Exactly, nothing was out of the ordinary. Wilwarin was in her cottage with her animals. Carnim was in The Pit making another batch of her delightful cupcakes. Me’urra was in the training grounds working on the new spells she earned plus her sword skills. Caryave was in her farm doing her normal chores.

Leuthil, well, Leuthil started her day normally. She woke up, went for a shower, had the ordinary two hour hair styling session, checked her mail, found a letter with a very well-known dark blue seal. She got really excited when she saw the message. After all, they haven't heard of their beloved friend and her lover since she went to the capital. However, she thought it was strange they chose normal mail over e-mails or texts. She opened the letter, started reading, eager to know the latest news. When she finished reading, though, her eyes shot wide open, a wide grin formed on her face and she hurried off to find her friends.

Half an hour later, the five friends were sitting together in The Pit. They were all staring at the mare that called them all on such a short notice. She was so persistent that they should be all present that she had to get, a little off her lady nature, to get some of them to come.

“I’m so, so sorry for the fiasco I made to gather all of you here.” Leuthil said, trying to be as professional as possible. "But I believe that there's some news from our friend Yandera that you should know."

She then revealed the letter she received from Yandera and started reading what was written in it.

My dearest friends,

How are you all doing? I can’t believe I haven’t seen you for an entire month. You don’t know how much I miss you all. How is everybody in Thilal Asari? And how is the library? Is it in the same, good condition as I left it? And who’s running it? I want to come back to see it and see all of you!

Ithil says hi to all of you and is telling me to get straight to the topic. You know how I am when it comes to talking about books. So, anyway, I’m sending you this as an invitation and a request. The invitation is for a wedding that will be commenced in two weeks here in Unyhneas. The request is that I want you to be the bridesmaids. As for the couple who’s getting married they’re her highness Princess Ithil of Kemen, first of her name, and Minister Yandera Giliath of Thilal Asari.

Yes, I’m getting married. Can you believe it? We still can’t believe it ourselves. Ithil and I have been preparing for the wedding for a week now. In only two weeks we’ll be Woman and Wife. Naturally, who’s better to be there with me on this occasion, other than the five of you?

So, I’m waiting to see you in two days time here at the palace. The Gods of Kemen private jet will be ready for you. And trust me, we’ve got a lot of work to do, and a lot of catching up as well. Don’t be late girls, I’m counting on you.

From your best friend forever,


Ps: When Leuthil receives this letter. Make sure to isolate her by any means from other mares. I don’t want to see the news writing about it two weeks in advance.

“WHAT? Yandera is getting married?” Carnim said in a mid-panicking way.

“That’s great news. I’m really, really happy for her.” Wilwarin said.

“Wow, I thought that this egghead will never find someone to love," Me’urra said. "not to mention getting married. I gotta say she surpassed my expectations.”

“Well, she did surprise us all by this letter. When I received the letter and first read it I thought she was joking. But I can’t really believe she wrote something as harsh as making you put me in solitary confinement.”

“No offence Leuth,” Me’urra said. “Whenever you hear something new, you’re like a gossiping time bomb.”

“I am not. My tongue is though, sometimes.”

The friends started laughing together. However, Caryave didn't share the laugh. She just sat there, staring at them quietly. She was really lost in though. The only one who seemed to notice it was Leuthil.

“Caryave, what’s wrong, dear? You seem sad about the news.”

“Huh,” Caryave said, startled. “Nay, it’s not that. Of course am happy fer Yandera. It’s just- err- ah have a ton of chores to do so ah gotta leave. See ye later girls.”

“Wait! What about the preparation for our leaving?”

“We’ll start it tomorrow. Ah’ll come to the shop and we’ll prepare for everythin’.”

“Okay, dear.” Leuthil said as she gave Caryave a quick kiss. “Don’t push yourself too hard, okay.”

“A’ll try not to.” Caryave said as she walked away from the rest of the girls.

“What’s with her?” Me’urra said. “I thought she would be the most excited one.”

“I honestly don’t have the slightest clue.” Leuthil said. “But I’m sure she’s happy for yandera. I better go check on her later though.”

As she went back to the orchard, Caryave’s thought kept wondering about the same thought for a lot of time, over and over again. How did Yandera have the courage to make this kind of commitment before her? She always was certain that she was to be the first to marry in the group. However, Yandera’s marriage news came as a shock for her. She kept thinking why she couldn’t take that same decision sooner. What was keeping her from it? She loved Leuthil and she was so certain of it. So, why didn’t she make this decision before? And most importantly, why is she so upset about the idea of Yandera getting married before her?

Her trail of thoughts was cut by the entrance of her little sister Ered. She was about twelve years old. From the first sight you can see the resemblance between the sisters. The same short stature, the same long black her, the same beautiful face. The only really notable difference was Ered’s caramel eyes which was characteristic to her.

“Am back.” Ered said in a very depressed tone.

“Hey there Ered, how was- Oh! What’s it Honey bee?”

“It’s nothin’.”

“Come on, ye know ye can tell me. Did somethin’ happen at school?”


“Then what is it?”

“It’s Vanim and Karakse. You know them, my friends.”

“Of course A do, ye talk about naught but ‘em. What did they do to get o yer nerves?”

“Their relationship takes a lot of their time, and now most of the time, Vanim doesn’ paly with me like she used to cuz she always has a date with Karkase or somethin’.”

“So that’s what really makes you upset?”

“Yeah, it’s like she’s getting’ away from me.”

“Did ye talk to her ‘bout it?”

“No, I didn’.”

“And why didn’ ye?”

“Because, ahm-”

“Because what?”

“Because am jealous of her, okay.”

“Yer jealous of her?” Caryave said, confused.

“Aye, A just can’t understand how she got a boyfriend before me. A mean, am older.”

Caryave was lost for words for some time, looking at her little sister having the same problem she had. Why wouldn’t she accept the simple fact? The answer was so obvious but she was so blind by her pride to see it. She just had to accept it because it happened to be that way. Simply because Yandera and Ithil came to this realization sooner. Also, she made another resolution, and she was determined to take action as soon as she could.

“Well, Ered. These things just can’t be rushed, ye know. Ye just need to wait for the perfect guy for you. Or, do ye already have someone in mind?”

"Who, me?"

"Aye, yer old enough fer that. And your face says it all."

“Shoots, ye got me.” Ered said, blushing slightly. "There’s this guy in school that is really awesome, and I’m kinda into him.”

“Then go and talk to him. But ye gotta introduce him to us before ye two start anythin’ serious.”

“Ah sure will. But don’ ye do anything embarrassing” Ered said enthusiastically, and then she hugged her sister. “Thanks sis.”

“No problem, now go upstairs and start doin’ yer homework.”

“Alright, don’ push me.” Ered said as she ran to her room upstairs.

Caryave just stared at her as she got up, thinking how fast kids grow. Now, with that sorted out, she went to get prepared for one of the most important moments in her and her girlfriend's futures. She was ready to do it as soon as possible. Now, where did she put that ring her mom gave to her?

The next day she was to meet Leuthil at the boutique. She went to her as soon as she finished her morning chores. She didn’t tell anypony about her plans. She wasn’t hundred percent sure if her plan would work. She didn’t even open the topic of marriage with Leuthil before. But she felt this genuine feeling that her girlfriend would like for their relationship to get to the next level.

Her thoughts made the trip to Leuthil’s place seem to take mere seconds. Before she knew it she was in front of the door that separated her from the moment of truth. This was it, the moment she opens these doors there’s no turning back. Or else she would hate herself forever.

“Well, no time fer chickenin’ out now.” She said as she took a deep breath and opened the door. “How is the best fashionista in Kemen?”

“Oh, hey Honey.” Leuthil said as she gave Caryave a sweet, deep kiss. “Come in, we have a lot of work to do.”

“Yeah, well, before that honey bee. There's somethin’ A wanted to talk to ye about.”

“What is it darling? Is it about yesterday?”

“Aye, well, kinda. A was just thinking about this whole marriage thin’.”

“Yeah, it is a bit scary. But it’s also wonderful that these two had the courage to do something as that.”

“True, true.” Caryave said, avoiding eye contact with Leuthil.

"Darling, you're worrying me." Leuthil said, softly cupping her lover’s face. "Please tell me."

“Well, A just wanted to know. What do ye think about this whole marriage thin’?”

“Well, it’s a great responsibility. However, if the two love each other, I think they will go through it and everything will be fine.”

“If they love each other, like us?”

“Yes, like us.” Leuthil said, trailing off a bit, she thought about the conversation more. “What are you implying exactly Caryave?”

Caryave then knew that she would never have this chance again. She kneeled down in front of shocked Leuthil, a small red box with a simple, but beautiful golden ring in it.

“Leu, we’ve been together fe more than a year now. We’ve been through a lot and gone through good, bad and crazy times. Well, heh, ye know am no good at this romance talking so I’ll cut to the chase. Leuthil, would you like to be my partner forever and marry this old fool of a dwarf?”

Leuthil’s tears streamed on her cheeks, the proposal was sudden and unexpected. But here it was, the woman of her dreams asking her hand in marriage. She was paralyzed for a moment before she got herself together and threw herself on the dwarf giving her a deep hug.

“Oh, of course I would marry you Caryave.” Leuthil said as she kissed the mare so deeply and so passionately as if she wanted to show how much she wanted her through this kiss.

“Well, sorry for the lousy proposal Leuth. A know ye were lookin’ for somethin' more fancy.”

Leuthil giggled, she took her dwarf's cheek in her hands and planted a gentle kiss on her lips. Then she said “As long as it’s you, I don't care how it was.”

“Well, Am glad you feel that way. Cuz you know you've just made a decision that will change your life forever.”

“I know Carry, and I don't regret it a bit. For I know that, as long as I have you by my side. Nothing can make me feel fear.”

“And A'll stay beside ye, protectin’ ye from anythin’ that would hurt ye. Now, don’ we have some preparations do to?"

"I think that preparations can wait. I just want to stay in your embrace for a little longer."

"You got it honey bee."

"I love you Caryave."

"Love ye too, Leu."

The fgirls then kept their embrace for a long time on the floor of the shop, thinking how lucky they were that they had each other. The both were willing to take this risk and to take their new life as it comes.

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