Dance of The Roses

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Blooming of The Embracing rose

Two weeks had passed since Ithil proposed to Yandera, in which Yandera spent most of her time either preparing for the wedding or attending to her duties in the university or alongside Princess Anar. Even with her hands full, however, she couldn't help but wonder about the new life she's heading towards. She's now an advisor and she is going to be a wife in less than a week.

She was happy for this massive turn of events. However, as happy as she was, she was terrified with the overwhelming amount of duties that came with it. Also, she was always worried about not being able to keep up with her duties towards Kemen and her newfound duties towards her wife simultaneously, but she thought it would be better to leave it be, for now at least.

Ithil wasn't any less busy than her fiancée, if not busier. She was the one overseeing the wedding preparation process as a whole. She had to personally make sure that everything went according to the schedule. She couldn't leave anything to chances, she always thought. Everything has to be perfect for her beloved Yandera. Not to mention having her royal duties to carry, overseeing the intelligence and running the night court.

Every time she looked at her wedding ring her heart couldn't help but beat strongly. She was happy, the happiest she had ever been. She was also the most nervous she had ever been. Her nervousness wasn't without a reason, though. She still couldn't shake those dark events from her mind. How could she ever forget that she hit her beloved Yandera like an enemy? What if she went into that state again in the future? Yandera said it was instantaneous and it was nothing to worry about. However, she couldn't help but to think that the possibility is still there. Just the slightest thought of it made her stomach turn over.

Yandera had just finished reviewing the state of the research facilities with Princess Anar. It was an easy topic to go over and they were able to finish earlier than usual. Princess Anar, being now a good amount far ahead the days schedule, found this a great opportunity to have a little chat with her advisor.

"So, how are the preparations going?" Anar said, “I know that both you and Luna have worked so hard on them.”

“Oh, they're fine Prin- I mean Anar.” Yandera, blushing slightly from her mistake. “Ithil is reviewing every single detail, and that makes me hugely relieved. I'm very happy that the girls are coming tomorrow to help us as well. They'll take loads of work off our shoulders.”

“It is very kind of them to come and help. Though I'm curious about why you didn't ask them earlier.”

“I just didn't want to bother them. They all have their own problems. However, planning the wedding was very tiring, more tiring that I imagined.”

“It is indeed.” Anar said with a little chuckle.

“What is it Anar?” Yandera said, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, it's nothing.” Anar said, raising her hand dismissively. “Anyway, how are you taking the whole ‘being married’ status quo?”

Yandera let out a nervous sigh and said. “I won't lie to you. I'm really, really nervous and shocked about it. Don't get me wrong, I love Ithil and being her wife is the best thing that ever happened to me. It all just happened too fast.”

“Well, at least you're taking it better than Ithil”

“What do you mean? Did Ithil tell you something? Something happened to her?” Yandera was half panicking.

“Relax, it’s nothing of that. We were just talking and she told me about what happened in that bar in Gal Lenora”

"But I told her that it was an instantaneous state, it was really nothing to worry about."

"I know, she told me that as well. However, she is still afraid that this instantaneous state will return back. Also, I can't say that she's not worried about the duties of marriage."

“Well, that's the thing that worries me the most. I always ask myself if I'd ever be able to do my duties towards both Kemen and Ithil.”

"I'm sure that you too will be happy together." Anar said, putting a reassuring hand on her sister in law's shoulders. "you two love each other and that's enough to make you go through anything that steps in your way."

"I really hope you’re right." Yandera said with a gentle smile.

"Tell you what." Anar said with a grin. "Why don't you spend the night with Ithil tonight? I'll cancel tonight's meetings and will hold the night court in Ithil’s stead so she could be completely free tonight, just for you."

"That's very sweet of you Anar, but wouldn't it be too exhausting for you?"

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. You two lovebirds just go and have fun."

"Thanks Anar.” Yandera said, hugging the princess. "You're the best."

"Don't thank me just yet." Anar said, breaking the embrace. "Now go get ready for tonight."

"Okay." Anar said after leaving in a hurry. Tonight is going to be quite eventful, she thought, both mentally, emotionally and physically.

It has been since the proposal that the two lovebirds were able to spend a relaxing night together. As soon as Ithil finished her meeting with the intelligence, she prepared herself for the night with her fiancée. There were a lot of things to talk about, but she only wanted to stay with her for a night as it was before. She just wanted to relax with her and nothing more. She knew that it would be inevitable for her to talk with Yandera about her worries, though. She really hoped that this night would sooth off her aching mind, even if it was for just a little bit. Her trail of thoughts was cut off by a knock on her door. She opened it to find the beautiful smile of the little sorceress greeting her.

"Hey Ithi." Yandera said in a cheerful tune.

"Hello my sweet Yandera." Ithil said, leaning over her and giving her a gentle kiss. "How was your day?"

"The usual, reviewed the state of the research facilities with Anar, went to the university to see if everything was in check, then I went to double check the preparations before coming to you."

"You really want to make sure that everything goes without a hitch, don't you?"

"You know me and my policy, double check." Yandera said with a little giggle. "But I've got to say that you did as amazing job with the preparations."

"Thanks sweetie. It's really nice coming from you. We also need to thank the girls for coming and helping us tomorrow."

"Yes, I'm sure they will be a great help for both of us."

"They will indeed."

The two girls sat beside each other in the balcony with their arms wrapped around each other. They held each other close, so close that you might think that they're a single, inseparable entity. They shared a moment of silence, both trying to enjoy the warmth of their bodies and the wonderful night. They also wanted to get their heads straight for what to come.

Yandera was the one to break the silence. She said in a gentle tune. "I can't believe we're getting married in a week."

"Me neither." Ithil said, looking at the sorceress. "It's like it was only yesterday when I first confessed to you. Remember that day, Yandera?"

"How can I forget? It was one year, three months ago, right here in the gardens. I must say, I was so shocked I wasn't able to move a muscle for about half an hour."

"It's nothing compared to my nervousness." Ithil said with a chuckle. "I spent the night before just thinking about what to say to you. I even rehearsed."

"Well, you didn't say much as I recall." Yandera said, teasing.

"I was going to." Ithil said, pouting playfully. "But when I stood in front of you my brain just, shut down."

"Heheh, yeah, brains tends to do that in these crucial moments."

"I guess you're right."

Another heavy blanket of silence fell over the two lovers. They were both waiting for the other to point out the elephant in the room. It wasn't easy for either of them. So, Yandera, not willing to waste any more time, went straight for it.

"So, Ithi." Yandera said.

"Yes, darling."

"Are you worried about, you know, our marriage?"

"Who, me?"

"Yes you."

"Well, of course I am." Ithil said, deciding to let it all out. "In fact, I'm terrified."

"Can't say any less here." Yandera sighed. "I don't know if I'll ever be able to fulfill my duties as a wife."

"I wouldn't worry about that. You're a responsible woman. If anyone should be afraid about not playing her role in this marriage, it should be me."

"Why are you saying that?"

"Because I'm reckless, Yandera. I always do silly things. I was corrupted by evil and I let my emotions let the best of me sometimes."

"You're still talking about what happened in Gal Lenora, aren't you?"

"I can never take it out of my mind." Ithil said, resting her head on her palm. "I'm always afraid that I would hurt you again, get back into this dark, disgusting state in the future."

Ithil then buried her face in her hands and started sobbing, she tried to form words but her crying stopped her from sounding coherent. Yandera could pick some words like "Sorry" and "afraid" and now understood the huge extent of Ithil’s fear. She also knew she had to ease her aching heart somehow. So, she let her heart do the work instead of her mind.

"There, there." Yandera said, running her hand in Ithil’s hair while embracing in an attempt to comfort her.

"I'm so terrified, Yandera." Ithil managed to say between sobs.

"Well, I'm not. You know why?"


"Because I love you. I'll be there for you. And you love me. Your love will always be bigger than your hatred Ithil, believe me on that."

"You, really think so?" Ithil said while she was drying her tears.

"I know so. I also know that you're a strong woman, that you'll conquer whatever fear or darkness that would ever arouse in your heart."

"Will you promise me one thing then, Yandera?" Ithil said, looking into Yandera's eyes.

"I'll promise you anything Ithil.”

"Promise me to stay forever beside me and catch me whenever I fall."

"I promise Ithil. I promise."

"I also have a promise to make to you too."

"What is that?"

"I promise you to never let anything, myself included, hurt you." Ithil said as she planted a soft kiss on the girl's forehead.

Yandera then leaned on Ithil, gently closing her eyes and saying. "I'm so lucky to have you by my side Ithil."

Ithil looked at Yandera, just the sight of her beautiful made a gentle smile form on her face. "I'm luckier my love."

They then spent the night together, relaxing, enjoying the sky and feeling no worries whatsoever. They are heading towards a new life. There will be obstacles, sure. But they both knew that they have each other, that they need each other. With this, nothing could never stop them from having their happily ever after.

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