Dance of The Roses

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Blooming of the Final Rose

The two weeks following the arrival of the girls to the capital were as busy as it can get Even the brides had to work to finish the preparations on time especially after the additional guests that were invited to celebrate the marriage of Caryave and Leuthil. The news of this marriage came as a mild shock to their relatives, especially those on Caryave’s who were a little unaware of the strength of the relationship between her and Leuthil. Nevertheless, they happily accepted the choice of the two women and came to share the joy of the brides with them.

This came with extra work on the girls in charge of the ceremony of course. Leuthil, who had to make four wedding gowns instead of two. Caryave had to make tons of extra food to prepare of the possible coming of her entire family from Vombor. Carnim also had to print and send more invitation and prepare places for the new guests to come. Even though, this didn't prevent the girls from feeling the joy of working together once more and to feel happy for the brides.

Finally, the day had come. As predicted, not a single member of the royal family was absent from the event. The ambassadors of Vomir, the royal family of the kingdom of Khemir, Caryave’s entire family and other official figures. Needless to say the entire nobility of Kemen was present with the members of the royal family. All in all, it was scene to behold.

As for the states of the four brides, it was a mixture of unbearable happiness and anxiety that couldn't be stomached. After all, this was the moment of truth. This was the point of no return, the moment where their lives would change, forever.

Behind the curtains stood the four girls in their matching white gowns watching the scene in silence. They started looking at each other for a moment, and then Caryave said. "A didn' expect for all of 'em to come."

"Yeah," replied Leuthil, looking at the sheer dwarven presence in the hall. "Your family does have a remarkable presence."

"Ye don' have the right to complain. This’s gonna be your family too, ye know."

"Yes I do know that. And I'm happy about it."

"Your family does look vast Caryave." Ithil said with a calm tone. "Don't you think so Yandera?"

"U-huh." Yandera said hesitantly.

"Yandera," Ithil looked worryingly at Yandera. "What's the matter?"

"N-nothing." Yandera replied with a shaking sound. "I'm fine."

"You're nervous, aren't you?"

"I feel that I could throw up any moment."

"It's okay darling." Ithil said, pulling Yandera slightly to her side. "I'm here with you, so be strong for me."

"A- aren't you nervous??"

"I've fought many furious battles before and have never felt this nervous." Ithil said, and then she looked into Yandera's eyes and continued. "That's why I want you to be strong for me."

Yandera then smiled to her lover, took a deep breath and said. "Alright, let's do this together."

Ithil then smiled and tightened her grasp of Yandera’s hand. "Yes, together."

Caryave then looked at Leuthil "Together?"

Leuthil responded by a kiss on Caryave’s forehead. "Forever, my darling."

"Then it's settled." Ithil said, full of newfound confdence. "Let's get out there and make this a day to remember."

"Alright." The other three girls said enthusiastically.

With this said, the three girls went out at the end of the aisle that was paved with people and rose petals. The scene was like that of a beautiful dream. The first pair to walk down the aisle was the royal couple. They walked steadily and tall, both looking with the corners of their eyes at the massive crowd of people who came to congratulate them. After what seemed to be years, even if it was actually mere minutes, the pair was standing in front of the princess of the sun.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Anar said with a steady voice, looking at the two mares. "We are gathered here to unite these two, human and elf, with the sacred bond of marriage. So, without further ado, Minister Yandera Giliath."

"Yes, your highness."

"Do you agree to take Princess Ithil of Kemen as your partner for life?"

"I- I do." Yandera said with red cheeks.

"Good, then, Princess Ithil of Kemen."


"Do you accept Minister Yandera Giliath to be your partner for life, to protect and support her through the worst as well as the best of times?"

"I do." Ithil said, full of confidence.

"Then, by the authority I, Princess Anar of Kemen, have as the ruler of Kemen, Princess of the Sun. I announce you, Minister Yandera Giliath, and you, Princess Ithil of Kemen, woman and wife. You may now kiss the bride." Princess Anar said before adding in a whisper to the two. "I'm really proud of both of you."

Ithil then looked at Yandera with a face full of love, then into her eyes which were full of joy and embarrassment. Then she said "Congratulations, my princess." and they kissed, or rather melted into each other, completely forgetting all about the wedding and the guests. It was a very passionate kiss, a kiss that conveyed what words couldn't.

Then there was the pair of an elegant, beautiful elf and a graceful and proud dwarf. They walked so close to each other that it might be thought that they were supporting each other. Then, they reached the end of the aisle in front of the Sun Princess, who announced them as woman and wife with similar words to those of Yandera and Ithil. The only change in the scene was the thunderous cheer that filled the room from Caryave’s family when the couple kissed.

After that there was a party that has never been thrown before. Wilwarin sang more beautiful than any bird could ever sing. Me’urra got on her electric guitar behind Wilwarin and entertained the guests with some sick solo. Carnim was also able to amaze everybody present with a massive, six story wedding cake. Each story was telling a stage of the love stories of these four mares.

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