Dance of The Roses

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Blooming of The Honest Rose

“I gotta do it.” Yandrea said to herself as she was holding her quill. “But I must be as gentle as possible.”

She stared long at her computer screen, mastering enough courage she brought her hands to the keyboard and started typing, when suddenly the door of the room was opened. A short woman with long black haired, dark eyes and dark complexion was approaching slowly behind the sorceress.

“What are ye doin’ Yandera?” said the woman in a loud voice.

“Aaaaaaaaaah!” Yandera screamed. Then she turned around. “Caryave, you scared me half to death.”

“So sorry Yandera, didn' mean to startle ye.”

You may have guessed by now from the short stature, the dark complexion and the thick accent that Caryave is indeed connected to the dwarf race. Well, you’re not that far away. Caryave is the other member of the group of elven mages called The Princesses of The Source that’s of a mixed race. She’s have dwarf, half elf. Her father also, like the rest of the memebers of the group, was one of the Gods of Kemen. He served as an ambassador to the dwarven kingdom of Vombor.

She has the least magical abilities, but she is the strongest of the group when it comes to close combat. Her magic is even related to that as she can multiply her physical strength and stamina to a great extent that she can even bar with a fully grown dragon. So if I daresay, you don’t want to mess with this dwarven mage when she’s in a bad mood. And never, ever, speak of her short stature.

“It's okay.” Said Yandera, regaining her composure. “But at least knock the next time, will you?”

“I will okay. So, What were ye doin'.” Caryave said as she was trying to get her head closer to the screen to make up what’s written there.

“Nothing of real importance or amusement to you.” Yandera said nervously as she closed the screen of her computer before the dwarf could make up anything on it. "Just another report of the progress of my resent experimentations that’s all."

“If ye say that, I believe ye. We need to head to the training ground okay. The entire group is downstairs waitin’ for ye.”

“The training!” Yandera said to herself. “I completely forgot about it.” Then she looked back to her friend and said. “Of course I'll come. But there are a few chores I need to finish. Take Spikes with you and I'll catch up with you later.”

"Roger that." Said Caryave, looking curiously at the drawer. “But don' ye be late.”

“Don't worry. I'll be there in a minute.”

Caryave then left the room, allowing Yandera to release a sigh of relief.

"Phew, she almost got me exposed. This thing is getting harder by the minute. I hope that I get a good reply from Ithil. I really hate keeping secret away from my friends, especially a secret that big."

She then turned back to her desk, opened her pc again and started typing once more, this time faster than before.

My dearest Ithil,

I miss you more than you could ever imagine, even though we were together last night, which was - by the way- the greatest night of my life. So thank you very very much. I feel that I haven't seen you for a decade. But I'm still sticking to my decision and will pick the place for our second date.

Anyway, I'm writing to you about a more important and delicate matter. I know we agreed to keep the things between us secret for a while. But I just can't keep this a secret anymore. I hate keeping things away from my friends. Also they started to notice some changes in my behavior. Which made them suspect that I'm hiding something from them. I know I'm a terrible liar. But what can I do?

I know that would upset you. But I thought you should know how I feel about this. And I'm sure that we'll figure something out. I love you with all my heart and soul. Please remember that all the time. I wish we could meet soon.

Love always and forever,


PS: Can you send me your reply in the night? I'll be with the girls for the rest of the day. And I also like to read your letters while looking at your moon. It feels like you're talking to me.

“That should do, hope I didn’t sound too cheesy.” Yandera said to herself as she pressed the send button. Then she put her computer in her bag alongside with all the books. She put her bag on, heading outside to meet her fellows at the training grounds.

It was a sunny day in Thilal Asari, perfect day for having a good outdoor time sparring and having a great time with with your friends. The five girls sat with their little tiger pet Spike. Each one had a cup of tea and a sandwich in their hands. Clearly sweating after a couple of good rounds of sparring.

Now I guess that it will be a great time to introduce you to the rest of the group.

So, aside from the two you’ve already met. The Princesses of The Source has four other members, all of pure elven blood. Each of them is, of course, the daughter of one of the Kings of Kemen and the inherent of their magical essence. As each of them, besides the usage of normal magic and spells, can use a special kind of elemental magic that only they can use.

And I think it’d be better to start with the dazzling Leuthil. With her long, slender stature, straight purple hair that went to her waist and green eyes. She is, by far, the most elegant and refined one of the group. But don’t let her dainty figure and elegance fool you, for she’s the second strongest mage in the group. Also, in addition to her strength in offensive magic, she’s a master of illusions. She can completely capture your mind and either makes all your dreams come so true that you can almost touch them, or give you hell itself to live in for as long as she desires.

The second one is what you might mistake as the elven goddess of beauty. With her bright white hair, porcelain like complexion and sapphire eyes, Wilwarin is the very clear symbols of both beauty and delicacy. She is the shiest, yet the kindest one of the group. She’s not weak, mind you. For when it comes to fighting in jungles and woods, she is undefeatable. For she doesn’t fight alone, but the beasts of the woods comes to her aid.

Next one that you couldn’t miss is the short, sunburnt Me’urra. Her short cut blue hair, toned body and ruby eyes are as remarkable as they sound. But you can only see them when she’s standing. Otherwise, all you will be able to see is a blue blur for a split of a second before you meet your doom and you couldn’t even register what exactly happened to you.

Finally you have the most popular and outgoing elven you might ever see in your life. Carnim is an elven that knows each and every body, and it goes around. Her bright red hair and golden eyes makes her can be seen from miles away. But you seeing her might be the event that brightens your day or the last sight of your life. For she is known for two things, her amazing bakery, and even more amazing archery.

“Girls, I was wondering if you noticed any change in our friend Yandera's behavior as of late.” Leuthil said after taking a sip of tea.

“What kind of change are you talking about?” Me’urra said, raising an eyebrow.

“You know what I mean Me’urra, spacing out in training, leaving her house for a long time and nobody knows where she went. There’s a big possibility that our little human friend has gotten her heart captured.”

“Can I, ummmmm, ask something?” Wilwarin said in her whispering like voice.

“Of course you can.”

“What, well, exactly made you say that she is, ummmmmm, is in love?”

“Well, my dear Wilwarin. There are some symptoms that indicates the case of falling in the beautiful magic of love. Most of the common folk of course pass by oblivious to these changes. But I succeeded in spotting the minor changes that I listed earlier that enforces what I suspect.”

This was when Carnim interrupted her with her usual enthusiastic attitude. "Did she start talking to herself, or walking in her house in circles and screaming and shouting? Maybe she is turning into an evil scientist. Maybe this isn't Yandera; this is a shapeshifting wraith that came here to DESTROY ALL OF US."

“What in the seven hells are ye even talkin’ ‘bout?” Caryave said.

“I was saying that this Yandera is a wraith, silly.” And this remark earned Carnim the ‘this elf ate a bad mushroom for breakfast today look’.

“What? Did I say something wrong?”

“Back to our topic,” Leuthil said "What I was saying is-" She then paused when she saw Yandera approaching from afar.

“Hello ladies,” Yandera said. “What were you talking about, having lunch without me?”

“Nothin' that concerns ye." Said Caryave. "What took ye so lon' to come anyway? We already finished trainin’ and taking a break.”

“I'm sorry. But I had to finish some work before I came. Where's Spike anyway?”

A roar from the bushes behind her answered her question as the tiger jumped at her knocking her down in a playful manner.

“Down, Spike, down.” Said Yandera as she pushed Spike of her and sat in her place with the group to enjoy the rest of the day with her friends. They kept talking about life. Caryave was talking about the rodeo competition and how she was preparing herself for it. They sparred once more and kept at it till the sun sank in the horizon. That’s when, all exhausted from all the sparring, decided to call it a day.

They were all prepared to leave by nighttime. But before they were to go to their respectful homes they heard a thunderous sound with a bright flash of lightning right behind them that made them drop their stuff and stand to see who could’ve came in this time and for what mischievous deed.

“How are you my dear friends?” Said the princess of the moon as she emerged from the smoke. “I apologize for coming in without notifying you previously.”

“PRINCESS ITHIL!” They all exclaimed as they bowed to her.

“Please rise up, all of you. No formalities are required between good friends.”

“Well, if I may ask your highness?” Said Leuthil “What is it that made us honored to see you in this lovely night?”

“Well, I came here on a very important matter that requires your presence.”

“And what is that exactly?” Me’urra said.

“It’s about getting something right.”

“Excuse us your highness.” Said Leuthil but she was interrupted by the princess.

“Please, you may call me Ithil only.”

“Well, if you excuse us Ithil, but we don’t understand. What is it that you have to set right?”

“I’ll explain.” Yandera said.

“No, please let me explain everything to them.” Then she turned to the other confused women. “Years have taught me something about friendship. And that thing was that you should never keep a secret from your friends. And I've been keeping a secret away from you.”

“And what could that secret be?” Me’urra said.

“Well, I don't find any more diplomatic way to say it than saying it straight." Princess Ithil said. Then she focused on Yandera's face who was trying her best to hide the blush creeping on her cheeks. Then raised her head and said. “The secret was that Yandera and I are in a relationship.”

Everybody looked at Yandera and saw the redness on her face getting more and more evident, with a little shy smile on her face. “Thank you Ithil.” she said as she approached the princess who took her in a warm embrace and a brief kiss. “You really removed a big load off my heart. But I can’t believe you came all the way from Unyhneas just to tell my friends that you love me.”

“You know I would do anything for you my beloved Yandera.”

Then suddenly Leuthil shouted “Aha! I knew all along. I was right all along.”

“You knew?” Yandera said.

“Well, I noticed some change in you and thought you were in love. But I would never guess that you’re in love with Princess Ithil herself. That took me with quite a surprise if I may say.” This remark earned a chuckle from the whole group.

“I’m really sorry for keeping this away from you girls.” Yandera said

“Don’ ye mention it.” Caryave Said. “It is yer personal life and you can do what you want with it.”

“We’re all happy for you. And that’s all it matters.” Wilwarin said.

“But I expect a full explanation about the entire thing.” Leuthil said.

“Well, I better go now.” Ithil said. “I’ll let you girls have fun.”

“Wait! Won’t you stay a little bit longer?” Yandera said.

“I wish I could my love. But I have some important matters to deal with back there in Unyhneas.”

“Will you come back soon?”

“I’ll try to come back as soon as I can. Good bye to all of you.”

“Bye darling, and take care.” The princess said then vanished in another cloud of smoke. Afterwards, all the faces turned towards Yandera.

“So, will you tell us about this relationship, Yandera?” Leuthil said.

“You really want to know?” Yadear said.

They all nodded their heads with eagerness. They really want to know. So, she had an idea.

“Tell you what. Why don’t you all come to my house? And I’ll tell you everything and we can have a slumber party all together.”

“That’s a great idea. I’ll go get my pajamas.” Carnim Said.

“Well, let’s all go to our homes. And meet at Yandera’s after an hour.” Leuthil said

“Deal.” They all said in one voice. Then they all went apart to their homes. And met at Yandera’s where they all spent the night talking about how that beautiful relationship between the sorceress and the goddess started.

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