Dance of The Roses

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Blooming of The Night Rose

It had been a while since the princess had last seen her beloved young sorceress. But tonight they got the opportunity to spend some quality time together. Yandera was spending the day doing some researches with Princess Anar. So she was able to borrow her for a little night out after the session with her sister.

She went to her room right after she finished her night court session, which she was more than relieved to end, to clean up for her distinguished guest. Ithil might a mighty princess, a powerful sorceress and a couple of centuries old. However, her room looked like that of an ordinary teenage girl. Except for the Xbox 360, the badass 36 inch T.V, and the big shelf where she stores all her games. Or as she called, the corner of power in her kingdom.

She started cleaning as fast as she could. She threw out the piles of chip bags that were left on the ground from last night’s Royal Blasting night. She got all the gaming accessories and controllers in their places. Then she hung all her clothes, made her bed, which was the most luxurious piece of furniture in the room with the black silk sheets with some sparkling stars to make it glimmer so eloquently.

She knew that Yandera was very time strict. A thing that gave her a sense of relief, as she had the time just to finish cleaning and get dressed. After which the door knocked, announcing the arrival of the woman she was waiting for. She went to the mirror to check her look for another time, then she headed straight to the door to open it.

“How is my beautiful princess today?” Yandera said with a very cheerful voice.

“Yandera, How are you my love?” Ithil said as she hugged her lover.

“I'm really ecstatic.” Yandera said as she freed herself from Ithil's arms and gave her a little kiss. “I missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed my little sorceress too.” Ithil Said, giggling a little herself as she noticing a little blush on Twilight's face. “You look absolutely gorgeous tonight.”

“I can’t compare myself to your gorgeous looks Ithi.”

“Thanks, Yandera.” Ithil said, burying her face in her girlfriend’s chest.

“So, how was your day with Anar?”

“It was great. We worked a lot on the scrolls that my brother Tiri gave us about the history of Corm. But we still have a lot of translation to do.”

“Did you discover anything new?”

“Well, yes. We had made some great discoveries. It turned out that Corm’s magical core came out from the emotional energy of the citizens of Khemir. So, in theory, the more positive emotional status there was in the place, the stronger the magical channel there was in the magical grid. That might explain how the Sentient Wyverns got Corm to lose its magical abilities and broke into the barrier the surrounded the old kingdom. They were able to stir inner conflict there and made the emotions of fear and mistrust prevail. After the barrier weakened with the decrease of the emotional fuel for the magic core it was easy to get in and invade the relatively defenseless city. Afterwards they worked more to suppress any kind of positive emotions that might be able to refuel the magical core of Corm.”

“So love is the magic that kept the kingdom of Khemir on its feet for the centuries before the Sentient Wyverns came and ruled?”

“Not just that. When we came through other scrolls, we found that the main founders made the heart from emerald charmed by pure love. Which means they discovered a way to make love have a materialistic and energy existence as the ordinary form of magic.”

“Wow, and how did they manage to obtain something like that?”

“We still don’t know yet, there’s still a lot of mysteries and experimentations on this accord. But we know one thing.”

“What is it?”

“That the only bearer of that magic for the last thousand years is Princess Mir.”

“You mean that Mir had ancestors from the Elder Gods and mages of Khemir?”

“That’s right. She is also the only heir for the throne of the kingdom.”

“So we just put her in her right and legalized place without us knowing.”


“These are really important discoveries.”

“Yes, it will help Mir and Kiri a lot in their mission.”

“You’re right.”

They then looked at each other for a moment in silence. It’s like they both were admiring each other in some way. Then Yandera broke the silence first.

“Uhhhh, Ithil.”

“What is it sweetheart?”

“Did you tell Princess Anar about us yet?”

“I mentioned it to her between my words. But I didn't say it straight.”

“I think we should tell her now. After all, she is my mentor and your sister. And it’s a shame that we’ve been together for about two weeks, and she still doesn’t know a thing.”

“I think you are right as always. But we need to select the right time for it.”

“I know that it would be awkward but she has to know. And the sooner we tell her the better.”

“That’s true. And I promise you I’ll tell her in the right moment. Trust me okay?”

“You know I trust you with my life, Ithil.”

They both had a look from the window. Yandera admired the beautiful sky of the night. But today it was extra beautiful. Everything was extra bright. The sky was clearer than usual. It was just amazing. She looked at the princess of the stars whose eyes reflected the night sky’s light brilliantly.

“The sky is just amazing tonight.” Ithil said looing extensively towards the sky.

“True, everything is so perfect. And the moon is so bright. Like it’s celebrating us" Yandera said bearing a hearty grin on her face.

“It is actually. I mean, the sky has the most beautiful woman there to shelter her. It must look it’s best for her sake.”

The two girls looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Yandera saw the reflection of the moon glittering in her love’s eyes. .They both started to get closer to each other and opened their mouths as if they read each other's minds. They then melted in a deep, sweet and tender kiss that lasted until they were both out of breath. But you can tell that they wanted it to ast forever. They slowly parted and looked again to the glorious sky of the night.

“This night reminds me of our first date.” Yandera said, still looking towards the sky. Then she shifted her head to Ithil again and said. “Do you remember it?”

“And how can I forget that wonderful night.”

“I can still smell the odor of that magnificent place. It was so quiet and wonderful, and the best thing was, it was the best place to see the stars.”

“Yeah, that place is my favorite here in Unyhneas. It’s the only place where I can be alone to have a little relief from the heavy duties. But being there with you was like being in a magical world. Where the only thing existing is our love.”

“I’ll never forget how you rearranged the stars to read ‘I love Yandera’ in the sky.”

“It’s the least thing I could do to show to you how I loved you. Thought you did made me unable to use magic properly for three days.”

Yandera had a little blush in her cheeks as she giggled. Then she remembered something very important.

“I've got something for you Ithil.” Twilight said as she went inside. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

She went to her bag and started looking for things. Then she returned after a brief while. “Found it.”

She turned back to Ithil a small bronze sculpture of a star embraced with a crescent in her hand, with the phrase ‘alye' ten'oio’ or ‘Together forever’ carved at the base of it with elegance in elvish.

“I know It's nothing compared to what you’ve done that night, or today. But it's just a small thing expressing what I really feel.”

“It's beautiful.” Ithil said taking the sculpture from Yandera with watery eyes and a pink cheek. Then she looked at it with admiration. “I'll keep this close to me forever.”

Yandera looked at Ithil with a little smile and said. “I really like our nights together Ithi. But tonight is a really remarkable one.”

“Do you want to make it even better?” Ithil said with a seductive tone, winking to her lover.

Yandera's face turned into deep red when she heard this. But she just wanted to know what her lover really meant. “H-How so?”

“Let’s say we’ll play a little game in my bed tonight.”

Yandera’s cheeks became a radiant crimson now. She couldn’t maintain eye contact with her lover from the embarrassment she felt. May the gods know how much she wanted to do it. But she had little fears. “Ithil. As much as I want to make love with you, as much as I’m afraid of doing anything wrong. I-I’ve never done it before you know.”

“Don’t worry. I'll go easy on you. And I thought you said you liked trying new stuff.”

“Y-yes I do. But-“

“No buts. Today you're mine.”

“But I’m afraid that you have to teach me from the top.”

“Then prepare your mind for the first lesson.” Ithil said, pushing Yandrta lightly to the bed. Then she got on top of her and started planting several kisses on the woman’s neck. Then she started going slowly down her body to start an experience they will never forget.

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