Dance of The Roses

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Blooming of The Dawn’s Rose

The bright sun of the first light sent its rays from the large window, illuminating the room of the princess of the moon. The light came from the big windows to reveal the bed in the room where the two lovers were laying in deep sleep and their arms around each other in a sweet and soft embrace.

As the sun rose more in the clear sky of the morning. It gently tickled the little sorceress’s face forcing her eyes to open up. She slowly opened her eyes to see the face of her little princess Ithi. She admired this simple display of the beauty of the princess. And she just couldn't think of anything besides how cute this face was. Also her feeling of the soft, moist skin of Ithil's arms and feeling her lover’s pressure against her chest as they breathed in unison made the whole scene more and more perfect and magical.

“I'm just the happiest mare in all of Kemen.” Yandera said to herself, still admiring the beauty of Ithil's face. “No, I'm the happiest mare in the whole universes and races and even beyond the whole existence.”

While she was still in her sea of fantasies and admiration, Yandera felt a little squirming by her side and noticed the eyelids of her princess slowly moving. A sight that the sorceress couldn’t help but stare at until these eyelids finally opened, revealing those beautiful blue eyes that resembled in beauty that of the ocean she. The princess also had a smile on her face when she saw those big sparkly blue eyes of her little Yandera. They just continued laying face to face in silence for a little while, savoring the magical moment as much as possible. Until Yandera finally broke the science, raising her head.

“Good morning Ithi.” Yandera said.

“Good morning, my love.” Ithil said as she raised her head slowly and got her face closer to Yandera's to surprise her with a short, yet deep kiss. They parted after a brief moment, still lost at each other's eyes.

“Did you sleep well?” Ithil said.

“After that experience we had last night, I was so exhausted I couldn't help but to sleep like a baby.” Yandera said. And her cheeks got a little crimson when she recalled the events from last night.

Ithil giggled a little then said. “I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

“I was afraid at the beginning to be honest. But you were a very good mentor. And I really enjoyed it. But I think I could use some longer sessions sooner.”

“Well, if you want to I can give you an intensive course. With much more advanced details.”

“And I would love to be tutored by you. But please take it easy a bit on me okay.”

They had a little laugh. Then Yandera said. “But I have to admit that you were right. Last night was a night to remember.”

“I'm glad that you liked it. Well, I probably should take a shower, even though I'll miss your scent."

Twilight giggled a little with a hint of blush creeping on her cheeks. She couldn't help but to have a stare at the majestic behind of Ithil till she went to hide in the shower room. Then she leant back on the pillow with back and looked up to the ceiling, recalling that blissful adventure she had with her lover last night.

She remembered Ithil on top of her, kissing very deep. She still had the marvelous taste of the princesses of the moon’s saliva in her mouth. She remembered the tongue wrestle they had in her mouth. The pure pleasure she felt when Ithil started to sensually move her hands down on her belly.

She remembered Ithil going down on her, saying “I wanted you for so long.” She also remembered how helpless she was. Even that she had never done or even seen any of this before. She might have read about it once. But she certainly enjoyed every single second of it. All the moaning, the kissing, that pure pleasure she felt dominating her body was simply unforgettable.

But the most important feeling she experienced was that which made all of this possible. This feeling was that of love, this pure beautiful, strong feeling that made her and Ithil unite as one, go to another world, a world of fantasy where just the two of them existed with no other, weather it was human, elf or even a god, to share this heavenly pleasure. It was simply heavenly.

She was interrupted with Ithil's voice that was just out of the shower and drying herself. “What's my little Yandera thinking about?”

“I was just thinking again about last night. I can't stop thinking about it. It was just too good to be true.”

“But it was true, and to be honest. I couldn't stop thinking about it either. I’ve experienced a kind of pure pleasure that I’ve never felt before in all my years. You were really good it took me by surprise.”

“But still. There's a little something that bothers me.”

“What is this thing?”

“That Princess Anar still doesn't know anything about this.”

“I thought we discussed that topic earlier last night.”

“Yes, we did. But it still makes me feel uneasy.”

“I understand. I'll send her everything soon in a note.”

“I think that it would be better if we told her ourselves.”

“And what’s the difference?”

“I think that these matters are better told personally. Plus, it’ll be really disrespectful to tell her something that important via note.”

Ithil looked with a smile to her girlfriend then said. “You're just too caring my love. Most of the communications between my sister and I is via notes. But on the other hand, she might ask you why you didn't sleep in your room last night.”

“You're right.” Yandera said with happiness with that point that Ithil found. “How about we tell her today at breakfast? I think it will be the best time. Also to avoid unwanted accusation and further embarrassment.”

“Okay, if that makes you happy.” Ithil said in a kind of embarrassed tone, a little blush on her cheeks.

“You look so cute when you try to hide your embarrassment.”

“I’m not, embarrassed or anything. I just wanted to do this in a more discrete manner.” Ithil said, her blush is more evident.

Yandera laughed at her lover’s antics, then looked at Ithil with a smile then said in a really soft voice. “You’re the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.”

“Well, I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for you. So for me you’re my whole wide world. I owe my life to you.”

They had a tight embrace. Then Ithil took a look at the clock hanging on her wall and said. “We better hurry to the dining room if we want to get any breakfast before Anar eats it all.”

“You’re right. She eats like three grown trolls and never gains a single pound. I wonder where all the food she eats goes.”

“I have no idea.”

They giggled a little then got out of the room heading towards the dining room to have their breakfast. Also they had another tough mission and that was to tell Anar about what was going on between them.

The older royal sister was sitting at the dining room with a grace befitting a lady. In front of her was long table with all kinds of cheese and baked goods spread on it with quantities that were befitting a wedding feast. The room was made of great marble walls with the same style as the rest of the castle. It had long windows with heavy pink curtains. She was taking a sip of her tea as Ithil and Yandera made their way into the room. Yandera trying her best not to be casual about the sight in front of her. Even though she had seen, on more than one occasion, how much the elven goddess can eat in one setting. She was amazed every time, and sometimes, of course, envious.

“Good morning Anny.” Ithil said.

“Good morning princess.” Yandera said.

“Good morning to both of you. You came in at the right time. Have a seat.”

Yandera took her seat next to Ithil in front of Princess Anar.

“Would you like some tea Yandera?” Ithil said.

“I would love to, thank you princess." Yandera said.

Anar looked to the two women with a curious look. She knew that there was something going on between these two and there was some kind of tension build between them. It was more evident when Ithil was pouring tea in Yandera's cup. As both were looking at each other in the eyes like they were signaling something to each other.

“So Yandera, How was your night?” Anar said.

“It was good. Nothing special” Yandera said, trying to sound as cool as possible.

“I heard you spent some time with my sister in her room.”

“Yes I did.” Yandera said as she turned to Ithil, trying to fight a blush creeping up to her cheeks. “We spent some good time together, isn’t that true Princess Ithil?”

“Yes, I really enjoyed her company yesterday.” Ithil said with a cool demeanor.

“But my guards have told me that they didn't see you come out of Ithil's room.” Anar said, giving both girls a suspicious, almost accusing look.

“Well, about that. I- I-” Yandera said nervously.

“Ithil, do you care to explain to me?” Anar said.

“Yes, of course.” Ithil said and then patted Yandera’s shoulders “Yandrea is going to explain.”

Yandera got struck with these words that she was visibly shaking. She leaned to Luna and whispered. “Why do I have to do the explanation? She is your sister.”

“But the idea was yours. And I’m the one who did the explanation to the girls last time.”

“What is it girls. Is there something wrong?” Anar said with a tone of worrying and awkwardness.

“No, there’s nothing wrong at all?” Yandera said, still shaking “The thing is that, well, Princess I-I thil and I are in a kind of, emmm, how shall I put it?”

“Yandera, what’s that all about? Would please explain yourself?” Anar said with a tone of visible impatience.

Yandera turned to Ithil with her eyes like she was screaming for help, trying to find salvation. But the princess had done nothing but gave her a small encouraging smile. She then realized that she had to say it sooner or later. So she gathered her courage, let out a sigh, engraved in her mind that she will get Ithil for that one way or another, then said. “Weareinakindofromanticrelationship.”

“Sorry dear I didn’t catch that.”

Yandera took a number of deap breaths to cool herself down, then said it again slowly. “Princess Ithil and I are in a relationship. A romantic relationship.”

“What? For how long have you been together?”

“We have been together for about two weeks now.”

“We’re sorry that we hadn’t told you earlier Anny.” Ithil said. “But we were just looking for the right time to tell you so you wouldn’t get upset.”

“And why would I get upset?”

“Because you’re her mentor, and I thought that you would feel that would affect her studies with you. Or you would think that this might be inappropriate or something of the sort.”

Anar gave a warm, reassuring smile for the pair. “Well, of course I wouldn’t get upset. In fact I’m happy that you two fell in love with each other. It made me feel surer that my sister has turned completely to her old self. Also with Yandera’s new found feelings to you, it would be easier to study the magic of love of The Heart of Khemir. So this is quite beneficial.”

“You’re right princess.” Yandera said with enthusiasm. “Why didn’t I think of that? This magic is powered by emotions. And love, being the most power emotion of all, will help me grasp this mechanisms more, right?”

The two giggled at the now confused Yandera. Then they all left the breakfast table. Princess Anar was the first to finish went to the throne room. Then the two lovers spent some time together. Admiring their growing love and savoring their time together before they went their separate ways.

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