Dance of The Roses

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Blooming of The New Roses

Another sunny day at The Pit, which was a little establishment run by Carmim and the girls used to spent their free time there. It was still early in the morning so the place was empty. The place was so clean that you could eat off the floor. The tablecloth was so tidy, it would be approved by Leuthil herself, and Leuthil doesn’t approve of anything to be clean or tidy if it wasn’t spotless and there was not even a single small bend in the cloth. You can smell the dazzling scent of the fresh baked cupcakes coming from the kitchen. Or see the sweet cakes in the refrigerated display that would make you drool.

Yandera opened the wooden door, which made the small bell on top of the door make the familiar ringing sound, the thing that made the pink haired elf dash from the kitchen to stand behind the counter to receive the new customer. She came out with her usual attitude and wide, cheerful smile.

“Welcome to The Pit. How may I help you?” Pinkie pie said with her usual wide smile. Then she realized that it was Yandera standing there. “Oh! Hey, Yan.”

“Hello Carnim.” Twilight said, giggling a little. She was always amused and fascinated about how energetic this elf was, no matter how much she worked or how grave was the situation. “How are you?”

“Fine, I Just baked a fresh batch of cupcakes. Want some?”

“No thanks. I came here because I need your help with something.”

“Of course, I'm always happy to help." Carnim said with her wide trademark smile. Then she wore her curiosity face, which was a mixture of confusion, interest and intrigue. “Help you with what exactly?”

“I need you to plan a party for me.”

“A party!” Carnim exclaimed, almost panicking. “Is it your birthday? I totally forgot to get you a present. Please don't be mad at me. Please~.”

“Carnim calm down. It's not my birthday.”

“Oh! Then it's Leuthil's, right? Quick, we need to get her a present. Do you think she will like some cupcakes as a present? Or should I bake a cake for her? Maybe if I got her some sparkling cupcakes. What do you thin-”

“Carnim.” Yandera said, almost shouting as she was about to lose her patience. “Can you please let me explain?”

“Sure.” Carnim said. Then she finally stopped bouncing around and managed to stand still.

“Thank you. I want to plan a party for Ithil and myself. Today is our first month anniversary and I want it to be something special.”

“Say no more. I'll plan you the best party in the history of the best parties. There will be games and a big banner and food and everyone will be there-“

“Well, before you get too excited.” Yandera said interrupting the pink ball of energy in front of her. “I wanted this party to be private, just for us.”

“You want me to plan a party just the two of you. That sounds more like a date to me. Uh! Boooooooooring.”

“No Carnim. I meant the six of us and the two princesses.”

“Princess Anar is coming!”

“Yes, that's why I want it to be private. You know how everyone gets when one of the princesses is around. Imagine if it was the two princesses. It will look more of a royal event.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“Also I don’t want the party to be fancy. Ithil may be a princess. But she likes to keep it simple as much as she could.”

"So, you want a simple private party for eight.” Carnim said, reviewing what Twilight said with what she noted in her pad. “What else do you want in the party?”

“Just two things, firstly, I would like the party to be at the barn of Caryave’s farm; because it will be more private there. Also the place is big and roomy so we can feel free to walk around. Secondly, I want you and Caryave to bake me a vanilla cake with strawberry frosting with the phrase ‘Happy Anniversary’ Written on it.”

“Okie dokie, I'll go to the farm and inform the little dwarfy now and start working on it.”

“Thank you Pinkie. I know you would plan an awesome party.”

“It’s nothing, and happy anniversary to you and Ithil.”

“Thanks. See you tonight.”


Yandera returned home, entered her room. Then she took a few deep breaths as she threw herself on her bed. She rested her head on the pillow and gave a long gaze to her room’s ceiling, remembering the events of the most remarkable moon of her life so far. She thought about the day Ithil spilled out her love, their first kiss at sunset the day she knew about that love, their first date and their first night together.

She recalled the memories of their second date. That was in Yandera’s house as they spent the whole night star gazing, which was one of the activities they loved doing together. Then they ended the night with one of Ithil’s intensive sessions that Yandera requested and absolutely enjoyed. Thought she thinks they did some of the awkward things using toys.

She giggled a little to herself as she shifted her sight to her left. She gave a long look at the almost finished golden sculpture that she was working on. It was a portrait that she was making of Ithil. It was in full length of the princess of the moon, naked, in the positon of her curved thighs together, and her arms behind her back. Making her majestic chest even more pronounced

She rose from her bed and went to the painting once more. She took a closer and detailed look at it. She was to make sure that everything was perfect. But when she was looking at Ithil again she had a terrible thought. The marking scribbled on her right thigh made her remember the gravest difference between her and her love.

The fact that Ithil is an immortal demigod always made Yandera feel worried. She tried for a long time to ignore that thought and to deal with the princess like it was nothing. But she couldn’t ignore the real self of her lover any longer. Also she couldn’t help but to think about the future of that relation. She also knew that both of them lived in two distanced cities. And neither of them could leave their positions.

She got so drowned into her worries that she started crying. Her mind told her that this relation is hopeless. But her heart didn’t have the word hopeless in its dictionary. The only fact and the only thing that her heart knows and sees is that Yandera loves Ithil. But she snapped out of her thoughts by the entrance of Leuthil and Spike.

“Hello, Yandera.” Leuthil said, striding into the room as gracefully as ever.

“Oh!” Yandera said, trying to hide her face while wiping away her tears. Then she turned, smiling to them. “Hey Leuthil. What is it?”

“Well, I’ve heard that you’re throwing a party celebrating you and Ithil's first anniversary. So, I thought about making you something special to wear for this special day.”

“Thanks Leuthil.” Twilight said, trying her hardest to smile and hide the fact that she was just crying from her friend. “You really didn't have to.”

“Of, course I had to Yandera dear. It's your first anniversary and you must look outstanding for Ithil. And you can also consider it as a little gift for this occasion.”

Then she summoned a dark blue silk dress with her magic. It had short sleeves and a short skirt with a sparkling silver strip around the ends. It was tight with a silver crescent on its chest. It also had at its end some black patches that resembled Ithil’s hair color.

“I remembered you saying that Ithil likes to keep it simple.” Leuthil said. “And I took this into consideration when I designed it.”

“It's beautiful! Thanks.” Yandera said, then she hugged her friend

“It's nothing, really. Come on. Try it.”

Twilight went to the back of the room to try on the dress. Then she came back within minutes. “So, what do you think?”

"Hmm, it’s good. But it needs to be pulled a little from the back of the left side.”

Leuthil summoned her sewing kit and her glasses. Then she started to work more on the dress. With Spike getting bored, he got out of the room.

“So, Yandera,” Leuthil said as she worked, Trying to break the silence. “It was a good month. Wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, it was good." Yandera said. Then she sighed, trying to overcome a tear forming in her eyes. “Too good to be true.”

“Are you okay darling? Did something wrong happen between you?”

“No, everything is fine. But I was just thinking about the future. I mean, she is a goddess and I'm just another human, I’m not even a full elf you know. Do you think that she would still love me? Or is it just a phase in her life and she would forget about me?”

“Don't you say that! You're the daughter of the great Giliath, the strongest of The Kings of Kemen. You’re the strongest sorceress in the entire lands, not including the two sisters, of course. You're a special woman. And you love her, don't you?”

“Of course I love her.”

“And are you sure that she loves you back?”

“Of course I’m sure.”

“Then I guarantee that she will love you forever.”

“But I’m still having that huge paradox inside of me. My heart tells me to stay with Ithil. But my mind tells me that the future of this relationship is unknown.”

“And that’s the beauty of any relationship. But tell you what. Just speak out your worries together one time. I’m sure that you’ll be able to figure it out.”

“You’re right. I’ll talk to her tonight after the party.”

“Good for you.” Said Leuthil as she pulled the needle out of the dress and made it vanish. Then she took a look around the mare to check her work. “Prefect, we're done.”

“Thanks Leuthil, for both the dress and the advice.”

“That's what friends are for, right?” Leuthil said smiling.

“Yeah, you're right.”

“Well, I must go now. I must look as fabulous as possible in front of the princesses. Well, au revoir.”

“Bye.” Said Yandera as she took off her dress and hung it firmly in her wardrobe.

“Leuthil is right.” Yandera said to herself as she went to her desk. “We’ll figure it out together. And everything will be fine as long as we love each other, at least I hope.”

She then opened her computer and she started typing another e-mail for her girlfriend.

Dearest Ithil,

How are you faring, my love? I've missed you so much that the stars would explode. I wish that you're well. And that you miss me as much as I miss you.

I want to ask if you can come to Thilal Asari tonight with Princess Anar for I require both your presence and hers in something urgent. It's about the scrolls Tiri had sent. I've made some new discoveries. Also there’s something really important I want to talk to you about.

I really wish that you can come. I really want to see you.

With the greatest of love,

Your little Yandera

“Okay, there it goes. I hope she reads it as soon as she gets it. Also I hope there’s no lag in the magical grid tonight. Now for the second e-mail”

Dear Princess Anar,

As you know, Today is the first moon anniversary of the relationship of Ithil and myself. So I was planning to make a surprise party for Ithil here in Thilal Asari. And I wish that you would grant us with your attendance.

Also I told Princess Ithil that I needed you for something urgent. So can you please go along with her? Plus, I've found some interesting things in the scrolls Tiri sent me about The Heart. I’ll tell all about it when we meet but for now I’ll tell you this. It seems that Princess Mir have more powers than we could ever imagine.

I really wish that you can attend the party. And please don't mention anything to Princess Ithil. I don't want to ruin the surprise.

Your faithful student,

Yandera of Thilal Asari

“Done,” Yandera said as she pressed the send button for the second time tonight. Then she went back to the drawing panel to finish the final touches on her portrait. Even though she still have those thoughts. She chose to push them at the back of her mind for now. For this is a joyous occasion. And sure she’ll fix everything with her girlfriend once they meet again.

It was another busy day for the royal sisters here in Unyhneas. As always there was a lot of duties and dealing with diplomatic and political issues. The things that made Ithil bored to the bones. But today nothing would pull down her sky high spirit.

For she knew today was really special.

She had read Yandera’s letter about a hundred times now, maybe more. And every time she would have the same genuine smile on her face. Of course she knew that her lover has prepared something really special for her. But until now she couldn’t figure out what. So she asked her sister. Hoping that her student may have mentioned something to her.

“Hey Anny” Said Ithil in a curious tone.

“Good afternoon my dear sister” Said Anar as she sat on the lunch table. “Ah. What a day.”

“I agree. It was a busy day indeed. I don’t know how you dealt with all this this by yourself.”

“I've managed it. But I’m really happy that you’re back here by my side to assist me.”

Ithil replied with a smile. Then she looked at the plate in front of her. Then she stared back at Anar. Then to the ceiling, then to Anar. This process was repeated more than once

“Is there’s something you want to tell me sis?” Anar said.

“Yes, I received a letter from Twilight this morning asking us to come to Thalil Asari tonight for some important matter.”

“Did she say something about that important matter?”

“She said something about the scrolls that you got her from the Khemir.”

“So she found new things, I knew I could count on her.”

“Yeah, it seems like that. But I think there’s something else that yandera has made for me.”

“Like what?”

“I think that she might have prepared something special, like a surprise for me. You know it’s our first month anniversary today.”

“It is? I didn't know.”

“So she didn't mention anything about it to you.”

“Not a single word.” Anar said in a very plain face. But she was internally laughing her guts off. “But I think we should get you well dressed for the night just in case you know.”

“But wouldn't it be a little awkward if I went there all fancy and it was just an ordinary night.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll put you in something fancy, yet casual and sexy. So it won’t be awkward.”

“And where in the seven heavens would you get something like that.”

“Don’t you worry my sister, just come with me and I’ll show you.”

They left the table and went to Anar’s bedchamber upstairs. She opened the wardrobe and got out a white silk dress with golden stripes. It looked like an ordinary T-shirt and a skirt, with a belt around it, which makes the whole design very brilliant. And what added the “sexy” part were the tightening parts around the butt cheeks and the thighs. Plus the cut sleeves and the low cut chest for a little more spice.

Ithil looked at the dress with astonishment. She knew that her sister had a sense of fashion. But this was beyond all her expectations.

“So, do you like it?” Said Anar with a smile as she saw her sister’s opened mouth.

“It’s perfect. But do you think it will get Yandera’s approval? I mean, I want to look my best for her.”

“Not with these colors.” Anar said. She then summoned some magic to her fingertips and touched the dress with it causing it to flash so bright that Ithil had to cover her eyes. After the flash faded she managed to open her eyes and have a look at the dress, which was now black instead of white with stripes of sparkling shades of blue and with a cute little crescent on its belt.

“Perfect.” Anar said admiring her work for a while. Then she turned to Ithil. “Now you go and try it.”

Without a word Ithil took the dress and put it on. Then she went to the mirror and took a little look. Then she turned to Anar. “How do I look?”

“You look beautiful.” Anar said with a little smile. “Now, let’s get your hair done.”

“I can’t wait for the night to come.” Said Yandera with a very excited edge in her voice as she watched the sun falls below the horizon. “Is everything ready Carnim?”

“Yup, everything is ready. I've finished the decorations and the baked goods. I think Caryave has finished baking the apple pies and got us some fine and fresh cider.” The bouncing pink haired elf standing by her side said. “It’s going to be PERFECT.”

“When did she say she is going to arrive?” Leuthil said as she was fixing her hair for the fiftieth time in the past hour.

“She said she would be here at moon’s rise.”

“Ya know.” Me’urra said. ” I've never understood all that love thing. But I’m happy that there’s a lover in our group.”

“And why is that?” Leuthil said.

“Because I know one of my friends is happy with someone, ya know. And that makes me happy.”

“Can you please be quiet? The moon is about to rise.”

They all watched as the moon rose bright replacing the sun, covering the sky with a beautiful black veil with millions of sparking stars.

“Isn't it beautiful?” Said Yandera still gazing to the sky of the night.

“It is one of the most beautiful nights I've ever seen.” Leuthil said.

Yandera replied with a little smile, and then she returned her gaze to the magnificent night sky and said “It reminds me of her hair, just as clear, sparkling and soft.” She then took a deep breath from the cool breeze of the night. “I’ll go and check on Caryave.”

“No need.” The dwarf said as she came back from the kitchen with a tray full of apple fritters. “I’ve got you a sample from my makings too.”

“Thanks, Caryave.” Said Yandera as she lifted the fritter and put it in her mouth. “Oooh! This is so good.”

“Well, it’s me secret recipe ye know. Passed to me from me grandmother.”

“I really want to thank you all for helping me out, and making everything so perfect and special.”

“No need darling.” Leuthil said.

“We’ll always be there for you Yandera. You know that” Wilwarin said.

“Oh Oh! Here come the princesses.” Carnim said in her usual upbeat tone

They all looked as the royal wagon landed in front of them. Then Ithil rushed from it and gave Yandera a big hug.

“Hello my love.” Ithil said.

“Hello to you too darling. I’m so glad you could make it.” Yandera said as she broke from the hug. She then looked at her lover. “You look stunning.”

“You look really beautiful too.” Ithil said. Then she turned to the other girls. “Oh! How silly of me. I forgot to greet you all my friends. Please forgive me.”

“It’s nothing to apologize for your highness.” Leuthil said. “It’s really understandable that you really miss Yandera and was really excited to see her.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Ithil said with a goofy smile. “Thank you for your understanding.”

“Hello to all of you my friends.” Anar said.

“Your highness, How are you?” Me’urra said.

“Princess Anar, I’m so you glad you could make it as well.” Yandera said, bowing deeply for ignoring the princess.

“I’ve been fine Me’urra. So Yandera, what was the important matter you wanted me for?”

“Oh! Yeah right, follow me please.”

“Where to?” Anar said.

“To the barn, you’ll know everything there.”

They all walked together to the barn. Then Yandera pointed to Ithil to step forward and open the door. And when she did she let out a huge gasp as she looked at the ‘HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY ITHIL’ sign and the decorations.

“HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.” They all shouted at the same time.

“This is all for me?” Ithil said with a face full of surprise

“It’s for us sweetie.” Yandera said, and then she gave Ithil a little sweet kiss.

They all walked in. Then Carnim started the music and they all sat at the table, then started eating and drinking and singing. And with the cider flowing the sexy talking had started.

“You know.” Said the now drunk, to an extent, Yandera “I’ve forgot to give you your second gift.”

“And what is it? An after party?” Ithil said in a seductive tone that made them all laugh.

“Don’t rush things sweetie. You’ll have to put me on a real test tonight. But really look behind your back.”

Luna turned. Then twilight revealed the cover from the painting she was working on of her love. The thing that made them all gasp and made Ithil nearly shed tears.

“I- I don’t know what to say.” Ithil said. “You really did a great job emphasizing my butt cheeks. I’m impressed. If you told me you liked them that much I’d taught you a few tricks.”

They all laughed. Then Ithil gripped the now more than red, not from just the wine and cider, Yandera into a very long, intimate kiss.

After that they all started talking generally, they all noticed that Leuthil and Caryave had been whispering amongst themselves a big deal since the beginning of the night. They were also exchanging weird glances and giggling. They all looked at the two girls with curiosity but suspected nothing from the thing that was to come.

Caryave stood up all of a sudden on top of the table and started like she was about to give a speech. She cleared her throat to give a signal for the others to pay attention to her.

“There’s something ah’ve been waitin’ for a long time to say.” Caryave began. “First, I wanna say that the last two years have changed a lot of things in me. They made me know some elves, and humans, in a different way.”

“That’s so sweet. Thanks Caryave.” Yandera said

“Yeah, yeah. Can you just cut to the chase? I hate cheesy speeches in situations like that.” Me’urra said.

“Alright ye mood spoiler, the thin’ is. Leuthil an’ are datin’. There, too cut to the chase.”

There was a moment of silence. Then they all burst out laughing.

“Good one Cary.” Carnim said who was rolling on the ground from laughing.

“Girls, Caryave is serious. We are in a relationship as of now.” Leuthil said in a serious, yet a bit drunk tone.

They all suddenly stopped laughing and fixed their eyes on the new couple. Their mouths were open from the effect of the surprise. They knew the two girls well, and they definitely knew that it would be impossible for them to get together in that kind of relation.

“How and when did this exactly happen?” Yandera said, still working out believing what she just heard.

“I think you should tell ‘em Leu.” Caryave said to her companion.

“No, you’re better at telling stories. You do tell them darling.”

“As you wish mah lady,” Said Caryave as she took a little look on the gazing faces of her friends. ”It was a sunny day here in the farm. I was just getting to my chores when Leuthil dropped by……”

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