Dance of The Roses

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Blooming of The Dark Rose

After that emotional night that happened between Yandera and Ithil, both in a mental and a physical manner. Yandera went to visit her friend Leuthil both to tell her about the results of that night and to relax a bit with her after what happened. However, this visit made Leuthil think about the same concern between herself and Caryave. Sure there’s no problem like those spoken between Ithil and Yandera, Still both mares rarely see each other because of their busy schedules with Caryave taking care of her farm and Leuthil working in her tailors shop.

Yandera then suggested a night out of town and something fun in it, to create some memories. Leuthil was intrigued by the notion and suggested that the two couples should come together for a night in the city of love and light. The city where each and every street and lane holds a million opportunity. The city of sins, and if you didn’t commit a sin in this city then it’s a sin on its own, Gal Lenora.

Yandera loved the suggestion and immediately called Ithil on her cell phone and arranged the outing with her. Ithil was more than happy with the idea and offered to take care of everything as she was the one that was most familiar with the city and its best spots. Leuthil then called her girlfriend but she didn’t pick up. Which wasn’t strange as Caryave, like most of the dwarves, didn’t really trust the modern technology that the elven magic came up with. So she had no other way to tell her than to go herself to the farm. It was also a good time to stay in the magical spot that became her favorite relaxing spot as of late.

Leuthil went to Caryave farm at noon of the following day. The sun was in the middle of the sky and it was so hot that Leuthil felt she might melt if she stood there any longer than necessary. When she went through the gate and found Caryave sleeping under a tree. She couldn't help but to stand there for a while admiring the tan woman. She kept her eyes on the beautiful, wet and sweaty skin of the stubborn dwarf with her long, black, silky hair spread on the ground beside her. Making her look as if she was a part of a masterpiece created by the hands of the most skillful of artists.

Leuthil couldn't resist coming closer to her to give her a kiss while she was asleep. But the sudden revealing of the dark brown eyes of Caryave surprised her.

“Huh! Leuth?” Caryave said with half closed eyes.

“Caryave, I'm so sorry darling. I didn't mean to wake you up.”

“Ah, Don’ ye worry honey bee. It was time for me to wake up anyway.” Caryave said while standing, and Leuthil lent her a hand.

“What were you doing so close to me anyway?”

“I- ah- I was -ehm,” Leuthil said in a stumbling tune, a blush creeping on her white cheeks.

“You were what?”

“I was trying to give you a kiss while you were asleep. I couldn't help myself. You looked so cute, especially with that layer of sweat covering your skin and hair.”

“Oh come on,” Caryave said with radiant red cheeks. “I’m nothin’ compared to ye.”

“Don't you dare say that in front of me. If I’m fabulous, which I am of course, then you’re the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Caryave’s cheeks became redder than the ripest apple in her farm. Then she took the other woman in her arms with her trademark phrase. “Oh, come here ye.” Then she gave her a deep kiss. Even Leuthil was stunned at the beginning with the sudden intimate action, but she got a hold of herself and returned the kiss. After a while they broke the kiss to breathe. Each woman looked at the other with glowing eyes and red cheeks.

“So, how was yer day?” Caryave said as she lied on the grass beside her girlfriend.

“It was really the same. Finishing orders, modifying some returns. The work is slow these days. Which is a good thing really for I was dying for some time to rest.”

Applejack nodded. “Same here, after the cider season ended all we got to do is take care of the crops. It’s no so big a deal but takes a lot of attention and time. Especially in this burning hot weather. So, as we’re both need some time to relax a bit. Are ye free tonight? The Golden mug bar has reopened.”

“Really? I thought it was closed for good.”

“Nah, the owner has just come back a couple o’ days ago. So, whatcha think?”

“I would love to go. But there is something else I need to talk to you about.”

“What is it?”

“Yandera and Ithil both invited us on a night out at Gal Lenora.”

“A double date you mean?”

“Yes, simply put. So, what do you say?”

“I've never been to a double date before.”

“Oh, come on darling. It’s going to be fun and romantic. It’s not always we get the opportunity to let loose and go crazy.”

“Ah guess you're right. So when is it gonna be?”

“I still don't know. She told me that she would tell me when she hears from Ithil.”

“Okay, So what about tonight? When do I pick you up?”

“Come and pick me up at 9.”

“That’s great.”

“I must go now darling. I have some dresses to finish before the deadline. See you tonight.” She gave Caryave a deep kiss, and then proceeded to leave the farm back to her shop.

The next day was fairer than that oven-like heat of the previous day. The people of Thilal Asari woke up on the sweet cool summer breeze. The lands were bathing in the warm, pleasant rays of the sun. Thanking the gods that the roaring fire of the day before was finally over.

The library also had a very cheerful atmosphere. Spike woke up like he wanted to run and play in each and every part in Kemen. And he started with waking up Yandera by giving her a breathtaking hug, which didn’t leave much collateral damage, fortunately. Yandera also woke up feeling like she could take on whatever the day brings. She got up from the bed with swiftly, took a fast shower, went down to the main library room and dropped all the books on the floor and called out a re-shelving day. And Spike was, for the first time ever, more than happy to help.

Yandera was levitating at least twenty books when she was startled by a notification coming out from her cellphone, making her drop all the books either on her or Spike’s head. She managed to pull her head out of the book pile and summoned her cellphone to her while nursing her head to see who might have disturbed her in such a delicate and important time, and yes re-shelfing time was both an important and delicate process for the sorceress. However, the moment she saw that it was a message from her beloved Ithil she forgot about the pain in her head and jumped from the pile of books to read it with wide eyes and even a wider grin.

My lovely Yandera,

I'm writing this message to you and I have two feelings battling inside my heart. One of great pleasure and unbearable joy from the sight of your last correspondence, and the other of massive grief that I've caused you so much pain of not seeing you for so long. I wish now that I wasn't a princess. But that’s our circumstances and we must cope with it.

As for the request you put in your prior letter. I’m glad to tell you that everything has been planned and we’re ready for our night out. I booked the hotel and the restaurants and the set our destinations. I won’t tell you any details though I’ll tell you it’s going to be a great surprise for both you and our two little friends.

I’ll come to pick you up tonight at eight from Leuthil’s place. The dress code is formal so wear the fanciest and the sexiest dress you have, emphasis on the sexiest part. The same goes for our other two companions as well. I can't wait to see you all tonight.

With all the love in my heart and soul,

Your Ithi.

Yandera finished the letter and stood there motionless for some time. As if she was planning the whole night and visualizing each and every detail about it. Then she just burst out with a great yell of joy and sprinted away from the door of the library. But she was stopped in her tracks by Spike’s roar.

“Oh, right! I can’t leave the library in that mess.”

She used her magic to pile up the rest of the books in a corner in the library and went straight to Leuthil’s tailor shop. She didn’t know why but this time it seemed that the place had gotten further than usual. Like the land had expanded just to make her lose more time. Or maybe because she was too thoughtful about the time, it seemed that the time had expanded. Her mind automatically reviewed the theory of relativity and how time and space are two variables and that our state of mind is the thing that controls our judgment on time. The only thing that made her snap out of these scientific thoughts is her head clashing with the walls of her destination.

She lifted herself up with a hand on her head. Then she started knocking on the door. But no matter how hard she knocked there was no response from the other side. She thought that maybe the two lovebirds had spent some quality time together the night before and decided to continue the evening at Caryave’s place. She was just about to turn away when she saw the two girls heading towards her.

“Hey there, Yandera.” Caryave said in a cheerful mood.

“Hey Caryave, hey Leuthil, How is your day?”

“Not bad. The weather is good today.”

“Yeah, so where have you been?”

“Oh, we were at the barn.” Leuthil said with her cheeks going a little bit pink.

“The barn?” Yandera said, raising her eyebrows and trying not to imagine what they were doing in such a place and judging from Leuthil expression she guessed it was another one of their weird sex sessions.

“Well, it was requested by me.”Leuthil said. “Cary wanted to spend the night here. But I wanted to try something wild. I guess it was just the liquor talking.”

Yandera couldn’t help but to wonder with her mind, trying to imagine how was it. Pictures of the drunken girls started to sneak into her brain and, well, knowing her friends the rest of the film was just unpleasant. She just shook these thoughts off her head before her imagination would run any wilder.

“Anyways, I received a message from Ithil this morning. She says that everything is set and we’re ready to go. She will come to take us with her personal car tonight at eight.”

“Where will she take us?” Caryave asked.

“She didn't mention it. She said that she wanted to surprise us. But she gave a hint that it’s more than a single place that we have never been before. We’re even going to spend the night there and return the next morning. And she wants us wear the fanciest and the, ehm, sexiest dresses we possess.”

“So, let me sum this up.” Leuthil said. “It’s more than a fancy place that we've never been to before?”

“That’s exactly it. Though she refused to give me any detail concerning the program of the trip, but I'm sure that it will be a mind blowing experience for all of us.”

“So, what are we waiting for?” Leuthil said then she went and opened the door of her shop. “Come in. We have got a lot of work to do.”

The two other women followed suit, expecting the agony and the stress their friend will put them through in the next hours. However, they knew better than anyone else her capabilities and knowledge in the field of looking the best ever. She might even go as far as making both of them two new dresses just for the occasion. So they agreed, for the sake of a night that will never be forgotten, to keep up with that agony for the coming hours.

The moon came out greeting the lands with its full face appearing, giving a beautiful silver illumination that made the streets look like there were pearls spread all over them. The stars also came up to make the night even more cheerful. It was just another peaceful and wonderful night created by the gods. And the women wouldn’t be more thankful for it.

But the three mares didn't have time to admire this beautiful night just yet, as they were busy getting ready for this night and that surprise it was holding. Each woman was busy either adjusting their dresses, putting makeup on, or getting their hair done. But time started to run out of their hands as they started to finish their preparations to look the best.

It was only five minutes to go and Leuthil was still inside her room doing whatever she was doing. The other two were obviously getting impatient.

“Caryave,” Yandera said in a nervous way. “Could you please go up to Leuthil’s room and tell her that we have got only five minutes till Ithil is here?”

“Am sorry honey bee but ye know I can’t do that. Leuthil gets really mad if someone disturbs her while she is in her room alone.”

“UHHH, but we'll be late. And you know how precise Ithil is when it comes to her time.”

“Just be patient. We still have four minutes till she is here. I’m sure she will be finished by then.”

Yandera sat down with her eyes fixed on the clock on the wall. She was never used to being late or hurried because the lack of time, she was always on schedule and had spare time. She went on, counting the seconds and looking at the stairs every once in a while which made her more and more anxious. Finally, just a minute before the clock struck eight. Leuthil was getting down the stairs.

“Finally!” Yandera cried out.

“Leuth,” Caryave said, obviously stunned “You look amazing.”

“You look marvelous too sweetheart.” Leuthi said, then she turned to Twilight. “I'm so sorry for the delay but I was getting my hair done correctly.”

Rarity has just finished this word when the girls heard the sound of a car just stopping outside the door of the shop. Then the door opened and Ithil came in.

“Welcome my friends.” ithil said.

“Ithi,” Yandera cried and ran towards Ithil like a lost child who has just found his mom. Ithil was more than happy received her loer with open arms and gave her a sweet hug and an even sweeter kiss. When they broke the kiss Yandera started again, nearly crying. “I'm so glad you're here. I've missed you so much.”

“I missed you greatly too Yandera. I’m sorry for taking so long to come and see you.”

“It’s okay darling. The important thing is that we're together now.”

“Awww, how sweet is that.” Leuthil said with a smile. “You certainly could learn a thing or two from them.” A statement that earned nothing more than a grunt from the dwarf.

“Oh! Hello Caryave, Leuthil.” Ithil said as she broke the embrace with Yandera. “You both look outstanding tonight.”

“Thanks Ithil.” Caryave said. “So, where to?”

“Oh, I won't tell you just yet. Come now, we’re wasting fun time here.”

The four women went outside and into Luna’s royal wagon, which was a black and blue limousine that was enchanted to give it the ability to fly. Ithil gave the sign to the driver and the vehicle took off. In no time they were a long way from Thilal Asari. But the question now was where the wagon was heading. And despite the attempts from the three girls, especially Yandera, to know the place they were heading to, or even to get a hint about it. Ithil was determinate not to tell.

After some time and long quarrels between the three women the surprise was revealed. And it was truly a mind blowing experience for all of them. The wagon landed inside a city that they only heard about in books or from others who've been there before and seen only in the movies or on the internet. The city of lights, love and sins was right in front of them. They were finally in

The four women stepped out from the car. And they all felt astonished, excited and weird. But they all had this feeling that this night was going to have something not so light in store of them. They went slowly through the streets, feeling the breeze blowing through their hair. Their heads were turning around with amazement from what they’re seeing from the colorfully glowing signs and amazing structures of the casinos and restaurants.

They kept moving throughout the crowd until they reached a restaurant with a Higher Elven layout. It had a large wooden door with colorful glass vents. The sign was made of neon lights writing the words Nuit d’amour which is meant Love night in the higher tongue. They got in to see a place of a high sense of delicacy. Just as they came in a tall, muscular and handsome elf with a square chin and black, neatly done hair came greet them. He was wearing a black tuxedo with a handsome tie.

“Hello your highness and ladies. And welcome to Nuit d’amour.” said the elf, bowing gracefully.

“Greetings,” Ithil said. “Is my reservation ready?”

“Of course your highness,” The man affirmed her. “Everything is prepared as you’ve ordered. Please, follow me ladies.”

The four girls followed the elf to a big round table with four red chairs around it. There was golden cloth on the table. Each girl took her place around the table and starting looking at the menus.

“Wow Ithi,” Yandera said, wowed of course. “This place is really fascinating. I would have never expected that.”

“I got to strongly agree with her Ithil.” Yandera said. “The place is really luxurious.”

“And really expensive,” Caryave whispered to Leuthil. “I don’ think I can afford even a glass of water from here.”

Ithil giggled a bit upon hearing that. “Don’t worry about a thing Caryave. It’s going to be my treat, so order whatever you like.”

“Ithil that’s so generous of you.” Leuthil said. “But I think it’s way too generous to accept.”

“Oh, look who is talking.” Ithil said. “But this isn’t an offer. This is an order from your princess to accept this and not to worry about a thing.”

“And what if I refused to accept?” Caryave said.

“Then I’ll consider you as a rebel. And will make you rot in a dungeon.” Ithil said.

They all laughed except for Ithil. When they noticed that their laughter died and they looked at the princess in anticipation.

“Oh! I’m dead serious about that.” Ithil said with a deadpan expression. Then she laughed at their faces that was filled with horror. Making them laugh out loud again.

“But I’ve got to say Ithil.” Leuthil said. “I thought I would find something different here. But it’s no different from any place in Unyhneas.”

“This place is different from most places here in Gal Lenora.” Ithil said. “It has this classy layout so it can attract the aristocratic class members who want to have fun away from the eyes of the public.”

“So it’s as a place where the aristocrats do things that the rest of the aristocratic community think as uncouth?” Yandera said.

“Exactly.” Ithil said.

“But ah don’t see anythin’ suspicious around here.” Caryave said.

“And that’s what makes this place a perfect place for this purpose.” Ithil said.

“But sweetie,” Yandera said in a rather suspicious tone. “How did you know all of this information?”

“I have my resources. I mean, I am the head of the intelligence department.”

“Can you share with us the identity of that resource?” Leuthil said. “After all, we’re also part from the secret defenses of Kemen. And we might need that resource. For security purposes, of course.”

Luna giggled. “Actually, it was a friend of mine that works in the band here that was so kind to share that information with me. I’ll also get her here to tell you herself.”

“So, may I take your order ladies?” The man with the tuxedo came.

“I think I’ll take a chocolate milfe,” Leuthil said. “and a dry martini.”

“I’ll have a grilled steak with extra barbeque sauce,” Caryave said. “and a mug of strong cider.”

“I want a plate of steamed vegetables,” Ithil said. “And I’ll get a shot of vodka.”

“I’ll get the golden caramel tart and a glass of wine, please.” Luna said. “And please tell Miss Lindale that I want to see her.”

“Willingly.” Said the elf as he took a formal bow and walked away.

“I didn’t know that Lindale works here.” Leuthil said.

“What? You know her?” Ithil asked surprisingly.

“Yes, I met her when she was performing in Thilal Asari. And we became good friends ever since.”

“Oh yes,” Yandera said. “She came to me with Leuthil and took some books from the library about the classic music’s theories and a book about philosophy.”

“Yes, she is truly educated and highly classed woman, and I really enjoy speaking to her every time I come here.” Ithil said, confirming their description of the woman.

“But I must say I was astonished when I knew that she was coupled up with a DJ.” Leuthil said. “But after what happened to me I think I’m hardly the one to talk.” And she leaned softly on the shoulder of her love who received her with her arm around her shoulder.

“You say that like you dislike it.” Caryave said playfully.

“Not at all, I couldn’t be happier. You certainly beat any prince charming I know of.”

Leuthil’s comment earned a laughter from the group of girls. Then the waiter came with their orders and served them. Then as they went on eating their dinner slowly and quietly, the well-known musician approached the group with her trademark violin with her and went to greet the princess.

She was an elf of medium height. She had smoke grey, long hair, a fair skin, even for an elf, and a pair of grey, almost white eyes. A color that was only found in a single family of the higher race and Lindale was of the few left members who possessed that unique color.

“Your highness,” Lindale said. “I’m pleased that you’ve honored us by your presence.”

“Lindale, my friend,” Ithil said. “I’m pleased to see you as well.”

“The pleasure is all mine. Oh, hello Leuthil. It has been a while since I last heard from you.”

“Hey Lindale,” Leuthil said. “I’m sorry but I’ve been really busy lately. And I also didn’t know that you’ve moved to Gal Lenora.”

“I’ve been here only for a month or so. But I’ll be back in Thilal Asari soon. Oh, Miss Yandera, It’s great to see you too.”

“Likewise, Miss Lindale.” Yandera said.

“And you have to be Caryave,” Lindale said, drawing the attention of the dwarf immersed in the piece of steak in front of her. “I’ve heard about you a lot when I was in Thilal Asari. Your courage has been really remarkable. I’m honored to be introduced personally to you.”

“Ah thanks.” Caryave said with red cheek, not from the sauce, mind you. “It’s great to know in person too.”

“Why don’t you have a seat and join us?” Ithil said.

“Thank you your highness.” Lindale said as she grabbed a seat and sat with the table.

Ithil raised her hoof and called a waiter. The same man came back almost running and said. “How may I serve you your highness?”

“Please,” Ithil said. “See what Miss Lindale will have.”

“Oh, no need to your highness.”

“I can’t let you sit like that while the rest of us eat. What kind of a princess and a friend will that make me?”

“And I simply can’t think of showing your highness in a bad position. I’ll take some rice, fried vegetables and a glass of wine.”

“Of course,” The waiter said. “I’ll get them directly.”

“Thanks.” Lindale said to the waiter. Then she turned to her friends. “So, I hope I’m not being obtrusive. But are you here for a business related to The Kings of Kemen or just a casual hangout?”

“Neither this nor that actually,” Leuthil said “We’re on a romantic rendezvous.”

“So you’re on a double date. But I didn’t know you had a marefriend, Leuthil. Neither had I known from her highness.”

“Well,” Ithil said “It just wasn’t a proper occasion to mention it.”

“Also there has been a while that Ithil and I wanted to make it somehow confidential.” Yandera remarked.

“Oh I see. I congratulate all of you, of course. And Leuthhil, you were making fun of my relationship, weren’t you?”

“Well that was before I really got assured that love indeed is blind. And it can tie any two beings together regardless the details.”

“That’s true, and most importantly that you’re both happy.”

“We haven’t been happier.” Caryave said, swallowing a piece of meat down with a huge glup of her cider

“I’m really glad to hear that my friends are happy and feeling the love.”

“Thank you Lindale.” Ithil said. “How is it going between you and Lina?”

“Things are good. She is dropping the bass, as she terms it in their side of the industry, in a club nearby. She’ll have a break in a while and drop by to see me.”

“We hope we’ll be able to see her.” Yandera said. “I’ve heard a lot about her and her music. Even I got to admit that I’m not a big fan of that type of music.

“Hopefully you will.” Lindale said as the waiter came and served her food. She thanked the man and started eating.

“So Lindale,” Leuthil said “we were talking earlier that this place looks like a place that can be suited in Unyhneas more than here. But Princess Ithil said that this is just a cover for something more. Is that’s true?”

“Yes, what her highness said is absolutely true. This fancy restaurant is a mask to attract the capital’s aristocrats who wants to have some ‘fun’ privately. Of course, all the staff here have sworn confidentiality so you can only hear about it in the form of rumors between the higher classes.”

“And by fun you mean sexual intercourses and the associate things with it?” Yandera said.

“Exactly, some workers here are hired as ‘escorts’ for some money after their shifts are done. Some are even hired on regular bases. And that involves both men and women.”

“I see,” Leuthil said “and I don’t want to sound rude to you or anything. But did someone put the offer for you to be his or her companion for a night?”

“Why do you ask that question?”

“Well, you know so much about the situation. That’s of course aside with your beauty and class that would make a lot of people demand you.”

“As a matter of fact yes, there have been some offers made for me. But I didn’t accept any.”

“And why did ye refuse?” Caryave said. “Didn’t they pay ye properly?”

“Actually the offers were very generous. But I refused because I feel it’s a disgrace for me to sell myself for the pleasure of others. Also I love Lina and I can’t imagine myself in anyone’s arms other than hers.”

“That’s some great principles you have Lindale.” Ithil said.

“Well, a woman must have her honor to preserve.”

The group went on eating and chatting in various topics. Then a short elf with short electric blue hair came and put her arms around Lindale and planted a kiss on the violinist’s cheek. On first glance, you might not make her for a woman. With her pair of black shades put on almost all the time, the hoodies, the shoes and the slightly baggy jeans she always wear. But that makes her no less beautiful. In fact, it adds to it with her vigor demeanor and electric presence, both on the stage and around others.

“How is the best violinist in all of Kemen doing?” Lina said.

“Lina, you scared me half to death.”

Hey, I’m sorry. But you gotta relax more hun, and you didn’t answer my question.”

“I’m fine sweetie. How was your performance?”

“The stage was on fire girl, I made the audience in the club go wild. It was one of my best shows girl, hands down.”

“That’s nice. But why don’t you say hi to our friends.”

“Oh I’m sorry. I” Lina said. Then she froze when she saw Ithil. She looked as there’s a grim reaper in front of her. She gathered herself and said. “I’m really, really, really sorry your highness for not greeting you earlier.”

“Calm down Lina. It’s okay. You look like it’s like it’s the first time to talk to me. We’ve been playing together online for a long time now. We’ve even been together yesterday.”

“Yes your highness. But seeing in real life is different.”

“No need to fear. I’m still the same enthusiastic gamer that you see online, without the guns and the armor of course. Which I blast you with every night.”

“Of course your highness, of course.” said as she tried to gather herself. The laughter of the group made her more nervous even. But she composed herself and smiled at the rest of the group.

“So, these are Yandera, Leuthil and Carave.” Lindale said. “You sure have seen them before in the news or online as they’re members of The Kings of Kemen.”

“Oh, hey everybody. It’s nice to see you all in person.”

The rest greeted her as well. Then Yandera started. “Now I remember you. You were the DJ in my brother’s wedding.”

“Oh right. You’re Prince Kiri’s little sister, right?”

“Yes I am.”

“It’s really nice to see you again. I really wanted to stick around more but I have to go again for my second conduction.”

“But we really want to talk to you more.” Leuthil said.

“Well, why don’t you come to the club? I’ll go make some noise, you have some fun and we’ll hang out after the show.”

“That sounds like a nice idea.” Yadera said.

“So come on. What are we waitin’ for?” Caryave said.

The girls left their places after paying for their meals and followed Lina out of the restaurant to a new world. Where they’ll see what the famous verse of “It’s a sin not to commit a sin in the city of sins” really means. Where the real spirit of the city truly reveals itself.

The sky was really clear at that time of the night. The stars shone brightly, the moon was full, everything was beautiful and extremely prefect. Yandera was taken away from her friends by the outstanding view and kept gazing at some familiar constellations. She continued glancing to the sky and stopped moving. She entirely forgot her friends and the people accompanying her and got lost in the magical sight in front of her. But she was drawn back to the earth by a soft touch and even softer and sweeter call Ithil.

“You seem to really like the view tonight.” Ithil said with a smile.

“Huh! Yeah, it’s been a while since I saw the sky so clearly.”

Ithil looked at the sky again and pointed at a certain blank spot in the vast darkness. “See this point love?”

“Yes, what about it?”

“It looks like a great place to write something for you. You know, for old time’s sake?”

“Nonononono, y-you really don’t have to do that.” Yandera said with a bright red face.

Luna giggled and smiled at her lover. “I was just teasing you a bit darling. You shouldn’t take everything seriously.”

“You shouldn’t do that often as well.”

“Do what?”

“Tease me.”

Ithil burst out laughing. “I’m sorry. But you just look so adorable when you’re teased.”

“Well, I can look adorable in less offending ways as well.” Yandera said in a serious tone, or at least acting serious. But she couldn’t suppress a little giggle that escaped her mouth.

There was a pause of silence between the two lovers. They took the chance to swim in each other’s eyes for a bit. Their eyes widened, sparking softly in the moonbeam. They couldn’t help but to come closer to each other. And eventually they locked their lips in a short, yet very affectionate kiss.

After breaking the kiss Yandera looked to the sky with a sad look in her eyes. She let out a sigh with a depressing tone in it then she started again. “But looking at this sight brought back memories of the days that we used to stargaze together. And it made me realize that we hadn’t done it for a long time. It made me realize that we have been apart for a long time. I’m just-“

Her statement was cut with some small sound of crying. She tried to hide it but it was too late. Ithil stood there with tears formed at the corner of her eye for a while. Then she wrapped her arms around Twilight in a soft embrace.

“It’s okay Yandera, I’m here now right next to you. And I’ll be forever next to you. Even if I get busy sometimes. You’re never absent from my heart and mind. And I told you before that we’ll always be together. I can assure you that.”

When Ithil felt the tension in Yandera’s shoulders easen she eased the embrace a little and looked into the mage’s eyes and continued. “For now we should enjoy the beautiful night and the fact that we’re right next to each other. We’ll just have fun now. Leave the future problems for the future. For I’m sure that together we’ll find a way.”


“Daww, that was so romantic.”

The two girls were brought back from their little world. They both turned their heads to the source of the sound. And they saw Leuthil standing there, blushing a little bit from revealing her existence to the couple.

“I’m terribly sorry.” Leuthil said. “I really didn’t mean to say that out loud. Please forgive my innocent and stupid interruption.”

“It’s okay Leuthil.” Yandera said. “I think that I’m the one who should apologize for keeping you waiting.”

“Oh, it’s not a big deal. ’s performance won’t start for an hour, so we still have plenty of time.”

“I think we better resume walking if we don’t want to be late.”Lthil said as she started moving along, followed by Yandera, who ran a little to catch up with her and walk beside her. She made sure that she was as close to her as she could get as if she was assuring herself that Ithil is really and truly with her and that she wouldn’t disappear.


“Yes Yandera.”

“Please promise me that you’ll always be with me.”

Ithil looked Yandera in the eye, then collected every emotion she have for that little woman and conveyed them in two little words. “I promise.”

“I really love you Ithil.”

“And I love you too Yandera.”

The couples kept walking for about fifteen minutes. Then they reached a big, wild looking nightclub. Its sign was formed of big blue neon lamps. The name of the club was “Lightning Dragon”. There were, as the cliché goes, two big, bulky and bald guys, probably a human and a dwarf, standing on both sides of the big glass gate, wearing tight jeans, black shirts and sunglasses.

They opened the gates and stepped into the night club and were nearly blast away with the energy packed inside the place. Everybody was having fun either tearing the dance floor or drinking and laughing with friends. The techno music was all over the place, adding to the energy of the place with its enthusiastic and wild beats.

They settled themselves down at one of the tables. The place was quite appealing for Princess Ithil and Caryave, but Yandera and Leuthil seemed a little restless, like they weren’t able to fit in with the place. Yandera tried her best not to show it so she wouldn’t ruin the cheerful mood again.

“What’s wrong Leu?” Caryave said. “You seem down honey bee.”

“Oh, nothing darling,” Leuthil said as casual as possible. “I’m just not used to such loud music.”

“Well, the music is a little loud.” Ithil said. “But it’s something predictable for a place with such energy.”

“I guess that you’re right P- ah.. Ithil.” Leuthil said with a little hesitation, which made the whole group laugh.

“I- I’m sorry. But I still can’t get used to referring to you with just your bare name.”

“Well, Caryave has been doing this effortlessly.”

“Well, ye said that we’re friends. And ah know that friends don’ have titles amongst their ranks.”

“You’re extremely right. I hope that you deliver that idea to your lover.”

That comment made them share a good laugh again. But they were interrupted by the coming of Lina.

“Sup guys.” The D.J said, still pumped up with energy. “Glad you took my offer.”

“Lina, hey.” Yandera said.

“I hope you’re enjoying your time.”

“We are having a wonderful time. Thank you for your concern.” Leuthil said.

“Well, that’s good. Now get comfortable, and brace yourselves because you’re about to be blown away.”

“Why, is there a bomb in the place?” Leuthil said sarcastically.

“Hell yeah girl there is, a bomb of awesome wubs about to get blown.”

“Oh, ehm-“ Leuthil said with a red face. “sure, as you say it.”

They all just burst out laughing.

“Ya look so adorable when yer clumsy.”

“I’m not clumsy. I’m just not used to the idioms they use here.”

They continued laughing until a guy tapped Lina on her shoulder and whispered something in her ears. “Sorry you guys. Gotta go and light up the stage. Oh, and as a gift from yours truly, all the drinks are on the house.”

And before they had the opportunity to thank her properly she was on the stage and started her performance. And she was right, the moment she started spinning the dancing floor was set on fire. She was more than amazing. And there were a couple of hip-hop dancing wars between local dancing crews. The atmosphere was, at the least to be said, electrified.

The four girls agreed that the best way to show their gratitude for the little gift given to them by the D.J is to take it. But they took it a bit too far. And soon enough the girls were on a space ship travelling with the speed of light towards a little planet called “drunk as fuck”.

No sooner and the liquor was evidently shown on their complete loss of control. Starting from Caryave was doing a seductive dance on the table they were sitting on, which was now full of empty glasses. To the utter incident that the same dwarf wanted to have sex with Leuthil in the middle of the dancing floor. But fortunately there were escorted to outside the club by two guards before they could do anything they would both regret. But that all was children’s play compared to what happened when someone pushed the buttons of the drunken princess of the moon.

The misfortunate incident started when a playful drunk guy went towards the girls’ table and started talking to Yandera.

“Hey there beautiful.” The guy said.

“A- are you talking to me?” Yandera responded, apparently drunk enough to be careless and uncomprehending to the consequences of this chat.

“Yes, how about you join me in my private room? I’ll give you some candy.”

At this point Ithil started to act. But of course she was too drunk to act in a decent or a diplomatic way. So she went with the straightest way her mind could process in such state.

“What do you want from her, asshole? She’s with me.” Ithil said in a way that would make any sober man to flee for his life. But of course the only sober individual there was the bartender.

“Back off bitch, or do you want to be fucked with her? If so be my guest.” The guy said that with great confidence, not registering that the ‘bitch’ was princess Ithil.

However, after just seconds he wished that his mouth has been locked with a spell before he could even start saying those words as Ithil had completely lost it because of the insult, and the fact that she was completely drunk. The princess of the moon started glowing; her eyes became brighter than the brightest spotlight in the club. She grabbed the now shaking to death guy with her magic. And she levitated a knife and pointed it to his chest. And what made it worse is that she started using the elder tongue.


The voice of Ithil made Yandera snap out of her condition. She started to act immediately trying to save her lover from committing a crime.

“Ithil, honey. Please put down the knife, and let’s leave before something bad happens.”

Ithil looked at Yandera as if she was some sort of a peasant, not her lover. Her light head allowed the old spirit of evil inside her to take over. Making her forget every emotion the emotion she had except for one, anger. So the next phrase was unexpected to come from the princess to the one that she loved dearly.


Yandera stood there in complete shock, unable to believe that the sweet princess she loved could say something so dreadful to her. However she already knew that she wasn’t herself so she started to slowly approach her in an attempt to calm her rage down.

“Ithil, I’m begging you, don’t do so-“ And before she completed her sentence she was tossed away with a huge blow from the princess’s arm. The hit was so strong that it made Yandera hit the wall, cracking it, then fell violently on the ground.

Yandera remained on the floor for some time. She wasn’t hurt from the smack or the fall, she was in far worse physical conditions. But she couldn’t imagine that Ithil, out of all people, would ever hit her. The mare that protected her in her dreams became her worst living nightmare. She started crying hysterically and ran away from the club.

That sight made the princess become aware of what she had done. She became aware of what was happening to her. Her worst fear had happened. She hurt the woman that she loved most dearly.

“YANDERA, WAIT.” She called, dropped the stallion and the knife and she teleported herself after her girlfriend. But it was too late, Ynadera was nowhere to be found. She kept running but she didn’t see there was a sports car rushing in high speed towards her. Before she could react the car hit her violently that she was tossed away on the street and, being lightheaded by the liquor, fainted on the spot.

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