The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 10


I wake up and am deliciously sore as I remember how last night ended. I still feel Damien’s cock in me as I slowly tilt my hips to slip him out, my body humming at the loss of his warmth in me. I turn over and see Damien still asleep, his arm draped over my waist. I try to slide out of bed to grab breakfast, but he awakens, gripping tighter. “Baby, I just want to go downstairs and get some breakfast”

He smiles at me and my heart feels like it’s going to go out of my chest. He kisses me as I scoot out to put a robe on me as I head down to grab something to eat and remember everything that happened yesterday. If Damien can think up a plan for us as incredible as he fucks...I think to myself and smirk.

I make some scrambled eggs and crispy bacon with toast, enough for two. I decide to bring up the food to Damien so we can eat together since he’s being lazy and not getting out of bed.

I come up the stairs and open the door to see him shirtless and wet out of the shower with a towel hanging low on his hip. He slowly turns around while I basically drool all over myself. Damn he looks good. He smirks at me knowingly, playfully tugging at the towel.

I move to the table to set the food down as I go over to him.

“Ugh Damien. I really want to. But I would never get enough of you and we really need to think of a plan on how to get my mama back”

He smiles at me, kissing the top of my forward, “Ok Princess,” he looks at me and smiles.

I clearly look extremely sexually frustrated and he knows it. Before Damien, I don’t even remember the last time I had sex. I was so focused on my corporate job after college and after a few loser human boyfriends, I started focusing elsewhere.

“You know,” I decide to leave him just as frustrated as I am. “You’re the first werewolf I’ve ever had sex with”.

His jaw almost drops the floor as he takes in what I just said. “What?”

“Well….I’ve only had human boyfriends before you, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I left the pack when I was young so I never really got the big Mate talk” I look up at him sheepishly.

He comes in fast kissing me, his hands slowly traveling down to my breath before I gently push him off, trying to catch my breath. “Damien, I promise, after we speak with my father, you can show me how you really feel about the news”.

His hands glide lower and he sneaks them quickly into my panties, feeling how wet they are.

“Princess. You.are.soaked. I’m barely holding on. But tonight, I’m fucking your brains out”

I blush at his directiveness and I open my mouth to say something, but here Mara downstairs.

“Lovebirds, are you guys awake? Let’s go kick some ass!”

I giggle to myself as Damien pulls his hands away while I whimper, licking them clean before diving into breakfast.

I call Mara up so we can finish eating in the room and then all 3 of us head to my father’s office.

Alexei is already there along with Damien’s Beta and Gamma, Nate and Mike.

“OK so what do you know Lyss?” My father asks.

“Not much. I was taken by 2 of his goons yesterday and he said mama left to go with him which I know isn’t true papa! He knows that I know he lied, but he wouldn’t give anymore details. He just said to find who you picked as your successor and kill him and that he has eyes on the pack. I don’t know who is working for him, and frankly don’t even know how he plans on getting in touch with me. He never even gave me a phone, or a contact. So I’m assuming he’s been stalking me and knows where to find me by myself.”

“I would guess the office, since that’s where you were taken before” states Beta Nate

“Agreed” says Damien. Clearly annoyed at remembering what happened yesterday. “Lyssa, you will take one of my men with you at all times when you go to work. He will keep an eye on you. Have your phone at all times and at least a gun or something in case things get out of hand. I’ll have a few extra pack members come in and start installing surveillance around your office building. You are not to leave the premises on your own.”

I nod, knowing full well that he’s right and I’m in danger. No point in being stubborn. I know I can defend myself, but I can’t take down a wolfpack and my uncle if they all come for me at once. I need to be smart about it.

“Ok Damien. I won’t leave without one of your men. What next?”


“I know you wanted to work from the pack, but we need to keep things as normal as possible. I don’t know your uncle’s connections here, but clearly he is more comfortable reaching out to you in the office so you go there and do your daily routine while my men are in and around the building. We wait for your uncle to make the next move”

I’m nervous. I don’t like the plan of her going by herself, but I know Lyssa is one hell of a fighter and can take down men twice her size if she has to, but I’m still anxious that I can’t go with her to the office or her uncle will know”

“Princess, you’ll head to your work office tomorrow at your usual hour and my men will follow behind. You will announce them when you leave here and when you leave work and have men in front of you and behind you. Currently, I have 5 men with me. Nate, I trust you with my life and now I trust you with Lyssa’s. You’ll be in the car in the back. Take the 3 warriors. I’ll send for more of my men in the meantime and I’ll have Mike with me if I need anything.”

I notice her father look in my direction with a sense of confusion. I realize my slip-up ’Princess’. Shit. I didn’t know if Lyssa wanted it announced so I look at her apologetically. She looks at me and smiles, letting me know she’s okay with it.

“Papa..” she says. Her father looks at her and smiles, already knowing where this is going.

“My love..” he tells her. He looks at me and comes to shake my hand, “Welcome to the family Alpha Damien”

I shake his hand and nod my head. “Alpha Vladimir. I will protect your daughter with my life”

He lets go of my hand and goes to his daughter. “Love, we will celebrate you finding your mate soon. But first, let’s get your mama back and keep you safe” as he kisses her forward.

“Princess, when you leave for work tomorrow, I’ll call my men to escort you to the office building. I trust them with my life to keep you safe. While I’m here, we will find your pack snitch”

She leans in and kisses me to acknowledge she’s ok with the plan. I breathe to calm myself down before I look to Nate.


“I will keep her safe. You have my word Alpha.”

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