The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 11


The meeting is dismissed and we all head out. Alpha Vladimir stays at the office with Nate, Mike, and Alexei to work out the details while Mara heads back to her cabin to relax and I take Lyssa’s hand and head back to the cabin. It’s late morning, we still have all day until work tomorrow and I plan on relaxing before I have to face tomorrow with Lyssa leaving me for work.

I pull her hand up to my mouth and kiss her, smiling at her. She looks up and I smirk at her.


“Yes Princess?”

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Princess, don’t you remember where we left off?” I laugh while I scoop her up bridal style and carry her to the cabin as she squeals. I kick open the door and run up to the bedroom.

We head over to my room and throw her on the bed. “Now about me being the only werewolf inside you”

She blushes and bites her lip as she looks up as I’m already tossing my shirt off and ripping her clothes in the process, leaving her in nothing, but her bra and underwear.

“Well, well...not only am I your first wolf, but your only Alpha” I growl as my hands slowly travel to her breasts, pulling them out of her bra. I bend down and suck one of her nipples in my mouth, my hand squeezing the other as her breath starts to speed up.

Damien…” She rolls my name in her mouth as her eyes roll towards the back of her head.

My mouth moves lower as she’s squirming on the bed. “Stay still Princess or so help the Goddess I will tie you to the bed and have my way with you”

She tries to still, but I can tell she’s having a difficult time as I chuckle. My mouth lowers onto her belly button as I kiss my way down to her warm core. Her panties are soaked. I smell her arousal as my own cock stirs to life. I shift them to the side as I lick her clit in one long movement. Her hips buck off the bed threatening to push me off, but my hands keep her waist plastered to the bed.

I tease her with my mouth as she’s whimpering. I slowly use one of my hands to open her up to me as my tongue moves inside her, feeling her wetness drip all over my tongue.

“Damien. Fuck!” She yells as I eye her, telling her to be quiet. My mouth is torturous on her. Licking, sucking, slightly biting her outer lips. I feel her pulse quicken under me as I know she’s close. I nip her upper bud and quickly insert three fingers at once into her clit, not waiting for her to adjust to me as I push into her fast while I’m sucking.

Her hands go to my hair as she pulls, bucking her hips into my face like a wild animal while I continue my thrusts into her pussy. I curl my fingers inside her and hit her spot as she reaches her climax, squeezing my head and hand in her thighs as her breathing becomes labored.

I shift up to her and place my whole body across hers. I reach down between her legs and rip her panties off, leaving her bra on underneath her breasts.

I take my hardened cock and move it up and down her pussy to coat it in her cum.

“I need..a minute” she breathes out.

“Not a chance Princess. You’re wet and I know you can take me” I position my cock at her entrance and push at once while her hips lift to meet my thrusts. She tries to bring her hands to my chest, but I lift them off of me and hold her hands above her head as I growl at her.

I need this. I have no time to have her enjoy it. I need this for my peace of mind. I thrust into her, having my way with her. I slowly pull until I’m almost out before going in balls deep. We set a rhythm and when I feel she’s close, I bite her neck where I will later mark her.

She screams while I quickly cover her lips with mine, feeling her squeeze my cock like a vice while I’m still deep inside her, feeling myself come in her. I wait for her to calm down before I slowly ease out of her wet, dripping pussy.

“Fuck. I didn’t use a condom Princess”

Her eyes glaze over, “Pill. I’m on it” she barely breathes out.

I relax over her, looking at my bite mark on her neck as my fingers go and caress it.

“After this is settled Princess, I look forward to marking you here to show the world you are mine.”

She looks up at me, a little nervous at the thought of a permanent mate since it’s still so new to her, but her sexual bliss is taking over her worries as her head hits the pillow.

I give her a kiss as I lift up to carry her to the bathtub.

“Princess, the day is young. I want to explore the grounds with you more”

She’s exhausted, but I know a warm bath will ease her muscles and her aches.

I wait for the tub to fill up with water while I hold her in my arms. I set her in as I inch behind her, nestling her between my legs as I wash her head to toe, taking extra care between her sore folds.

“Fuck Damien” she hisses at me while I slowly pry her pussy to clean her, rubbing my fingers lightly inside.

“Yes Princess?”

“That was unfucking believable”.

I smirk at her. “I was a little rough with you. I’m sorry. My nerves got the best of me. I wasn’t expecting you to be so tight still. Next time I’ll take my time with you”

She looks up at me, blushing under my gaze. “I, um…it’s been awhile for me” as she bites her lip.

I look up at her, not saying anything. She takes my silence as a message to continue…

“You’re the first person I’ve had sex with in 2 years”. Her face is bright red.

I smile at her, I don’t give a fuck if I’m her first or not. But to know I’m her last, and that she’s waited so long to have sex with someone else tells me that she’s careful with who she gives her body to. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me feel like one proud Alpha.

I look down at her, pulling her face towards me as I kiss her. “Princess…” as my hands travel down her body. I know she’s sore still so we won’t go for round 2 of the day.

I take her out and dry her off with a towel before I dry myself and tell her to get changed. After she puts her clothes on, she comes to me and feels my cock over my jeans, “Next time, baby, I’ll show your cock how grateful I am for its services today”. She winks at me as she leaves with me another hard-on for the day.

Fuck. She’s messed with all the plans I had for this pack merger. But I’d be an idiot if I don’t admit how much of a lucky bastard I am to have found her.

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