The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 12


After spending an amazing morning with Damien and the rest of the day finalizing the details of the plan on how to deal with my uncle, it’s now Monday and time to face my demons at work. I hope Victor reaches out today and gets this over with. I think as I’m still lying in bed next to a warm Damien. I want to at least get some sort of communication or contact with him to ease my nerves. I don’t like waiting around and not knowing when or who he will send.

I get ready while Damien makes the call to have Nate and his 3 best warriors come and accompany me to the office. I get in my car, feeling at ease with 4 men around me, but still nervous because I don’t know what to expect. I park my car and head to my office. People are bustling around like usual for a Monday, but I quickly walk through the hall, go to my desk and shut the door.

I look at the table and notice a cell phone there with a message next to it. “My number is saved inside. But I will call you. V.”

I look around, but notice anything suspicious and I don’t want to say anything to any of the guys just yet in case the place is bugged. I figure I’ll use my other phone to shoot a text or something to Damien while I’m in the bathroom.

I try to focus my attention at work. But it’s so hard knowing that my mother is now alive and somewhere with Victor.

I fumble with the phone. Fuck it. I shoot a text. “How is mama?”

I hit send before I can regret it. I try to continue my work, but then the phone vibrates. I look down, there is a picture of my mom. She looks happy. I am confused. I know she hates Victor as much as anyone and I know she never would have gone with him willingly. But I am grateful she doesn’t look to be abused. I leave it as is and focus. I decide to not mention it to my father.

His health has been much better. I ended up speaking to Damien about potentially having one of his pack doctors take a look at him. My father is so old school. Only trusting Russian medical herbs, but we’ve advanced so much. He refuses to go to human doctors, but I know Damien’s doctors are well-trained in both wolf and human services so I’m sure a fresh pair of eyes would do him good.

My father already told Damien even if he’s on his own feet, he won’t back out on the pact to take the pack back. He knows he’s no longer as strong as he was.

Damien was ready to give the pack back, but he understood my father’s request and it made sense. It still pains me I won’t be leading it as an Alpha, but I warm up to the fact that I could be Luna.

Luna. Wow. Would Damien want to mark me? I think to myself. We haven’t talked about marking each other. With so much going on with my papa and mama, I didn’t even think to bring it up. But the next full moon is in a few weeks and my heat will be a weakness to me if Damien doesn’t mark me before then.

I pull out my phone to make a note to talk to him about it, blushing at the idea of bringing up something so intimate with him.

I focus on the work ahead until I hear my other phone vibrate.

“I need a name by tonight. -V”

Fuck. Well he doesn’t dilly dally. I respond back quickly “I’ll have it by then”

Ugh. At this point, I still have a few hours left of the work day so I buckle down and concentrate to get shit done. I’ve worked too hard here to let all of it fall to shit now.

Once 5pm reaches, I quickly grab my things, sending a final email to my boss as I head to the car. I noticed 2 of Damien’s warriors who were in the office follow me subtly out and I see Nate waking in another car near mine as I head over.

I get to the car and drive back to the packhouse, calling Damien and letting him know to get the others ready for an update.


It’s been all day and I finally hear from Lyssa to get everyone ready. I knew she was okay because my men kept me posted, but I was still nervous to not see her for so long.

She arrives and points to the phone. She drops it off in the car and locks it there so it doesn’t record anything. Even if her uncle tracks her, he knows where the pack is located so it doesn’t do much to shut it off except raise his suspicions.

We walk into the office and she tells us about the phone, about the name.

Alexei speaks up “I don’t think we should give Damien’s name. He will have a target on his back”

Lyssa looks at him, “But we need another Alpha. Where are we going to find someone? And I don’t want to put random pack leaders at risk for us”

I think about a plan, and come up with an idea. “I know someone. He’s been my childhood friend for years, an Alpha in his own right. He’s a bit crazy, loves a good fight. I’m sure if we can give him something in return that’s worth his while, he’ll do it. I trust him. He’s been with me ever since we were pups. He’s just...well let’s say he’s materialistic and since he hasn’t found his mate, he loves splurging on pretty things to get girls” I laugh as I roll my eyes thinking I just said that out loud.

“Perfect. I’m sure some Russian jewels shall do. Every girl loves a little glitter and gold” Alpha Vladimir speaks up.

We finalize some of the plans in the office, with me promising to bring Alpha Max in on the plan and to start bringing in a bigger group of my pack here to start the merger process and have more of my men keep an eye on Lyssa.

It’s late so we head back to the room. I grab Lyssa’s hand as I lower my face into her neck to kiss her, “Now Princess. I’d take you upstairs to fuck you senseless, but since I can tell you’re still sore by your little whimpering when you sit, and your promise to thank my cock properly, I think we can make other arrangements for tonight”.

I hold the door open as she enters our cabin, anticipating my reward like the little pup that she’s turned me into.

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