The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 13


I step into the cabin, pulling Lyssa and quickly lifting her up bridal-style and rush up to the bedroom.

“Damien”, She looks at me hungrily as she pulls by already-hardening cock out of my pants and starts working her lips and hands on me.

“Fuck Lyss” I hiss at her. “That feels so good” I moan as she takes the head slowly in her mouth, her tongue swirling, as she then suddenly pushes her whole mouth on me.

I know I’m big and can’t fit into her entirely - but still, as I look down, I get even harder, if that’s even possible, seeing her on her knees, taking me in. She uses her hands to cover the rest of the surface to the base and starts working her magic.

I start to pump into her, trying to control my emotions, but when her hands sneak to my ass and grab them, I can’t help but involuntarily push myself into her even harder as I feel myself reaching the back of her throat.

“Fuck, Lyss, I’m sorry” as I try to pull back, but she holds me in her as she continues sucking until I feel myself spill into her mouth.

“That was incredible” I tell her, as her face starts to pinken at her current state. I lift her off the floor, slowly wiping her mouth with my thumb before I kiss her.

I pick her up and set her on the bed to continue our fun, but she quickly stands up and holds me steady.

“Victor!” She yells in horror.

“What about him?”

“I need to text him the name”

She hops off the bed after I chase after her, noticing she’s going to the car to get the phone he gave her.

I take my phone out of my pocket and call Alpha Max, hoping he picks up, and thank the Moon Goddess he does.

I tell him our plan as Lyssa comes back next to me with phone in hand.

“So Max..what do you say?” Lyssa quickly takes the phone from me.

“Hi Alpha Max, it’s Lyssa. I’m so sorry to put you in this position and please don’t feel like you have to do this for me there is really no obligat---”

“I’ll do it.” Max says. I’m smiling, knowing that Max would do this for me. We’ve been close for so long. I was just like him before I met Lyssa, well minus some of the materialism. But before my mate, I was all about fun and doing whatever I could to make my status known.

I take the phone slowly from her hands, putting it on speaker, as Max continues, “Lyss. It will be a pleasure to finally meet the woman who has put Damien here on his knees” He smirks, while I grab her hand and kiss it.

“Max, shut the fuck up. Let’s see when you get a mate” I smirk back.

“But seriously” Max continues “It’s really no problem Lyssa. Damien told me your predicament with your mom...I’ll be on my way with the best men”.

As we hang up, Lyssa takes her other phone out and texts her uncle, “Alpha Max of the Red Moon Pack”.

We wait. Victor replies almost immediately. “Good girl.”

She quickly texts him again, “He’s coming here in a few days to check out our pack grounds. I’ll let you know more details, but have your men ready. And Victor - be ready to bring Mama to me and have me be your right-hand or the deal is off”

“Done. Details to follow. Talk soon little one”


I am so stressed out. I look over and see mister Alpha Damien still smirking from his earlier good time.

“Damien…” I moan at him. He leans over and kisses me.

“Lyssa. The Moon Goddess works in mysterious ways, my love. I came into this pack thinking I’d be taking it over, expanding my men, and being introduced to a few extra women” he winks at me as I growl.

“And yet, I show up, to have all of those things and an incredibly sexy, powerful mate. We are powerful. Your uncle hasn’t led a pack in years. We will be prepared.”

I can’t help, but feel nervous as Damien tries to rub my shoulders gently.

“You’ll keep the same routine, go to work, go to your BJJ class..and let me and your father take care of the rest with Max”

He has a point. I’ve missed fighting. I know it will provide me the release that I need and keep me in shape. My uncle has always had a complete disregard for women and it would bring joy to my face to see that I would be the one to help him kneel. But with that, I need power. I need to continue my training.

“Ok love”

Damien smiles at me, and then I see a frowned expression on his face.

“You said you’re on the pill right?”

“Yes…” I respond back, a bit confused.

“We need to go to the pack doctor tomorrow”

“Why?” I ask Damien.

“Because we need to figure out how that works since you’ve been living with humans so long and what impacts that will have on your heat.”

My mouth drops open. I completely forgot about that. I always thought around your 18th birthday you get your heat and your mate would be able to recognize you. But since I ran from the pack at such a young age and distanced myself - something must have broken off that wolf connection.

I nod my head at him to acknowledge, but speaking of our wolves, I also remembered Damien’s first question to me and smile.


He looks up at me --

“Remember when you asked me about my shifting?” I smirk at him. “Well, the night is young love, want me to finally answer your question?”

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