The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 14


Shit, with everything going on, I completely forgot about Lyssa’s heat. I think to myself. She’s been in the human world for so long, I have no idea how she will act. And she’s on the pill and I don’t know how her body will handle her meeting her mate. But we need to get this resolved and be prepared. I cannot imagine fighting Victor and his men off if her heat calls to me. We’d both be incredibly weakened in that state with no other desire than to rip each other’s clothes off and complete the mate bond and I don’t know if she’s ready for that...can she even handle that?

As my thoughts trail, Lyssa looks up at me, “Remember when you asked me about my shifting?” and she smirks.

My mouth drops. I realized I asked her when she still thought I was an ass, and she never responded.

Before I complete my thought, she runs outside of the cabin and into a nearby forest as she starts to strip. I growl at the thought of another man seeing her naked as I shift without even bother to remove clothes - shredding everything in the process.

I hear her shifting as she’s already ahead of me in the woods, her scent stronger than ever.

I start to run quickly after her, but I don’t see her. I then remember the lake up ahead. I smile at the memories we had there as I make a run for it.

I get to the lake and I see her form on the edge and I’m taken back. Her wolf is beautiful. She has white-to-light-gray fur all over her, a bit darker around her body, with some white fluff around her neck like a collar and some white on the top of her head, above her beautiful ice-blue eyes. Her wolf is so different from her colors in human form which is odd. Usually our wolves match our human color, but hers is a complete contrast.

I tilt at her, trying to communicate through our mindlink so she opens up to me. “You are beautiful Luna. How do you look like that?”

She smiles, “Volki leaders are part of the rare bloodlines whose colors are similar to mine even if their human form is darker. My papa matches my coloring, except he’s a bit darker gray being a male. Although I remember my mama saying she’s never seen one with my white detailing on the fur before”.

I nudge closer to her, rubbing my nose on hers and feel her warmth on my body as I nip her ear playfully. She growls back as I jump on her, pushing my paw on her side, tipping her over.

She tries to nip at me, but I push my chest forward and step on her a bit more forcefully. While in human form I would let her be more of my equal, my wolf cannot help demanding her submission to her Alpha.

I look at her eyes and am happy she understands that my wolf is in control, as she playfully submits to me. But as soon as she does, letting my wolf know he’s Alpha, she jumps back up, putting her paw on my chest, cocking her head. My wolf smiles. She’s showing her dominance as female, as my Luna.

I slowly put my head down to acknowledge and respect her before we pull back.

I look at her and realize that I am in love with her. There is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for her and as much as I have avoided a more serious female by my side, I am overwhelmed with pride to see I have one as strong as she is. She is a true Luna.


As I run through the forest, I go towards the lake, my blood warming thinking about our first time here.

I stop along the edge and see as he comes towards me like a predator. His wolf is mouth-watering. A rich black color, so dark, it shimmers as if it’s blue under the moonlight. His eyes are bright green, matching his human form. He has one diamond-shaped white spot on his chest. He is beautiful.

He eyes my own wolf and I know he’s taken aback by my coloring. Most of my friends were when I was little and first shifted. I explain to him that Alphas and Lunas of Volkis share this coloring, no matter their human shading.

He looks at me for a bit, studying me, and I see a flicker of emotion on his face for a brief moment that catches my eye and my heart, but I try to quickly brush it away. I still don’t know if it’s just the mate bond playing tricks, or if he likes me or not.

Before I think into it further, I mindlink him, “Your coloring is beautiful too you know. Your fur looks dark blue in the moonlight. And your white on the front is a beautiful detail I’ve never seen on Alphas before”

His wolf tilts his head at me, “As far as I know, mine isn’t a bloodline thing. I’m the only one in my family with this fur. My parents don’t know why I was the black sheep” I giggle at his response.

“So, are you still worried about my abilities to shift, Alpha?” I smirk at him.

He looks at me before leaping onto me, making me yelp, pushing me once again on the ground with his paws pushing into my chest as he licks the side of my face, his teeth grazing my neck slowly as my own wolf whimpers.

“Not yet my love”.

As he steps back, I run back to the cabin, hearing him following me in close pursuit. I quickly shift into my human form as I reach where my clothes are and hear him close by, growling as he quickly shifts and grabs me bridal style in his arms.

“What are you doing?” I breathe at him.

“I will kill any man who sees you naked right now. I’m taking you back and you pick up your clothes tomorrow”.

I sigh, leaning my head into his chest, too tired to respond as we walk in.

He sets me down and looks as if he has another question. “Yes?” I ask him

“Have you trained in your wolf?” He looks at me. I know he is asking for protection, but I can’t help my embarrassment. While he and I both know my human form is stronger than most in this pack, it’s no secret my wolf training is subpar to say the least given where I’ve been living.

My cheeks turn pink, “No… I tried to train my human body as much as I could, but leaving the pack so early, my wolf hasn’t been trained properly. And well...this pack doesn’t even train their women wolves so I didn’t think anything of it..” I bite my lip as Damien walks close to me, pulling my lip out of my teeth as he kisses me.

“Sleep Princess. Tomorrow we will train your wolf. With your human form’s practice, and your wolf trained by me, you will be unstoppable”.

My eyes smile at him before I feel fatigue seeping through my bonds as Damien carries me to the bedroom and sets me on the bed. He soon slips in behind me and as I feel his warmth engulf me, I fall into a deep sleep.

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