The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 15


I wake up, slowly trying to get out of bed so as not to disturb Lyssa, but fail. As soon as I move, she immediately feels the lack of my body heat and her eyes slowly start to open as she’s reaching for me, so I still. I smile to myself remembering her wolf form. She is so beautiful. And to think I assumed she couldn’t shift, I grumble to myself.

I wait until she’s fallen asleep again before I slowly ease my way off the bed to take a quick shower and get food. First thing’s first, I have to take Lyssa to the pack doctor to sort out her heat and find out more about her wolf form. Then she needs to train in her wolf form while her father and I prepare for Alpha Max’s arrival.

In the midst of all of this - she will call her uncle Victor and slowly let him in on what she’s "discovered". We have the advantage that he doesn’t know she’s always been somewhat close to the pack and that she’s made a somewhat of a full return behind the scenes.

I head downstairs and make some breakfast for myself which I quickly eat before cooking for Lyssa and bring it upstairs.

I slowly ease onto the bed, kissing her to wake her up before her eyes light up. I lift her gently, “Princess. Time to wake up. I have breakfast ready so eat up, take a shower, get dressed, and we’ll head to the pack hospital first before we get you situated on training while your father and I prepare for Alpha Max’s arrival.”

She groans, but wakes and starts eating, “Oh my God Damien the pancakes are so tasty. So buttery...and the coffee…” she moans as I already harden hearing her.

“Lyss if you don’t control that pretty mouth of yours we won’t get through any of our plans today” I growl at her.

She turns up and smiles at me sheepishly while I kiss her on the forehead as I mentally take note of the things we have to do today before she finishes up, showers, and gets ready.

We both head to the doctor who is aware of Lyssa’s absence and her predicament. She makes me leave the room as she examines Lyssa to make sure everything is okay before I’m allowed back in to discuss the situation.

The doctor turns to speak, “So Lyssa. The great news is that your wolf and your reproductive system are all in working order even if you haven’t shifted as much as we would have liked. The bad news is….that your heat will be more painful than usual due to the fact that your wolf hasn’t really had a chance to stretch her limbs out both in her day-to-day and in her sexual way”.

I hear Lyssa groan, but smirk at her, letting her know that I’m always available to change that, but she playfully smacks me away while she prepares to ask a few more questions.

“Umm, what about..pregnancy? Not saying I want pups now, or that I don’t want pups now, we haven’t spoken about it, I just want….”

I grab her hand and kiss it gently to ease her nerves, reassuring her that I know we haven’t discussed and I’m ok with whatever question she asks before she continues.

“...I just want to know what is and what is not possible given my circumstances and what can be done to control..timing. And all that” she breathes out.

The doctor smiles before responding, “I am aware you are on human birth control which will work to prevent pregnancies when you are not in your heat and of course condoms are always another solution. The pill will not work during your heat so you will need a more physical form of protection. I will be prescribing some stronger pain medication which will hopefully assist with some of the pain, but the mating will be the best way to ease you through this. Do you have any other questions?”

I look at Lyssa to see how she is taking the news, rubbing her hand gently to calm her emotions. She slowly shakes her head no and takes the pain medication. I turn to ask the doctor one last question, “When will her heat be?”

The doctor ponders before looking up, “In about 3 weeks or so given when you both met, and that is also during the next full moon...given that tidbit of information Alpha, I’d suggest you both either complete the mating by marking or through rejection. If neither is completed, Lyssa's heat during the full moon will severely incapacitate the both of you and you will both be at your weakest”

I turn, thank her for her time, and grab Lyssa to head out before panic sets into her as I can already feel her shaking at the new information.

“Princess. Relax. We have time to work this out and plan. I’m taking you to the training center to keep your mind busy and we will discuss this in greater detail tonight” I kiss her forehead as I lead her out.


I take in all the doctor’s information and my head is spinning. Three weeks to commit to Damien. I know I could never reject him, but I don’t want to rush him in case he has other plans. He could easily want a mate who has been in this world, is more prepared for it, and understands the customs. I’m a foreigner in my own land. I certainly don’t want to pressure this man to give up his entire life’s work for me.

I take Damien’s hand as he leads me to the training center, assuring myself that I will discuss this with him later.

I head to see that Damien’s Beta, Nate, is setting up the training center and there are a few other men in the circle.

Damien steps forward to bring Nate in before he speaks, “Nate, Lyssa is pretty trained in her human already. You can start with that to measure how much of a fighter she is before you build out her program. But, I want you to focus on her wolf form. She has never fought that way before and I need her ready in case anything happens. You’re the best fighter we have.

I see Nate nod at him before he turns to me. “Don’t take it easy on me Nate. I’m a black belt BBJ fighter so there will be no pity in either of my forms.” He smiles at me as I look up to Damien and give him a quick kiss before he heads out to my father’s office to discuss strategic planning. I had already sent Victor a text to let him know I’ll be snooping around, but to give me a few days to get a better grip on the plan to which he has agreed. I’m sure he’s also being so trusting of me given the traitor or traitors he has around here.

I let the ideas out of my head, ready to focus on training as Nate comes in and we start to fight in human form.

I can immediately see why he’s Damien's right-hand man. He is fast, powerful, and he shows no mercy. I take hits as much as I give them, landing him on the floor a few times to his surprise as I smirk. He landed in a few good punches as well since I taste my own blood and know I’ll have a few bruises on my face and ribcage.

After we go at it and I feel exhausted. He steps back, “Shift.”

“Nate, I’m tired, and my wolf isn’t ready”

“Lyssa. I need you to shift. I need to test your wolf when you’re tired to see what you know at your weakest. We don’t have time to go about this any other way, unfortunately.”

I groan as I shift while he steps back from me to admire my coloring. I know under any other circumstance, I would take the time to explain the question I already see forming so I mindlink him quickly, “The coloring, it’s a Volki leadership thing. I’ll explain after training”

He nods at me before he shifts as well and we begin the fight.

It’s clear I’m severely weak in this form. I can’t even give him a scratch while he has already gotten in a few bite marks, scratches, as he pushes me on the ground and makes me submit numerous times. This goes on for ages until he stops and I see him shift back in human. I’m too tired so I lay on the ground a bit before I hear his voice “Lyssa, you need to shift back to heal”

I groan and shift so slowly as I’m wincing in pain. Before he can take some clothes to me, I hear one of the loudest growls I’ve ever heard and turn to see Damien, with anger clearly on his face as he yells to Nate, “What the fuck did you do to her?”

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