The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 16


I finish up the most planning we can do with Alpha Vladimir until Alpha Max gets here in a few days so we can finalize some details and make sure he agrees to everything and maybe add a few thoughts himself.

I decide to walk to the training center to see how Lyssa is doing when I see her in human form on the floor covered in cuts, bites, and bruises all over her body while she lays still and I feel anger rising through my body as I growl enough to force the entire pack within my distance bow their heads in auto-submission to me.

What the fuck did you do to her?” I yell at Nate as I move towards him, grabbing him by the neck.

I look at Lyssa, her eyes barely staying open as she turns to speak to me, “Damien it’s alright. I’m just tired. My wolf form -- it’s very weak. I can’t fight at all. Nate needs to get me up to speed. I told him to not take it easy on me. I need this.” She says, barely above a whisper as she gets the last sentence out.

I try to still my breathing as I lower Nate to the ground. I look at him, “Speak”

Nate stands a bit taller before talking, “Alpha Damien, with all due respect. Luna needs severe practice in her wolf form. This is for her protection, you know that. And if you look, her wounds are only superficial. You know I would never hurt her”

I’m angry, realizing I still have a hold on Nate before I remove my hand.

He continues, “However, you are right. In human form, I have nothing to teach her. She’s a beast” he chuckles, as I notice he’s licking at a cut on his lip before I realize he also has some bruising on his face and torso.

As my eyes look at him, he looks back to answer my unspoken question, “Yes this is her doing in her human form. But her wolf...we need to get it up to speed. Which we will” He insists when he sees my worried expression.

I look down at Lyssa who is still on the floor, as I block her naked form and tell everyone to leave as I grab her clothes and help her put them on.

She hisses as I move one of her arms and realize the bruising on her rib cage and her face.

“Princess what the fuck. I brought you here to train, not to damage yourself further!”

“Damien, I need to learn. Nate’s right. We were equals in this form, but in my wolf, I couldn’t even get a scratch in. If I have to fight, I would die without his training. I need this.”

I tremble in anger as I pick her off the ground and take her to the cabin and lay her on the bed as I run a warm bath for her.

I slowly pick up her body as I ease her into the warm water. I hiss at her when I fully get a look at all her cuts and bruising on her body along with bite marks.

She grabs my hand and slowly rubs it before pleading in my eyes to not be so worried.

“Move forward” I say, as I take my clothes off and step in behind her. “And don’t get any ideas. I’m not touching you given the state of your body right now”

I feel her shoulders slouch as she mumbles moreso to herself but I hear it, “Great. Didn’t think I’d get two punishments today” as I chuckle at her.

“Serves you right” I respond, “pulling a stunt like that”.

I wash her gently all over, massaging her back before I pull her out of the tub and put creams and ointments over every surface that has an injury before I rest her on the bed.

“So, as I sit here for a bit to catch my breath, mind telling me what you and my father have planned already?”


After Damien saw my body in the bath, I need to get him distracted to talk about the plan or I know he will lose his head seeing me like this.

Damien starts discussing what he has in store for us and how they plan on using Alpha Max as a distraction for my uncle. I pray it will all go to plan and I pray I get the chance to see my mother and ask her how she’s been held captive for almost 2 years with Victor. Did he drug her? Did he keep her imprisoned? I think to myself. Because there is no way in hell she stayed with him willingly, that’s for damn sure, no matter what lies Victor tells me about their relationship.

I tell Damien to meet with Mara and Alexei so they can go and greet the rest of Damien’s pack members who were sent to join us and make everyone feel at home while I let myself rest on the bed for a bit to start my healing process.

I know I look rough so I can’t force myself to do anything right now because I know I need to be back up and running tomorrow.

After Damien leaves, I take my laptop and begin my search on my dear old uncle. As much as wolf packs love using their physical strengths to take down their enemies, I’ve learned from my time in the human world that intelligence is just as important, is least expected from opponents, is less messy, and sometimes far faster at resolving issues before they start.

My first step is doing some digging on Victor. He may have been separated from his pack once my father took control, but even he couldn’t be off-grid forever.

I discover he owns a few companies in his name, has acquired some vast properties, but he also has a bit of a record in the human world for illegal activities - mostly for fight clubs in the human world that lead in death.

I start to take notes on where these companies are located, where he owns land, where he owns the clubs..information that I could use to send spies on him. If he can use his men on me to keep an eye on my whereabouts, I can surely return the favor just as quickly.

I do as much research as I can, organizing everything I’ve collected, from addresses, to pictures of him and his last location, his records, anything into an email that I send to my father. I tell him to discuss with Damien and for both packs to send their most trusted spies to start familiarizing ourselves with Victor’s day-to-day.

After I finish, I put my laptop away, I call Damien through the mindlink to bring someone to send me food since I don’t want to risk injury. Any other day I would have gotten my ass out of this bed and cooked myself, but I need to make sure I’m ready to train again tomorrow so I’m not taking any chances just because of stubbornness or pride.

After I finish up, I feel sleep tugging me so I let myself fall into darkness, knowing I need to heal and be refreshed for another day of training tomorrow.

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