The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 17


It’s been a few days now of Lyssa being stubborn as always and continuing training with Nate, even though it kills me to see her body so bruised up every night. But Nate keeps me up-to-date on her progress and I feel a sense of pride when he tells me that she’s learning at a much more rapid pace than expected given her lack of experience in her fighting form with her wolf.

I rush out of the door to get Alpha Max who was picked up last night by my men from the airport. He brought some of his best warriors with him and I could not thank him enough for being a willing participant in this.

We all head to Alpha Vladimir’s office as Lyssa shares what she’s been up to in her search to find out more about her uncle and it’s frankly brilliant. He knows so much about Lyssa’s pack, but none of them seem to know much about what he’s been doing all this time. I agree to send one of my men along with one of Max’s to spy on Victor since we can’t send anyone from Lyssa’s given that we don’t know who the traitor is in her pack.

We take the next several weeks to prepare and finalize the details as the spies have been bringing in very valuable information on Victor’s whereabouts. Lyssa has been texting him sporadic updates on how Alpha Max will “take over” her pack in attempts to have him focus on the wrong guy while also continuing her training with Nate.

Our plan is to have a “ceremony” in about 2 weeks-time where Alpha Vladimir will officially end his throne and hand it over to Alpha Max, at which point we would expect Victor to step in and attack. Lyssa texted her uncle about the “event” and told him to have his men ready to attack, providing him with location and time when the exchange of the throne is set to take place.

I’ve also sent for one of my best female warriors to join us who is set to arrive today. Kyda was a rogue whom my pack took in, only to discover she was the daughter of an Alpha. She lost her parents at a young age and most of her pack when they were attacked by rogues and she fled. One of my men found her at the border and the moment I smelled her, I knew she had strong blood in her and took her in for training. Her fighting skills became impeccable and she quickly came up the ranks to be one of my most trusted fighters and advisors. She reminded me so much of Lyssa that I thought she would be the perfect person to bring along and protect both my mate and her friend Mara if anything goes south.

I also want her to pretend to be Alpha Max’s mate at the ceremony. She will be a key strength to us given Victor’s arrogance towards women fighters. He will be very much surprised if he gets close enough to Max, to see Kyda ready to kill by his side.

I walk towards Kyda who has now arrived with Nate who picked her up at the airport and introduce her to Lyssa, Mara, and Alexei and I can see the girls instantly hit it off with her as well walk towards Alpha Vladimir’s office to introduce her and a few other female warriors to the group.

As I enter, I call Alpha Max forward and direct him towards Kyda when he abruptly looks up and takes in a sharp breath.

I quickly turn to Kyda, whose eyes are also staring widely at him and her mouth is slightly open.

Confused, I look around before asking, “Is something wrong? Do you guys know each other?”

After a brief pause, I hear Mara’s voice in the background, “Oh my God! I know that look! You guys are really mates aren’t you??” as she starts to giggle.

I stare back at Kyda before I see her slightly bush and realize that Mara is right.

“Well Max. Guess I’m quite the matchmaker and there is no pretending in this afterall” I smirk, while I notice Alpha Max turn slightly pale. I laugh to myself, knowing Max was probably the only guy that could match me in my playboy ways before I met Lyssa. “Payback’s a bitch Maxy. That’s for laughing at me being whipped by Lyssa. Can’t wait to see you deal with my girl Kyda” I mindlink him and catch the slight annoyance in his eyes as he looks at me.

I see Max step forward, quickly masking his surprise as he bows slightly to Kyda and grabs her hand, “Pleasure meeting you Kyda. Damien has spoken incredible things about you. I look forward to our ceremony” He winks at her while I can already tell Kyda will put him in his place so fast that I barely hold in laughter.

We catch everyone up on the plan before I hear Lyssa speak up, “Alright boys. Planning is over. We have two weeks left so plenty of time to iron out the details, but now, it’s been weeks and I want to unwind and have everyone relax and get to know each other better outside of this whole ordeal. I want to have some fun tonight”


After so much planning, I decide to stop the rest of the meeting and have some fun.

“Ok everyone. I want to host a party. It will be the perfect way to help everyone unwind after everything and help us get to know each other on a personal level as well as show you all how appreciative we are for all of your help. Papa, bring your best cooks and caterers forward and let’s show our guests what a true Russian party experience is like” I smile at my father.

When I was little, my pack used to throw the most amazing parties. Being Russian, everything was over the top for us, the jewelry, the clothes, the food, everything. Given the last minute notice, we won’t be able to throw an actual ball, but we can still use one of the buildings we’d use for balls to host tonight’s party.

“Boys, take Alexei and go get yourselves something nice to wear. Alexei, use Papa’s card for all the purchases please. I’m taking the girls shopping for clothes tonight. We don’t have time to decorate for a ball, but I still want you all to be dressed well for tonight. Hurry up! We have about 6 hours to prepare!”

I lead the girls out while I watch Alexei take the boys. I make a quick stop to one of the girls I know is in charge with party preparations and give her the details to help arrange the building for tonight as well as spread the message to the rest of my pack about the party. Since Damien’s entire pack isn’t here yet as movement has been bit by bit to smoothen the transition, we’ll be throwing another big get-together afterwards, but for now, I still want to throw something together to help everyone relax with everything that’s been going on.

I grab the girls and head to the store to pick out dresses. I grab a long form-fitting black dress with silver detailing along the chest and enough of a cut to show some cleavage, but not too much given that the dress is backless. Mara buys a beautiful pink dress with a sweetheart neckline, long veil at the bottom, with a slit on the side that goes about half-way up the thigh, which looks incredibly sexy, especially with her baby bump slightly peeking through.

“Now you my darling” I state, as I turn to Kyda. You need to look fabulous for your mate.

She turns to me, a bit unsure. “What is it?” I ask her.

“Lyssa. You are too kind. But I’ve been a fighter my whole life. Not that I’m a tomboy. I like my hair, makeup, nails done, but I’ve never been this formally dressed up. And frankly, Alpha Max has a bit of a reputation. He’s a playboy. Him and..”

I smile at her, “Yes I know all about him and Damien back in the data don’t you worry” I say, winking at her” But trust me, I saw Alpha Max look at you. There is no way the guy isn’t interested. I want his jaw to drop when he sees you.

I look at the dresses and find a perfect red one. It is tight around the waist, with silver detailing as if there is a belt there, strapless, that goes a bit wider as you get to the ground with a very high slit that goes almost to the waist. I ask her to try it on as both me and Mara gush about this about this being the perfect dress.

“Kyda, you look gorgeous. You may be a fighter, but damn girl, you look hot!

I buy all the dresses and we all head back to the packhouse to prepare for tonight.

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