The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 20


I wake up the next morning and see Lyssa is still sleeping next to me, totally knocked out from last night’s adventure. I smile, looking at her beautiful form and I feel so incredibly lucky to have found her. She feels me stir as she nuzzles her head into my neck, her warmth covering my body.

“Morning sunshine” I tell her, as I feel her start to shift, awaking from her slumber.

“Mmm” is all she can get out as I chuckle, taking in her beautiful face.

Last night was incredible. I never would have imagined a moment like this was waiting for me when I received the call from Alpha Vladimir to take over his pack, but I am incredibly thankful to the Moon Goddess that I was blessed with my Princess. Strong-willed, stubborn, independent, I smile knowing that she hasn’t fully left the wolf world and allowed me to enter her life so suddenly.

I lean in to kiss her cheek as she now opens her eyes, gazing longingly at me. Her face gets a little warm thinking about last night’s activities. I lift her face and kiss her lips, hearing a moan escape her.

“Princess…” I look down at her and see her love for me shining through her eyes with a depth that I cannot even begin to describe, which only makes my heart beat faster.

“Love...thank you for your patience with me” she tells me. I look up, a bit confused, as she continues. “I know I at first. And you probably weren’t expecting a mate that basically abandoned her own kind for humans..”

I lift her face and kiss her lips, interrupting her thoughts, before I look down at her, “Princess, you were made for me. Your challenging behavior only egged my Alpha wolf on, and even if I found you living among humans, I’d pull you back here just to have a taste” I wink at her.

She snuggles up to me for another hour before either of us actually get out of bed and start to get ready for the day and for the reality that awaits us.


After spending the most incredible heart-felt moments with Damien last night, I finally am starting to feel at ease knowing that I am with someone who loves me so much, who accepts who I am, and who is not trying to change me or belittle me as a shewolf. My heart is bursting with how lucky I am to have met my soulmate.

After staying in bed for another hour, relishing each other’s touch and presence, Damien and I finally get ready to meet with everyone and catch up Alpha Max and Kyda on the plan and their roles in it.

We have about a week and a half left and we run though everything a thousand times to make sure the details are in place. I’ve managed to sneak a picture of Alpha Max to send to Victor so he has a “target”. I request my papa send his best men along Max as well as Damien. For Max to take on this risk for my mate, his courage cannot be minimized and I want him safe. I know how much he means to my Alpha, and because of that, I want to ensure his protection as much as I can.

As soon as we’re all dressed, I head to my papa’s office and see Max, Mara, Alexei, Nate, and Kyda around the table along with a few of Damien’s, Max’s, and my own pack warriors whom my father trusts.

We lay out the groundwork for the ceremony. The rest of the pack has been alerted, but they have not been given details on which Alpha will take over and are aware that I am here only to witness the transition.

I’ve texted Victor the “plan” and gave him a broad, but incorrect number of warriors to be in attendance as well as which entrance into the pack grounds he should take that will be left “unprotected”. However, I decide to be a bit bold and direct my questioning about my mama while I’m in the office.

“Victor. My mama. I think I’ve proven enough loyalty to you. I want some answers now before we move forward.”

I wait a bit before he responds, “What do you know already little one?”

I hesitate, looking at my papa for him to nod before I type out my side of the story, “Well, I know almost two years ago she was in an accident. Her car was burned and a police officer returned her ring to us”.

I wait before he sends me another text, “Ah yes. The human did his job well for a bit of payment. Truth was, she was in a car accident. But one of my members happen to stumble on her body. Since my brother’s scent was familiar to my own, he thought she belonged with me and brought her here. You can imagine my surprise when I saw who it was.”

I read the text out loud to my father, in shock of what he just heard. I quickly type back, “and she hasn’t asked for us in two years?!”

I wait. No response. I get aggravated and when I’m about to text back, I see he’s calling me. I respond and put it on speaker.

“Victor” I breathe out.

“Little one.” He responds. Before answering my text in a call, “Your mother lost her memory for a good year. I promise you I have treated her well. As much as I was angry with Vlad for his stupidity, I was and am truly fond of your mother. I simply reminded her of her history with a bit of a twist and swapped myself in for Vlad. She’s been wonderful around here. Too bad her memory started returning a few short months ago I’m afraid. Once she sees you, I think it will all flood back. I’ll admit, the leverage has proven useful”

I stare back, feeling vomit rise up thinking he’s been using my mother as a pseudo-wife.

“You touched my mother? Your sister-in-law! If she faces the same fate as your mate did Victor I will kill you before this plan even takes off” I barely contain my breathing as Damien mindlinks me, “Remember the plan Princess..”

But I see red. I want blood. Before I’m stopped, I blurt out into the phone, “Victor. I think it’s time for a change of plans. You want to lead this pack? You take down Alpha Max and you go through me. I think it’s high time I return to lead my own people and I’ll admit, I can’t give up the opportunity to see your face when a pussy puts you in your place” I hiss out before Damien can grab the phone.

I hear Victor chuckle before I continue. “Oh come on Victor. Bring mama and let’s play. If you think I can’t handle you - then this shouldn’t be a big change on the plan from your side no? Take out Max and come for me. Unless of course…” I let the implication of my words sit.

“OK little one. I’ll accept this slight change in the plans. But know when I come for you, it’s a battle of death. You will have no place by my side when you lose.”

I smile into the phone as I respond back, “Oh Victor. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Bring mama. And don’t undercut me. Unless you’re afraid to battle a woman, you keep things above the board”

“You’ve got a deal little one,” he says, before I hear the click.

I turn to see Damien and Max red with fury at what I’ve done as Damien speaks, “Lyssa, what are you thinking? He was supposed to target Max! Now I have to put protection on your back too!” He’s aggravated, running a hand through his hair.

But I know what I’ve done and I know I’ll be ready. I turn to him and eye my papa as well before I speak, “I will kill him papa. And Damien can still lead this pack given the agreement, but it’s high time I show the men in this family to stop fucking with me”

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