The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 21


It’s been a little over a week since our last meeting in Alpha Vladimir’s room when Lyssa challenged Victor and I’m still fuming at her behavior, but I know she needs this and I know if I try to stop her, I’ll effectively be treating her like her father and be pushing her away from me and this pack. So instead of making the same mistake he did, I plan on preparing her. Her training with Nate is doubled, the plan gone over again and again. The ceremony is set to start tomorrow and I want everything to happen without any mistakes.

As I head to check up on her training, I see Alpha Vladimir walk towards me.

“Alpha.” I acknowledge.

“Alpha Damien. I want to speak with you about tomorrow. I want you to intervene on behalf of my Lyssa for the fight. I know it’s a lot to ask, but she cannot go against my brother.”

I pause, looking at him. I know he loves his daughter, but I also know that sometimes love is blind.

“Alpha Vladimir, with all due respect, you know I cannot substitute a fight unless all parties are in agreement according to pack laws. You know how much I love Lyssa and I would like nothing more than to take her place, but I also know the main reason she left this pack was exactly because this type of behavior. She is your daughter, and I know you love her, but if you continue to underestimate her, that will be the last of your relationship with her.” I pause, looking at him, before I continue, “Alpha Vladimir, have you ever even seen your daughter fight?”

He pauses, before he shakes his head no. I motion for him to follow me to the training grounds. I know Lyssa will be there with Nate and I want him to watch. We turn the corner and I raise my hand up, motioning for him to stop as we can look from afar.

I see her and Nate fighting, both switching between wolf and human form, practicing rapid transition in case it’s needed for the fight.

After the grueling work Lyssa has put in, they are fighting like equals. Beta Nate has been one of my best fighters, but Lyssa has Alpha Volki in her blood and it shows. There is not a step Nate takes that Lyssa does not anticipate, a punch he doesn’t throw, that isn’t ready to block.

I look at her father and see him staring in awe, unbelieving, before I start walking toward them, calling them to stop.

I see Lyssa look at me, a bit pissed that I’ve stopped the fight, but I ignore it. I take my shirt off, motioning for Nate to step out while I step in.

She looks at me perplexed.

“Princess. I think it’s time you show me some moves” I wink at her. She looks at me, measuring my stance, knowing I’m serious before she charges.

Her hits, punches, dodges, are incredible. I’m using almost my entire strength to keep up with her. I meet her match for match until I step away from her and shift into my wolf, watching her do the same as we go at each other. My wolf swells with pride seeing how far she’s come in this form.

After minutes of the battle, I see her start to weaken. I know I have an unfair advantage given I’m well-rested and she’s been fighting with my Beta all morning. She would be a worthy opponent and worthy Alpha that’s for sure. I am barely stronger than her at this point, but I push her down with my paw and use my Alpha command on her, “Lyssa, enough!” as I notice her struggling to submit, I gently rub my head into hers while I mindlink her, “Princess. Stop. I am not taking this as a win and this is not a loss for you. I simply wanted to show your father how far you’ve come.”

She immediately stops her assault, submitting to me, while I quickly shift to human and take her clothes to her, covering her with my body as she gets dressed. I look to where I left Vladimir and see him walking towards us with awe in his eyes.

“Lyssa, love…”

I look down to see Lyssa looking at him, trying to anticipate his reaction before she sees her own father bend his head down towards her as a sign of respect. She gasps as she pulls away from him.


I smile at her, kissing her forehead as I turn to Vladimir. “Alpha, your daughter is worthy. And make no mistake, this battle was not a win for me. I had to demand she stop to bring her attention to you” I smile at her before I look at Vladimir.

Vladimir continues, “Lyssa...I am.. So sorry for ever doubting you”

I feel her body slug, but nevertheless she goes to her father to give him a warm embrace. He continues, “I still fear for you and Victor. But I must admit, I am remorseful for losing all this time together because of my stupidity”

I see Lyssa’s shock plaster on her face before she steps back, fully accepting his sign of respect and returns it with her own nod.

I look at them both, before speaking “The past in the past. But Alpha Vladimir, for the sake of your pack and for Lyssa’s state of mind, never underestimate her. I made that mistake once already” I smile as I take her hand into my own.


I am in shock that my father witnessed my fight and moreso when he bent his head to me. I have never seen my father respect a female that way in my life. I turn to Damien as he holds my hand, nod to my father and Nate, before I pull him towards the woods. I need a moment to just take this all in.

As I walk, I pause, standing on my tiptoes to kiss Damein and pour all my love into him.

“Damien my love, how will I ever repay you for this…”

I bring my hands to his face, pulling him in to deepen the kiss. This man has not only accepted me for who I am, but made my father see me for who I truly was, a feat that I have never been able to do this entire time.

He hugs me into a deep embrace while we continue towards the back where the lake is before we take a seat next to it.

I’m still sweating from the fight, my breathing is heavy, but I still sense doubt cloud my mind. Damien feels this through the mindlink so he grabs me before lowering his head to me “Lyssa, me, Max, Kyda, and both our betas will all be there tomorrow. We will kill him if we have to. I know you challenged him and make no mistake, I will let you fight him because you deserve to, and because I know you will win. But you are not in this alone. If he even so much as steps out of line, cheats, or even dabbles into any gray area of the rules, I will slit his throat and I will have no mercy in taking away that kill from you if I have to.”

I look up to kiss him once more, letting him know I am in agreement. Afterall, I would do the exact same thing for my love - my Alpha.

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