The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 23


I attack my uncle in human form as he takes a moment to internalize what I just said. The amount of training I’ve had places me at a strong advantage and I can tell from my uncle’s shocked expression that he was not intending a fight with me to last this long.

Punch after punch, I feel bones in his face, his ribcage, give out while I continue my assaults with the memory of my bleeding father in my head. I push him to the ground, remembering my BJJ training as I straddle him with my legs and grab him by the throat, squeezing his airways.

I look down at his body squirming underneath mine and I smirk. I know my kind isn’t used to fighting in human form as much as wolf form, and he especially didn’t think he would have such difficulty fighting a woman. I fear his anger radiating off of him as he struggles to knock my hands out of the way and release him. He uses his body to push me off of him and before I regain control, he uses the small distance between us to shift into his wolf.

I stare at him and start to laugh in his face, before I shout at him, knowing he will understand. “Now now uncle Victor. Human form couldn’t put this bitch in her place? You are weak. You do not deserve the title of Alpha or a chance to lead this pack.”

I know my words have hit him, his teeth are snarling in my direction before he charges at me. I jump to him, shifting mid-air as I grasp into his neck, shaking my head furiously to rip apart as much muscle as I can when I feel a clamp on my leg.

Had to cheat in a fight with a woman? You pussy. I snarl back, not letting him know that one of his warriors has caused some severe damage to one of my legs. Before I can turn to fight him off, I see Kyda jump and grab my attacker by the neck, instantly biting down his neck and killing him. I mindlink her a quick thank you before I turn back to Victor, but my moment of hesitation left an opening for him so he goes for my throat. I see Damien running towards me while I mindlink him “Stay put. Not yet”. I sense his unease before I growl. Feeling him back away, I see him move back towards the sidelines with most of Victor’s men lying dead around him.

I turn back to Victor and bite one of his paws before he tries to claw at me, but I’m too late, he swipes a strong blow to my abdomen, causing me to bleed. I swipe back, tearing into his chest, blow for blow. I look up at him and I can see the unease in his eyes at the smell of his own blood before quickly flickering to anger, knowing it was I who made him smell it.

I take this opportunity to taunt him, “Dear uncle Victor. How does it feel to have a bitch draw your blood? To know that you cannot hold your own when fighting a female? And you thought my father would hand over this pack to you”

I know my words cut him deep and he growls at me while I smirk with pride. I know I have more than proven myself to him, but it won’t matter. I won’t stop until I kill him for what he did with my mother. I look at him, and in that moment, he knows my wrath has no end. No matter if he walks away now, he knows I will chase him until the end of time until I feel his heart stop beating.

Sensing my fury and knowing he needs an upper hand, I see him turn, noticing he is looking towards Damien. “Now little one. The game isn’t over yet.” He finally speaks to me as he runs off. Before I can process what is happening, he starts to run towards my mate and I realize what his next move is.

I howl in pain and warning as I chase after Victor, but I am slowing down; I feel my vision getting blurry from all the blood. I push my wolf, fear gripping me as I might be too late before I see Alexei’s body flash before my eyes and slam into Victor, knocking him on the ground.

Before Victor pounces and lifts his paw to swipe at Alexei, I jump in front, blocking the hit as I take another claw mark to my side. My wolf is whimpering at the onslaught. I lay down feeling blood seep around me as I howl. I see Victor coming over me, his eyes gleaming with hatred, but pride. He thinks it’s done.

My wolf smiles at him and as he moves his head to sink into me, I shift into my human form underneath him and punch my fist into his broken ribcage, feeling my hand slide into his flesh from an earlier claw mark I made before I feel his teeth sink into my neck as I let out an agonizing scream.

I feel the world black out around me as I feel blood pouring out of my body. My eyes start to close before I hear Damien’s mindlink, “Princess! What have you done!”

A/N I am so appreciative of all the incredible commentary I've gotten lately! Sorry this is a short chapter - but I'll have another one up this Friday!

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