The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 24


I get to the scene, ready to rip out Victor’s throat before he causes more damage, but he is slumped on Lyssa’s body. I shift to human form and lift his wolf off her, noticing she has pulled his heart out. I feel an incredible sense of pride in my mate. She killed him. And she did it in her human form, a rarity I have not seen before.

I look at her as there is blood all over her body and as I lift her, I brush my lips to hers and rush her to the pack hospital. I mindlink the rest of the pack to clean up the mess and to check on her parents as I want to be left alone with her.

I push through the doors, the doctors already alerted while I set her on the table.

Her human body is all bruised and battered. There is so much blood I can barely look, but I still feel her beating heart.

The doctor who was advising Lyssa on her heat steps forward. She looks at me, “Alpha Damien, have you marked her? Have you completed the bond?”

I look at her incredulously for asking about that at a time like this, but she continues, “Alpha. It is important. I need to know this in regards to the healing process”

I nod, barely able to form a coherent sentence. She looks at me before speaking, “I need you to call to her wolf so she can heal faster. This will make the process much easier since you two are mated.”

I nod, tears falling down my face while I grab her hands. I see the doctor moving to start to sew up her neck while I call her through the mindlink, “Princess. I NEED you to come to me. I cannot live my life without you. Please love. I want to see that beautiful wolf of yours. Open your eyes Princess. I need to see the sky in them.” I beg as I continue to rub her hands before I see a small movement in her eye lids as they slowly open. Instead of her usual human hazel eyes, I see the beautiful blue that reminds me of the night sky staring up at me and I feel a weight lifted off of my chest.

“Good.” I hear the doctor say. I need you to continue to talk to her while I finish up with her wounds. Keep her mind on you so her body continues to heal.

I speak to her, holding her hands in mine while I slowly lean down to kiss her, taking in her smell. I see her wolf shining in her eyes as I notice some of the cuts start to heal on her own.

After what feels like hours, I hear the doctor again. “Alpha, I gave her some sedatives to calm her down and have her sleep. It will help her body recover quicker.”

I nod again, barely able to say anything, before I look to the Doctor. Being in such close proximity to Lyssa, I smell her better. She smells different.

“Doctor. What is that smell? I haven’t scented it before on her. But she smells different. Is she okay? Has she been infected with something?”

I look at the Doctor, who looks a bit uneasy at me before speaking.

“Alpha, I was going to wait to tell you given the situation, but… the smell is...your pup. Lyssa is pregnant”

I still. I feel the world collapse as I let out the most inhumane growl from my throat that I’m sure even the neighboring packs could hear.

I slump in a nearby chair, holding my head as it starts to spin.

I vaguely hear words in the background as I notice Mara and Kyda walking into the room.

“What happened?” I hear Mara asking. “Is she okay?”

“She’s pregnant” I barely whisper, while my face registers the shock on both of their faces.

I hear the doctor trying to get my attention, but I feel zoned out. I need space. I shift into my wolf and run out of the hospital, deep into the woods, and head towards the lake. Our lake to still my racing mind as I howl in pain. I pray to the Moon Goddess and ask her to keep my love alive and our pup before I pass out into the grass, leaving the worries of today behind me.


I wake up near the lake, realizing I’ve been out for hours before the memories of earlier flood into my mind. I run back to the hospital, shifting, grabbing some clothes before I make my way back to the Doctor.

“How is she?” I ask.

“She is resting Alpha. It will take a few days for us to truly see how she is, but the pup is alive and healthy. We have been monitoring both and given the situation, this is the best we could hope for. Her body is putting the pregnancy as its priority so her own healing is being delayed”

I nod before leaning into her, taking in her scent. “Princess. I need you to wake up for us and the pup okay? You did it. You killed Victor. Now I need you to return to us”

I whisper before I leave the hospital and talk to Max to assess the damages.

I see Mara with Alexei and notice her running up to me as she takes my hand. “Alpha Damien. She is a fighter. Lyssa is my best friend. She will get through this.” I smile at her reassuringly before I notice Alexei coming towards us.

“Thank you Alexei for what you did back there. For protecting me. It was an honor that I know was meant for Lyssa, but I accept it nonetheless.”

He nods at me before I turn to see Max.

“Damien.” I nod, allowing him to proceed.

“Most of Victor’s warriors are dead. We have a few locked up in the dungeons. We can deal with them later. Lyssa’s father has been stabilized. He does not know about Lyssa’s condition. We felt it was best given his situation to let him rest. The bite was more superficial than it looked. We think given the fact that it was given by a Mate, we think Lyssa’s mother felt the connection as she tasted his blood and stopped from doing more damage.”

“Thank you Max. I can’t go see him now given the state of Lyssa. I promised I would keep her safe and I have failed. Please keep him calm. What about her mother?”

“She’s locked in the basement with the silver shackles. A doctor checked up on her and her vitals were healthy, but she has not spoken anything since we brought her down there”

“Thank you Max. Bring me to her. This is on her as it is on Victor. Her attack caused Lyssa to intervene and she better pray to the Goddess Lyssa makes it alive or I’ll have her throat”

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