The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 25


I slowly start to become aware of my body, but as I try to move, everything hurts. I am in so much pain. I try to open my eyes and after much effort, I finally am able to slowly blink as I take in my surroundings. I recognize the room I’m in as a hospital room. I groan, head throbbing as I try to remember what happened.

Fuck Victor!

I try to lift my body off the table, but to no avail as my heart beats wildly in my chest, setting off all the hospital machinery.

I see the Doctor walk in quickly, yelping in surprise to see me awake.

“Lyssa! You’re awake!”

“Victor…” I croak.

“He’s dead sweetie. You killed him! No more speaking of that name in this pack. You need to get better”

I sigh, my heart immediately returning to a normal rhythm.


“I’m right here Princess,” I see him in my vision, albeit a bit blurry. He’s rushing to my side, stroking my face gently, grabbing my hands as he peppers my face with kisses.

“Princess, I thought I lost you. I was waiting for so long for you to awaken”

I groan. “How long have I been here?”

“Three days” Damien responds. I take in his appearance and he looks exhausted. There are dark circles under his eyes as if he hasn’t slept in days, his hair is a mess, and I can tell he hasn’t shaved.

“Mama? Papa?”

He brushes his lips to my cheek before whispering, “They are both alive Princess. Please rest. We need you healthy for our pup”

My eyes widen. Our what? I think to myself.

The doctor quickly comes in and I feel my body calming down as I feel her inject me with something as I look panicked at Damien.

“Shh baby. She just put something in your IV to calm you down. Your parents are fine. And our pup is healthy and strong. You’re pregnant Lyss. We’re having a baby and it’s healthy so please don’t worry and stress yourself out over this okay?” He gently kisses my hands as I eye the doctor.

She already answers my unspoken question.

“Lyssa. During the heat. I told you, the pill won’t work. And according to Damien here, you guys forgot about that in the heat of the moment” she chuckles at her own pun as I look at Damien and see he looks like a lost puppy.

“I’m sorry Princess. I totally forgot. I...I” He starts to look at me panicked before I motion for him to give me a kiss.

As he does, I tell him, “Love, it’s alright. I’m happy we’re having a pup. Definitely was not part of my plan as a corporate girl-boss. But this reality is so much better than what I could have dreamed of” I smile at him as I see his face easing and the tension disappear.

He comes in to plant a gentle kiss on my lips before he speaks, “Now rest up. All you need to know is that your loved ones are all safe and that you never have to worry about Victor. You killed him with your bare human hands my little Alpha”

I smile at him before I add my own two cents, “Yes. I showed him who the real boss bitch is” before I feel myself drift into a sweet sleep again.


I rush out of the hospital to tell Mara, Alexei, Max, and Kyda the good news. They are all ecstatic to hear Lyssa is doing well and we are hoping that in a few more days she will be fully recovered. I finally feel this burden lift off of me when I realize that she is going to be okay. Never in my entire life have I felt such fear for the future.

I turn to Max and grab him to go to Alpha Vladimir. He has been asking about Lyssa these past few days and we have been postponing giving him a more clear answer other than the fact that she is in the hospital sedated to heal quicker. I’m sure he could feel something was wrong, but the old man understood given his shape that we weren’t giving him any other information.

We head over and I sigh knowing that he has almost fully recovered. I cannot imagine what Lyssa would have done knowing that he didn’t make it.

“Alpha Vladimir” I start. “Please Damien. Just Vladimir. You’ve done enough to prove yourself to the pack.”

I nod. “Your daughter Lyssa is doing well. I just spoke with her and the Doc put her back to sleep to help with the injuries.” I hold back the bit about her pregnancy, thinking that maybe Lyssa would like to share that news with him on her own.

He smiles and I can clearly see the worry he’s kept hidden vanishes.

“However, your wife has still not spoken since we locked her up. The medics confirmed she is healthy from the quick scan she allowed for them to do on her, but she won’t talk I’m afraid. We are hoping with Lyssa back on two feet, we can find out what happened. But for now, she is still in the dungeons and is getting fed and taken care of there. I cannot release her yet since I don’t know how she will react.

Vladimir nods in agreement, closing his eyes. His healing was much faster than anticipated, although having the bite be more superficial definitely helped with that.

“But I promise I will do the best that I can to see she gets treated.” I state and he smiles reassuringly at me.

A/N: This is a short chapter..BUT I'm uploading two today :) Hope you guys enjoy! Stay safe out there with everything going heart goes out to all those who are suffering during this crazy, scary time. xoxo

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