The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 26


After staying another four days at the hospital, I finally feel ready to leave. I still have some injuries that the doctor has given me some meds for, and I know it will be another few weeks until I’m fully recovered, but I need to get out and get some air.

Damien helps me out of the hospital gown and into a light airy dress that he got from Mara.

She’s here with Alexei and I am so happy to know she was okay. When the fight happened, I had one of my warriors watch her with instruction to remove her immediately at all costs when things went south since I could not put her baby in peril.

I slowly walk towards our cabin, holding onto Damien since he is being extra precautious given my pregnancy and won’t let me do anything by myself.

We get inside as he slowly helps me ease into the bed as he brings me some food.

“Princess…”He caresses my face and I notice tears in his face, ones that he has probably held back this entire time and I feel his worries through the mate bond that he has kept hidden.

“Come here” I motion to him so he can sit next to me on the bed. “Love, I know I had you so worried and I am so sorry. Had I known I was pregnant I would not have taken the risk. But I am alive, our pup is alive, and I love you so much it hurts”. I tilt my head up, wanting him to kiss me which he does and I feel his warmth envelope me. I feel so safe in his arms.

I grab his face, looking at him, “I’m so sorry I scared you. But I love you. So much. Please forgive me”

He kisses me with such fervor I lose myself in my own thoughts.

He slowly puts a pillow behind me to lift me up. “Princess. Your father is doing okay. Your mom’s bite was superficial. We think that once she tasted his blood, she must have remembered something and stopped herself from making it worse. However, she hasn’t spoken to us. She’s still in the dungeon since we don’t know how she will react. But please take care of yourself first. My heart cannot handle anything happening to you again”.

I kiss him longingly before I look up at him. “Thank you for taking care of them. I’ll give it a few days until I’m better and I think I’m going to head to her with my papa and see if we can get her to remember anything. I hope she will be okay. I can’t think about losing her again when I just got her back”

Damien embraces me and I feel myself slump into his hug.

“I’ve missed you so much.” I tilt up to kiss him, devouring his mouth. God I have missed this man so much. I am pouring my soul into him and feel him step back. “Damien?”

“Princess. You are in too much pain right now for me to fuck you senseless...however…” and I see him smirk. I feel his hand trail down between my legs and I groan as I feel him slip two fingers inside me. God I need this after everything that has happened. “Damien…”

“Shh Princess. I’ll make this quick...for now” he smirks.

He teases me slowly, but I’m already dripping for him. His fingers move in me, stretching me, and I barely hold a groan in as he picks up the pace. He curls his fingers inward, hitting me right where I need him to, making my legs squeeze his hand as I feel my pussy contract.

He kisses me, enguling my whimpers as his fingers torture my body, quickening his pace. He moves lower, hovering his mouth on me and when he licks, my reaction is immediate. My legs shake as he continues his assault on my body, switching between his fingers and his tongue until I see stars. He hits the sweet spot once more before I fall apart, cumming all over his fingers.


“Don’t worry Princess. You’ll have plenty of time to satisfy me later,” he winks while I pull him up and rest my head against his chest, humming with appreciation for my Alpha.


It’s been a few days since Lyssa has been out of the hospital and her recovery has been amazing. I feel our pup growing strong and I could not be more proud of the two most important beings in my life.

I’ve given much thought to the pact agreement and discussed with both Max and Kyda my thoughts.

I bring Lyssa into her father’s office.

“Thank you everyone for taking the time to be present. I’ve been playing around with this idea in my head for some time and I want to get your thoughts. Vladimir, your pack is incredible. And it would truly be an honor to lead it alongside my own. However, I have a proposition if you are willing to hear it out.”

He turns to me perplexed and I squeeze Lyssa’s hands.

“If it is alright with you and your daughter, I think Alexei would make a great Alpha for the Volkis”

I pause, letting the news sink in while I look at Alexei, who is shocked at the news.

I see Lyssa look at me with a sense of love that fills my heart before I continue.

“I’ve spoken with Max and Kyda about this, and we were all there to witness his fighting and how he risked his own life for Lyssa to protect me when he didn’t have to. I’ve talked with your Beta Stefan and a few warriors of this pack and everyone had nothing, but praise for him. And Mara, I think you would make an incredible Luna. The women here have the utmost respect for you and I think with you both taking over, you would be trusted and could bring forth modernized changes that this pack could benefit from.”

I still, looking at Lyssa, before she speaks. “I think that is a wonderful idea, don’t you think so Papa? As much as I would love to lead this pack Alpha-female style, I cannot leave Damien behind. And of course, the pup”

I see Vladimir’s eyes widen. “Pup? My love, you’re with pup?”

I look at Lyssa nod at her father and see the old man beaming with joy as he stands and walks over to her to kiss her cheek before turning to Alexei.

“Alexei, I would be more than happy to have you lead this pack if someone such as Alpha Damien believes in your abilities. I’ve known you my whole life and I’ll admit, I am blind know with my age and all, my eyesight gives out” he chuckles at his own joke. “But I’ve known you and Mara since you were young and I’ve seen you fight. And frankly after the pack has had to deal with me all these years, a gentle touch is just what they need so long as you can be a warrior and fighter for them too”

I look at Alexei, and he nods his head in agreement.

I turn to him, “Alexei, you will of course have my pack and Max’s as allies if you ever need it. We will have your back in any situation and we offer it freely and willingly. We have seen you demonstrate your skills as a warrior, as well as your gentleness with Mara. You are humble in your incredible fighting skills, gentle when you need to be, and your familiarity with Volki tradition will be easier on your people. I expect great things from you brother”

I nod my head in respect as Alexei returns the favor, holding Mara’s hands.

I turn to the rest of the group. We will host a celebration tomorrow for the official Alpha change. But in the meantime, Vlad, Lyssa, I think we need to address one more thing before the ceremony, your former Luna.

A/N! Second chapter of the day, I'm on a roll! Threw in a little surprise smut scene there, hope you guys don't mind ;) Won't be the last either ya filthy animals :P Next chappie we discover mama... stay tuned...

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