The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 29


After the most insatiable sex, I look down, placing my hands on my tummy and smile. I feel so incredibly blessed and never in a million years did I think I would have everything I could have wanted - an Alpha mate who I adore, my own pup, reconnection with my papa, my mama alive and back into my life… I say a silent prayer to the Moon Goddess, thanking her for everything I currently have.

When I left my pack, I never planned on returning to have something like this waiting for me. I was always independent, career-driven, focused on my education. I would see happy couples near me - but I didn’t think I’d ever have that. I never had that dream as a little pup. But now that I have it, my heart feels so full.

I’m so lost in my thoughts that I don’t even feel Damien approach me. He looks at me, bringing his hand to my face to wipe off a tear I hadn’t even known I shed.

“Princess, are you okay?” He asks with concern on his face.

“Mmhm. I’m more than okay. I’m just so happy Damien. You, this pup, my parents...I love you so much” I jump up and he catches me as I hug him, letting me feel his warmth and scent envelope me. I feel so much peace and protection from this one man that it’s wild.

After a moment together, I give him a quick peck and slide down, “Let’s get ready for this ceremony!” I state giddily. I’m so excited for Alexei and Mara to take over this pack. Alexei will be a humbling leader. He will bring forth the changes I so desperately desired of my papa to bring. He’s quiet, but he’s incredibly intelligent and thoughtful. I was beyond ecstatic when I found out Mara was mated to him; I knew that he would treat her like a queen.

I thought I would be more upset losing the pack, but it doesn’t feel like a loss anymore with Damien. I know he will treat me like an equal and I’m excited, albeit nervous, to meet more of his family. I’ve asked him about them before and he had nothing, but good things to say. It sounded like both he and Alpha Max lead their pack in similar ways - play hard work hard mentality - with equality and liberties. I smile, knowing that Alexei will bring just that to my own pack as well.

Before I get more lost in my own thoughts, I get dressed in a beautiful baby blue dress that flows nicely down my legs with a high slit, about half-way down my thigh, a tight waist, thin straps, and a sweetheart neckline. Damien is wearing black pants, a black button down, and black shoes, looking like a damn meal as my eyes hungrily take him in.

I hear him chuckling before I look up to meet his eyes, seeing nothing, but love in them looking back at me.

“You are so fucking beautiful Lyss. I am so lucky I can’t even believe you’re real”

I hold his hand in mine and give him a longing kiss, before we head downstairs to attend the new Alpha Ceremony for the Volkis Pack.


My eyes catch Lyssa in her baby blue dress and my mouth waters. How in the Goddess did I get so lucky to have her.

I grab her hand and we head out to the celebration. I’m proud to hand over the pack to Alexei. Lyssa’s former pack is strong and their addition would have been great - but my pack is already among the largest in my area and I know given how different we are traditionally - it would have been tough to merge the two in a seamless fashion.

I have no qualms about it though; having Alexei and his pack as an ally is perfect and he deserves it.

Lyssa and I get seated next to Max and Kyda and next to Vladimir and Anastasia as we wait for Vlad to formally pass his leadership to Alexei and Mara.

The pack bursts in celebration at the announcement and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

We dance, laugh, and welcome the new leaders with open arms.

“Mara, how are you feeling?” I ask her, noticing her baby bump is getting bigger by the minute. She’s about four or five months in if I remember and now with being a Luna, I’m sure she feels overwhelmed.

“I’m doing well, thank you Alpha Vladimir. A bit overwhelmed given the situation...and nervous, to be a mother, to be a luna…”

“Mara” I state her name - waiting for her to make eye contact with me.

“Alexei will be by your side. He will make a great leader, and you will make an amazing Luna. There is no way a stubborn and infuriating girl like Lyssa would be friends with someone who couldn’t handle this,” I chuckle at her while she smirks back at me.

“And Lyssa and I can come over as many times as we can. Her pup needs to be friends with your pup..isn’t that how you women plan this?” I smile at her.

“Thank you Alpha Damien. I appreciate it. We’ve already talked about them being mates,” she giggles at me while my mouth drops in shock before she nudges me and tells me she’s kidding.

A/N: Kyda/Max book 2? Kiddos as mates book 3? OH THE IDEAS!!!

I wait for Alexei to return back to Mara so I know she’s in good hands before I turn to my own beautiful mate and lavish her with my attention.

She pulls back slightly, looking up at me.

“What is it princess?”

“Will they like me? She asks me.

I look back, confused a bit. “Will who like you, my love?”

“Your pack. I’m sure the rumours of me abandoning my people have reached their ears. What if they think I won’t be a fit luna to them? What if...what if..they reject me?”

I pull her in for a deep kiss, trying to ease her worries.

“ pack will not reject you. Yes the rumours were heard, but it will take them exactly 5 seconds for them to fall in love with you when they see you. Do. Not. Worry.” I tell her, kissing her after each of my last words to comfort her.

I look up at her, taking her hand and resting hers and mine on her tummy before I lean in and kiss her, counting my blessings yet again for this wonderful woman and pup.

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