The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 3


I’m fuming. My father is calling after me, but I stomp out. I head to the pack training grounds and throw some punches to clear my head. My father knows better than to interfere when I’m angry, and I’m sure he felt a smidge of embarrassment at my behavior, but hearing Alpha Damien’s response I’m sure he felt comfortable knowing that asshole can dish it right back to me.

I punch hard into the bag, re-opening old wounds from my BJJ training and that’s when I smell him. He doesn’t smell’s unique, like smoked wood with a hint of honey. Why is my wolf so in tune with his scent? I wonder. I turn around and he’s shirtless. I can’t help but stare. His body is fit. Tall, brunette, built, bright green eyes, and a sleeve tattoo of a wolf on his right hand. Fuck, he’s hot and I look back into his eyes and already feel anger as he noticed me checking him out.

“Damien”. I hiss, intentionally leaving his Alpha title off. “What are you doing here?”

“Learning about my new pack of course. I heard the Russians have elaborate lifestyles; I wanted to see if your training grounds had the same amount of gold as your dining room”

I’m fuming. This asshole thinks he can take my father’s pack, take claim to his wealth, and what..have me for dessert? Not a chance. “Well Damien, unlike how you lead your pack, my father led with his brains over his fists. Our wealth was earned, our numbers were gained through a kind hand and not a bloody war” I spit out and stare at him.

He tilts his head sideways with that smirk again as he walks right up to me, grabbing my hand and looking at my bloody knuckles and hisses, “well it seems that your father may have respect for taking on packs, but since walking these grounds, I’ve only seen men in training. Is that how much respect this pack has? That it ignores half its people when it comes to battle and self defense?”

I’m shocked. Why would he care about why there are only men here? I look up and get lost in his green eyes before I breathe and take a step back. I’m tired after dealing with my father’s health. I look to him, clearly fatigued and not wanting to get into this now “Damien, I’m going to take a shower. It’s been a long day with my father. I’ll see you later” as I pull my hand from his and start walking towards my cabin.


I was expecting her to give me a retort after that observation, but instead she looks up at me and I see...pain? It’s a flicker, then fatigue as she tells me she’s leaving and removes her warm hand from mine. I stare back at my empty hand, remembering how bloody her knuckles were. I sigh, tell my men to find their cabins and head back.

I walk up to my cabin and I notice I’m in the biggest one. I open the door and head to the kitchen to grab a quick bite. At this point, it’s late and I wasn’t in the mood to grab dinner with Alpha Vladimir. I turn to the fridge, grab a plate of leftovers from dinner and turn to set the plate down when I bump into a soft body pressed against me. Lyssa. She’s in her towel and as I turn, she’s falling as my hands move up quickly to grab her before she hits the ground. Her towel is on the floor as I slowly gaze my eyes up her naked, wet body. My cock hardens as my eyes reach her face. She’s in shock. My fingers tighten around her waist where I grabbed her and I look at her, briefly forgetting where I am. Her hazel eyes turn to green again for a minute before they shift back.

She’s speechless for a moment, before her gaze lowers as she realizes that she’s naked in front of me. Her cheeks turn a light pink color. I groan as I let her go and grab the towel from the floor and wrap her in it.

She regains her composure a bit before she spits out “What the fuck are you doing in my cabin?”

I smirk “is that anyway to treat a guest? I think your father wanted us to meet or else why would he also put me in this cabin too? I guess our bedrooms are in the same home sweetheart.”

She pauses, biting her lip. My wolf whimpers and I still don’t know if she can tell I’m her mate or not. I don’t even know if she can even shift after living with humans that long.

I adjust my pants - noticing her eyes linger at the bulge before I decide to speak up. “Lyssa, we’re not teenagers so let me lay this out straight for you. Your father came to me to avoid bloodshed from a hostile takeover which you know is going to happen given his current condition. I’m not here to forcibly take this pack from him or you, but I was promised that his pack will be mine if I respect his people as my own and I plan on doing just that. Now I don’t know anything about you, but it’s been made clear that you’ve been out of wolf territory for over a decade. Whether or not you are even in the shape to lead a pack is not my decision to make. It was your father’s, and this pact was a result of that. I will take this over and I would like your blessing, but we’re not teenagers to be causing unnecessary drama.”

I lean into her, putting my hands on either side of her head, pressing my entire body to her, lower myself to her ears as I whisper, “I’m not going to make you come to me” I emphasize my innuendo, “but I will make you respect me. And if you want the same - I suggest you start acting like a leader than as a child”.

I step back, watching her mouth drop, as I take my plate of food and walk back into my bedroom and shut the door.

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