The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 30


After spending the next few weeks with Alexei to help him settle in his new Alpha role, Max and I get ready to head back with our lunas to our respective packs. We’ve helped Alexei as much as we could, and he will still have Vladimir there for guidance as well - so we leave without feeling any tension or worriness for Lyssa’s old pack.

I take my men along with Max’s and we head back, waving to Vladimir, his mate, Alexei and Mara, promising that we will be back soon. I know how much Lyssa wants to be there for Mara’s pregnancy so her wish is my command.


We get back to my own pack about midday and have already worked with my beta to set up a celebratory announcement party for my pack the next day to introduce them to my Luna.

For the rest of the day - I just want to ease Lyssa into our new home and have her rest after all the traveling we’ve done.

As we settle in - I mindlink the pack doctor for her to take a look at Lyssa and make sure her pregnancy is going well and also ask a chef to start cooking us some lunch so we can all feast.

Max and Kyda have already headed back to their own pack, but they plan on coming to the ceremony tomorrow as well -- both to see Lyss and to announce to the pack Kyda’s new home since she is basically my adopted sister. I know the pack will miss her dearly, but will love the fact that she has found her mate.


“Mmm?” she responds between mouthfuls of food.

“What are your thoughts on the pack?”

She finishes chewing before she sets her fork down and looks up, eyes filled with love and warmth. “I love it Damien. I love how warm everyone is, how I see little girl and boy pups training together, cooking together… your pack shares responsibilities so well. And I can tell everyone here really respects and enjoys having you as their leader”

I smile at her. “They will love you Lyss. I know they will”

I gently kiss her cheek and motion for her to finish up before we use the rest of the day to show her around some more.

Towards the end of the day, I take her to my favorite spot on my territory - a beautiful lake with a mountain backdrop where I come visit when I need a moment to myself.

Holding her hand in mine, I look towards her, “Princess. This is Alblu Lake. My sanctuary” I pause, letting her take in the scene before her while I hear her take in a deep breath of awe.

“Damien..this is beautiful. The water is so quiet…”

I nod at her, squeezing her hand. She slowly lets go, before she starts to smirk in my direction and take off piece by piece of clothing.

“Princess…” I growl. I take a look - making sure no wolf is around us to see her like this before I look back and notice she is already running naked towards the lake.

I internally groan - before I quickly take off my clothes and chase after her, hearing her squeal ahead of me as I get close.

I grab her waist from behind her and rotate her front towards me while my lips land on hers -- deepening the kiss as she groans in pleasure.

My fingers travel lower, dipping into her pussy, feeling how wet she is even in the water before I slip inside her.

Her eyes widen on the surprise intrusion, while her legs quickly wrap around me as I begin a slow thrust into her. Her head falls back as her eyes roll, moaning in pleasure, squeezing my cock as I feel her getting close.

I lean down, lick her mark before she gasps, climaxing around me.

I pump a few more times into her, feeling her walls clench me before I cum into her with a ferocity that exhausts the both of us as I lean my forehead on hers, taking her look of adoration in.

My hands travel instinctively to her tummy, rubbing, as her nose runs against her mark on me - making me shiver in delight at having my mate so close.

I remain in her for what feels like hours before her legs get wobbly and I set her back in the water, letting her float as I watch adoringly and take in every ounce of her body that is now mine.


The next day, I wake up and Damien already has a few women sent to my room to prepare me for the ceremony.

I’m wearing an all white dress with gold and blue detailing on the chest and the bottom, feeling like a Goddess. I let my natural waves in my hair, using a curling iron to fix any uncooperative pieces, and put on some nude heeled sandals which elongate my legs.

I step out and notice my mate dressed in a baby blue button down, black dress pants, and black shoes and I suck in a deep breath, reminding myself that this hunk of man is mine.

He is holding something in his hand as he walks towards me. He takes the covering off and I gasp. He is holding one of our Russian jeweled crowns. A silver tiara with a bright blue sapphire in the center, and diamonds encrusted all around.

“Damien..” I whisper.

“I want you to wear this Princess. Your father gave it to us as a parting gift. It’s one that he especially made for you to wear during your own mating ceremony when you were to come of age.”

I smile as he walks up to me and places the crown on my head, looking at me adoringly before whispering, “beautiful”

I quickly remember I had grabbed something for him as well. I rush out and return, telling him to close his eyes.

I grab his hand and attach a bracelet that was my father’s to his wrist.

He opens his eyes and looks down.

“This was my father’s” I breathe out. “It has been in our family for generations. The little diamond shapes are the Volki pack symbols, the crescent moon represents our Luna for good luck, and I asked to have little wolves engraved in the gold diamonds to represent your pack.”

I gaze up at him and I see his eyes haze over before he leans over and takes me into a kiss. “I love it. It’s perfect”

He goes to grab my hand and squeezes gently as we head over to begin the ceremony.

As the incantation starts, I repeat the words of his beta and seal my fate to Damien’s pack, as well as my heart.

Damien completes the mindlink bonding and I feel the acceptance and love from his members deep in my body, knowing that they are accepting me as their Luna. I send the same warmth and acceptance to them, before I step to the side of the podium and rub my tummy to show them that they already have an heir. They erupt in shouts and applause as Damien lifts me up bridal style in front of our pack.

“Let the celebrations begin! My Luna and I have some unfinished business, but we will be joining the party afterwards as soon as we are done” He states to the crowd, smirking as the hoots and hollers from the male wolves start while I blush, nuzzling my face into his neck as he carries me back to our new home.

-- The End --

A/N I hope you guys LOVED this story as much as I did. I’m debating about potentially adding an epilogue, but have to see how much to write so as not to spoil any of the future books I have planned out. So maybe a quick one into the future? TBD

The second book of the series, "The Alpha's Purpose" is now live! It's from different POV, but you'll see plenty of Lyssa & Damien :)

Thank you all for taking the time to read it! Please vote/like/comment! I will see you all very soon :) xoxo

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