The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 4


Fuck. I’m angry, but he was right. He didn’t ask for this. My father brought him in and I’m acting like a child. And I don’t know what makes me angrier, the fact that I behaved like that, or the fact that I want to sleep with him everytime I see him. My wolf is stirring like crazy. I’ve never seen her act like this. I realize I’m still in my towel and my face feels warm as I think about him seeing me naked already. I groan at my stupidity, but I want to make this right out of respect for my father.

I head to my bedroom to change into my pajamas which consist of a white tank top and light pink shorts. I decide to go over to his bedroom and knock to apologize.

I knock, hoping it’s not too late. I hear him in his thick voice, “Come in”.

I step in and I notice him scanning my body like a man who hasn’t feasted in days. I clench my thighs together as I’m getting wet thinking about him on me. I straighten up and speak, “Alpha Damien”, deciding for the first time to use his title, which I notice brought a reaction into his eyes. I continue “I wanted to apologize for my behavior earlier. You’re right. You didn’t come here violently to take over my father’s pack. He asked you. But you can understand the hesitancy in this situation considering all I know about you are rumors of a violent past haunted by a brutal present. I just wanted to say that tomorrow we can start fresh and I can properly introduce you to everyone”.

He looks at me and I notice my nipples are easily seen through the top. After a moment, he nods and opens his mouth, “Can you shift?”

What. the. fuck. Why would he ask me that? Can he not feel my wolf? Have I been that far away from my pack that others can’t even sense her?

I feel angry, shocked, nervous. To avoid any more issues, I take a deep breath and head towards the door. “Good night Damien. I’ll see you tomorrow to walk you through our grounds” and with that I leave.


I wake up the next morning feeling pleasantly well-rested. I still don't know if Lyssa can shift. She could be resourceful to gain the pack’s trust and I need to find out more about her. I slide on a pair of sweats and a shirt and head downstairs to grab food. It’s 7AM so I assume most people are asleep, giving me time to wander the premises. I go to the kitchen, make some eggs and bacon, eat, and get ready to explore. I step outside and I hear punching in the distance near the training grounds. I walk over to see who could be awake at this hour and freeze. Lyssa is beating that punching bag like it committed murder. She’s in a sports bra and shorts, sweat gleaming her body in the morning sun and showing her muscles. Each hit is all strength and pure precision. She stops to grab her water and notices me standing there.

“So, are you just going to watch me all day?” She laughs.

“What, you think you can handle me in a ring?” I smirk back. I see she has some wraps laying on the ground so I start wrapping my hands and knuckles. If letting her throw a few punches my way gets her to trust me, then I’m all for it.

I step in to start sparing with her as she looks at me. “Well, princess, are YOU going to stare at me all day now, or are you going to show me what an Alpha’s daughter is made of?”

Her eyes glitter, she’s angry. Good. I need to see what she has. She comes fast, rapid hits one-two jabs mixed with right hooks. She manages to hit me in the side with force. I grunt, expecting a bruise there. She’s strong, I’ll give her that, and fast. Had I not been training for years, she would have knocked me on my ass. She’s a worthy Alpha opponent. But I need to show her I’m Alpha. I twist out of her next hit and take her to the ground, pinning her.

I can see she’s used to ground battle because she knows exactly how to get out of my hold - going for my joints. She’s good and I’d be lying if I say I’m not lusting. I flip her down and pin her until she can’t move. Her hazel eyes look at me and I know she has fight in her, but she also knows I’m strong enough to hold her down. She taps out and I let her go, reluctantly. She looks up and is in shock.

“I’ve never had a problem escaping a pin-down before"

“Princess. I’m a decade-long trained Alpha. You’re fucking incredible. If you were to take me down, I’d be worried about being a weak leader for the pack and just hand you the reins instead.”

She smiles at me and I swear my wolf does a flip. I approach her, her guard finally down and I pin her hands behind her back. My body is pressed against hers and it being so early, I know we’re the only ones out here. I smell no one so I take my time. My cock is hardened against her and I know she feels it. She moans as I rub against her while I lean in - lock eyes to make sure it’s ok, and begin sucking on her neck, tasting her sweat and sweetness at once. It’s hypnotizing. I move my hands to her ass and squeeze, hoisting her up. She’s breathless, but whispers in my ear “Lake. Quarter mile behind you.”

I still, looking at her to ensure I heard her correctly. She uses my pause to escape my hands as she runs towards the back of the property.

I follow after her, pulling my shirt off that’s sticking to my sweaty body and follow her lead. She reaches the lake before me and I hear the water splash as she jumps in.

I follow shortly after, throwing my pants on the ground, and jumping with my boxers in and swim to her. I catch her and realize she’s only in her panties. I grab her and push her towards me as I kiss her. My wolf is wild as our lips and tongue dance around each other. My teeth brush up against her neck, but I won’t mark her until I know her wolf is aware and ready.

My fingers trail down her side and stop at her heated core. I look into her eyes before she leans her head back and moans. "Princess, tell me if you want to stop" I say. She looks up, shaking her head no.

My fingers slide into her easily. The water around us, plus her own wetness makes the entrance a breeze. I work my way inside her, first one finger, then two, milking her until her legs wobble in the water. I hoist her up with my other arm wrapped around her waist while she rides my other hand. Slowly stroking her, spreading her, I engulf her moans with my mouth as I torture her to her release, relentlessly. She shakes against my body as she finishes, while I take my fingers into my mouth and lick her cum off of me. Her eyes are wild, she looks so satiated and I’m pleased with the results. It was quick, giving her just a taste of what I have to offer, but I have so much more planned for her when I take her.

I slowly slide her down as I grab her by the waist and kiss her post-bliss. As I separate myself, I look into her eyes as my wolf makes an appearance, I slowly whisper in her ear, “Mine. My Mate.”

She stills. Her eyes flicker for a brief moment into what looks like fear? I wasn’t concerned with this being either of our firsts considering our age, and I didn’t feel a barrier inside her when entering so I’m confused.

She takes a step back, unsure of herself and sprints out of the lake as she quickly pulls her clothes on her.

I turn back around to say something to her, but she’s already two steps ahead of me before I step out and put my clothes on. She runs towards the cabin while I’m left to collect my thoughts. What the fuck?

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