The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 6


I stare at her dumb-founded. While I sit and think of what she said, I started remembering that ever since I came to this pack, I haven’t seen much of the women anywhere. The men trained, the men sat together at the dining table, while the women maybe made an appearance once when the food was served. I let this sink in as I realize that her pack really is traditional in all senses of the word and now I’m starting to see why she ran away all those years. I could have met her almost 10 years ago I think to myself, but shake my head at the thought. Had I not been focused on my pack - I would have never gotten to where I am today.

I gently grab her waist and force her closer to me. “Lyssa, you don’t even know anything about my expectations of my Luna. You can’t assume I’m some asshole that will send you to the kitchen”.

She looks up at me and for the first time, I see a brightness in her hazel eyes and dare I say warmth looking up at me. She gets on her tiptoes and gives me a quick peck on the lips and as soon as she’s done, my phone vibrates.

I look down and I see the Caller ID: Anna.

I hiss and ignore her call as Lyssa notices the name - she gives me a look. I don’t feel like ruining the moment so I tell her the shortest explanation I could come up with “She’s the pack bitch that loves wasting my time and soon enough, you’ll get the pleasure of meeting her” I tell her, while I grab her waist tighter and go in to deepen our kiss. She smells amazing after her shower, her hyacinth smell invades my senses and envelopes me like a tight rope that I know I can’t separate from anytime soon. Never in my life was I looking for a Luna after all these years, but something about her just draws me in.

After kissing her to the point that neither of us can breathe - I break away and look into her eyes. She brushes her hand to my face and I take one, looking it over again at her now scabbed knuckles while I gently rub my thumb over them. “What happened here?” I ask her. Letting her know I see the older scars hidden underneath the fresh ones.

She bites her lip as she answers me, “um.. I’m a fighter. I take BJJ classes after work or on the weekend to keep myself toned and it’s a great for defense”

I smirked. I knew she had to have professional training with the way she hit and how she fought on the ground. “Well, Princess is a fiesty one isn’t she?”

She playfully hits my chest as I grab her hand and kiss her knuckles. I look directly into her eyes, knowing she is a force to be reckoned with and I tell her, “Princess, you will never have to worry about me putting you on the sidelines in this pack. I have much better use for your skills of dominance both on and off the field” I wink as I give her a peck on the cheek and reluctantly let her go.

“Princess, I look forward to getting to know you, but in the meantime, I need to learn about this pack as much as I can and as soon as possible. Your father warned me of the rogue attacks and I need to make sure these packs can function as one as soon as possible. The attacks have become more frequent, more deadly, and with more kidnappings. I need to find who’s behind them and I can’t do that unless I rush to get things moving.”

She takes out her phone, pressing a few buttons, then looks up. “OK Damien. You have a schedule. I already texted the parties involved. You’ll meet with my father in the next 30 minutes to give you a run-down, followed by our Beta Stefan who will give you a tour of our quarters, our fighters, and everything else. I have to take care of some work stuff back at the office, but I’ll be on pack grounds later this evening and we can touch base then.”

I smile at her - efficient, and motivated. She would make an incredible Luna if she chooses me. I pause nervously about the thought of her rejecting me, but I cannot have that distraction now. I plant a wet kiss on her lips while I smack her ass as she turns around, which results in her sticking her tongue out at me as she leaves.

Fuck, I groan. I’m in trouble with this one.


I start to grab a few of my things to head over to the office to grab a few things before I settle in on pack grounds for the next 2 weeks while Damien is here. I park my car, head towards the office, take the elevator to my floor and hop off, noticing someone fanangling with some mail. Weird...I don’t remember my boss mentioning we hired someone new..and what’s he doing here? It’s Saturday. I think to myself.

He gives me an odd look that gives me shivers as I head to my office to grab my laptop and a few financial statements from a company we’re looking to take over. I make my way back out the door when the man is facing me with a cruel look in his eyes.

My wolf tenses. Something’s wrong. But before I can make a run for it, I feel a hand come over my mouth and a sharp needle in my neck and black out.

I’m in the trunk of a car, with no clue on how long I’ve been here or where I am. My head is killing me as I try to listen to the two men speaking.

One of the men I can hear asking, “You think she made it to the pack already? Are we too late?”

Ther responds back, “I don’t know boss. I know she sometimes contacts them here or there, but she’s been out of the business for awhile. I checked out her apartment; whatever riches her pack has, she ain’t holding ’em there”

I try to stretch out to hear more. I can’t figure out if this is a more planned rogue attack to get power, or a couple of thugs trying to get gold. My human world doesn’t know that I can shift, but they do know I’m Russian and my family name gives away who my parents are. It’s no secret that the Volki family has wealth. The few times my father walked the human world, he dabbled in their business. While he never wanted a permanent home here like I did - he understood the importance of being friendly to prevent being hunted if things go south.

Luckily, being the crazy bitch that I am, I have a small knife stashed into my ankle boot that I use to cut the rope I’m tied with and finangle the trunk of the car to open it. As soon as I try to pop the trunk off, I feel the car stop. I peek through a crack and notice it’s still daylight out and assuming I haven’t been out more than a day, I can’t imagine I’ve been in the trunk for more than a couple of hours.

As I hear the men approach, I quickly pop the top off the trunk and slash up the 2 men who were talking in the car earlier. I get ready to make a dash for it when I hear a familiar voice call my name.

“Lyssa darling. It’s good to finally see you again.”

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