The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 8


I look at my Uncle Victor like he has two heads. “What do you mean you know where my mother is? She died. Almost 2 years ago.”

“Ah little one. She didn’t. She’s with me. She left your father to join forces with me. But if you figure out what his next step is, you may be lucky enough to talk to her”

I’m seeing red with anger. I know my mother, she hated Victor as much as my father did so I know she didn’t go willingly. The disgusting pig. To take her and hold her for TWO YEARS I scream in my head. I need to play this right. I need to find out what is going on.

“Well Victor. If she has been with you for 2 years and felt comfortable to not even reach out to her own daughter for this time, what makes you so sure I want to see her? I play his hand.

He smiles at me. “Oh she will. I’ll convince her”

He knows I’m not buying it, but he knows I’m intrigued enough to do what he says to see where this goes. “Ok Victor. What do you want me to do? It’s getting late and unless you want to kidnap me here forever and never get a chance at the pack, I’d suggest you start sharing”

He smiles. “Well little one. As I mentioned. I need you to find out who your father has in line to succeed his throne and kill him. Leave your father as is. I’m not sure he has much time anyway given his health. And I’ll reach out to you. Of course, I expect your silence in all of this. I have ears in your pack and I wouldn’t want to tell your mother to change your mind about seeing you”

I feel vomit rising in the back of my throat. I start to question the story of her death. What I missed. If my father was in on it. If she’s ok. But no matter. I need to play his cards right and get the fuck out of here. It’s late, I can tell. And I’m sure my father and Damien are looking for me by now.

“Ok Victor. I’ll find out your successor in return for my mother. But, I want to be your right-hand warrior. You know my father never let me lead and I know your distaste of a woman by your side. But I know your hunger to take this pack is greater. And considering I have no proof of my mother even being alive or worthy of my attention after this long, it’s either a take it or leave it deal. I may be a woman, but my father didn’t raise me to be a gullible idiot.”

I’m bargaining with the devil, but it’s my only chance to press him and make this believable.

He looks at me for a moment, smiles, and nods. “Very well Lyssa. You’ll be my right hand warrior if you choose to obey by my pack rules”

I nod in his direction and make my way to the driver’s seat to go back home. Before I start the keys, he’s next to me at the door, a sly smile on his face.

“And little one, don’t forget. You’ll follow through on our little deal or you really will never get the chance to say hello again to your mother”. I give him a short smile, swallowing up bile in my throat as I shift the car into gear and drive off.


I’m angry. My blood is boiling. I punch the wall outside of her office and don’t know what to do or who to turn to. I have Alpha Vladimir on the call, telling him she’s missing, but promising him that I’ll find her. He doesn’t know she’s my mate yet, and it’s not my place to announce it now of all places.

I send my Beta out to see if he can sniff out anything while I hand over the car keys to Alexei for him to take and get out of here with Mara. As Mara gets into the car to leave, she screams.

We all turn around, wondering what is happening, until she points to a black vehicle, yelling frantically. “It’s Lyssa!” She’s crying as I’m running toward the car at the speed of light.

Lyssa pulls to her work office, putting the car in park as I break open the door and pull her into an embrace.

“Princess, where were you? What happened?”

She’s shaking, bringing Mara and me into her embrace and squeezing me as if her life depended on it.

“How are you guys here?” she asks me. Mara starts sputtering between her shaky crying, “I ah, wanted to tell you how my doctor’s visit went with the baby and I called and texted you ..and you” she hiccups, “didn’t answer! And hours went by and I ran to Alpha Damien and he said you were at work and we got here and your stuff was on the floor and we smelled two men and you weren’t here and” she’s breaking down, crying on Lyssa’s shoulder while Alexei reminds her to breathe.

“It’s ok Mara. I’m here. I’ll tell you everything later. Please get in the car with Alexei and drive calmly for the baby. I’ll take my car with Damien and Nate and we’ll talk at the pack house okay?”

She’s gentle, calming Mara, but her eyes are panicked. “Mkay” says Mara, as she gives her a big hug and holds Alexei’s hand as they walk to the car.

I walk over to her and grab her face in my hands, giving her a deep kiss as she moans. “Lyssa, what the fuck happened? I was worried sick about you” We walk to the car together. I ask Nate to drive while she and I go in the back so I can hold her now that I finally know she’s okay.

“ My uncle…”

“What?” I’m rushing to get her to speak faster before I punch a window out of the car

“Um. My father’s brother, Victor..he wants to take over the pack...he wants me to find out the successor and kill him”

I laugh. Petting her face and kissing her. “Princess, we can protect ourselves. We got this”

She looks at me and I see tears starting to form. Never thinking I would see this warrior cry, my heart aches as I know there is something else she isn’t telling me. “Lyssa, what else?” I demand.

“Damien…” she’s now crying, grabbing onto my shirt for dear life. “He has my mother. She’s alive”

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