The Alpha's Match (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 9


We’re back on pack grounds I know by what my uncle said that we have a rat. But I know I can trust Damien, Mara, Alexei, and my father, so for now, those are the only people I plan on sharing what happened.

I walk towards my father’s room quietly with Damien, his Beta Nate, and Mara and her Mate to find my father. It’s dark out and we head in slowly to ensure no other pack members.

“Papa!” I yell out as I run to him and give him a hug.

“Lyssa love. What happened? Where were you?” His eyes look tired.

“Papa...what happened to mom two years ago?” I start off.

He looks at my confused. “What do you mean love?” He asks me

“Papa. I met with Uncle Vladimir”. His eyes are enraged. He looks at me to continue. “He told me mama is with him. That she’s been with him the last year and a half…..” I trail off.

“What?!” He walks over to me as Damien pulls me a step back, unsure of what my father is planning on doing.

“Papa, two men of his grabbed me from my office and brought me to him. He says he has her….he says he won’t return her unless… unless I kill your successor and he takes over the pack”

My father stills. Pondering. His fists clench as he hits the table with such force that it splits in two. He falters, almost falling while Damien’s Beta Nate grabs him from falling to the ground.

“My, my Zhena...she’s alive? And I left her in the hands of my brother for almost two years?!” He’s crying. I rush over to him. I have never seen my father cry. I hold his head in my hands and beg him to tell me what happened.

“Papa, please. Please I beg you, tell me what happened” realizing I never asked for the details of my mother’s death.

He looks around us and begins, “Your mama, love, She was heading to the human stores to pick up something. It really wasn’t a special day or anything. She wanted to go alone and said she would be back quickly...but she never came back. It was getting dark. I tried calling her, but she didn’t pick up. A human male came to me around midnight, saying he was a police officer and that they found her body on the road. They said her car was hit and that she burned and gave me her ring as the only proof of her identity. I didn’t think to question it. I didn’t think check! They said there was nothing left of her! He gave me her ring!! I knew it was hers, it was the one I gave to her on our wedding!” He’s crying and breathing. I try to calm him down.

“Papa” I whisper. “Please, if Victor is right, she could be alive! It’s been less than two years and better late than never! She could be out there! If we work with Damien’s pack, we can fight to get her back. Please stay strong for me. For her”

He looks up at me and smiles. He stands up at once, apologizing to the men in the room for his appearance. I begin to tell them the story of what happened and said we can figure out a plan tomorrow morning and not tell anyone from either pack, not knowing who the traitor is.

I look back at Damien and grab his hand as we head out, leaving my father with Beta Nate to work out a plan. I tell my father I need a moment with Damien to work out a plan, and that we will catch him tomorrow.


Lyssa grabs my hand and heads over to the pack. I’m at a loss for words on what I heard. She looks up to me.

“Damien, I know you weren’t planning to have this much chaos when you were being handed a pack. You can back out you don’t have to meddle in this entire family affair and put your men on the line…”

I take her hand and bring it to my lips, grazing her knuckles. I turn here to face me. “Princess, I’ve battled the last 10 years of my life and for once, I have a battle worth something more. A battle where I can find my love’s mother and protect her father. I wouldn’t think of leaving even if you forced me to.”

I kiss her, longingly. She returns, desperately grabbing my clothes and ripping them off of me. I carry her bridal style upstairs to my bed, feeling her need me.

I place her on the bed, slowly lifting off her shirt and taking off her pants, seeing her in her bra and underwear, my cock springs to attention in my pants. I look her over as she gets self-conscious, trying to cover herself.

I growl. “No Princess. Never cover yourself in front of me. You. are. Divine.” I pause between each word, placing kisses down her stomach.

I take my shirt off and toss my jeans while I climb over her body. I push a breast out of her bra and suck on it, as one of my hands trails down her body to her panties, moving them aside while I slide a finger in.

“Damien…” she moans my name. She’s so wet already. My finger glides in with ease while I add another two, rubbing along her walls, her juices seeping into my hand while I move my mouth to her other breast.

I leave her briefly to put on a condom and return to the same position as I lift her legs up and place them over my shoulders, my cock right at her wet core. She whimpers, begging me.

“Damien, please. I need you. Now!

I tease her between her folds, looking at her as she’s gushing all over the bed. I would have loved to taste her, but I know she needs more after the day she has had.

I pull her waist hard on me as she gasps, eyes rolling in the back of her head as I move in circles in her. I’m slow, torturous, taking my time, working her in and out.

“Fuck, you’re so tight, Princess. You’re pussy is sucking me to death”

She can’t even hear me. She’s moaning, barely holding still, trying to force me to rush the process. “Please, Damien. Faster. I need you to go faster”

I slam into her hips, grabbing her and lifting her vertically, pressing her body to me as I thrust like a crazed maniac into her as she’s milking me, bringing me to the edge. I drop a hand between her folds while I tease her clit, knowing she’s close. I lift her almost off and as I slam back down, I whisper “Cum for me Princess”. She’s shaking all around as I hold her body close to me, feeling her juices slide down my cock as I come with her. Her eyes are rolling, as her grip slips off of me, I hold her tightly, feeling her muscles give out. I set her on the bed and roll next to her while I still stay in her. I lay her on her side, spooning her from behind.

As she falls asleep, I nestle behind her, my cock still in her warm core as I let my own eyes close and bring me to sleep.

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