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They say a rich girl can always get everything she wants and feels superior above all things- including the physical appearance. She asks for anything, she gets more than everything. She does not need even to beg as she is spoiled. She does not need to fall in line behind others. She is not encouraged to be patient because everything around her is given minutes before she thinks of wanting it. She is unbelievably powerful more than she knows. She is known to be happy. George "Gigi" Erson is the definition of perfection- she is wealthy, very classy. Owns a five-star hotel in New York City at the age of 23. She is the leader of a well-known clique in Richewood University. Boys want to have her while girls want to be her. Her life seems fabulous. It all seems so easy. However, George makes all opinions about the affluent society erroneous because deep, deep, deep down inside she is keeping herself locked in her mind with nobody to turn to. Not even her friends. She finds out that the path to loving herself is an unfortunate challenge when all she wants is to break free. But when an unexpected person becomes her key to fulfilling that challenge, will she be a different and more positive George for good? Or will she stay the same way, breaking unexpected hearts? A/N: I do NOT own the picture used for my cover page (ctto)

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1 – An Unexpected Day

When I was a little girl I have always dreamt of having my own horse. Getting anything I want wasn't a hard thing to do- I'll say it directly to my parents and the next day I'd have it right there outside my room. So getting a horse or whatsoever wouldn't take them days to get me. At the age of 10, I already had my first horse named Phoebe.

Phoebe and I were as close as a dog and its human. Everyday after school I would run up to her to give her a huge hug. I know it's weird to probably say this, but Pheebs hugs me back by putting her head on my shoulder. I would give her vegetables. I would give her bread. What I had in hand that I knew was good for her, I gave. I would spend time with her and lay beside her sleeping body as I begin talking about my day. I had friends, but Phoebe was something else. I never wanted to replace her as she was more than a pet to me.

One night, when I visited Phoebe in her stable, she was lying down. At first I thought she was only sleeping, but when I went in to give her food, her eyes were droopy. I thought she was sleepy so I put her food down and gave her new water. I bid her goodnight then I left.

The next day when I came back from a friend's house, my parents were with this girl wearing a white coat. They had a concerned look written all over their faces. I was confused.

"Mom? Dad? What's going on?" I put down my bag in the nearest chair I could get. They were all looking at me as if they'd seen a ghost. It left me worried more than confused.

"Mom? Dad?"

My parents looked at the girl in the white coat, giving them a small nod. After several minutes of standing there in silence, my mom finally walked towards me and held my hand.

"Sweetie..." she begins carefully. "I know you love Phoebe as much as we love her. You know how much we want to get you everything, right?"

I don't understand.

My mom stares at me with teary-eyes for a few seconds before continuing. She was trembling already so I steadied her hand then gave her a nod.

"Georgie, Phoebe passed away..." The room around me suddenly felt like it was swaying, my heart started beating very fast. I had a hard time breathing. All of a sudden I was in the arms of both of my parents sobbing.

I couldn't believe what I heard. I have had Phoebe for only months so how do I figure things out? How do I accept this? This feels like a joke- except that this joke hurt me more than I have ever felt in my entire life.

I couldn't process everything in my head so I clasped my mom's arms. I couldn't fight for what was happening when I had no strength. Phoebe made me very happy. She was family, too. I didn't know the reason why she passed away because she seemed fine to me every single day. Or maybe I was blind enough to see right through her? Maybe she was sick and I was unaware of it? Maybe she got food poisoned? Maybe she got hit by a truck or maybe she encountered a nasty bite from another animal?

All these maybe's didn't help me compose myself that was why I fought hard to hold back tears to ask them what had happened. Maybe I treated Phoebe badly? Maybe...

I had almost forgotten we were in the room with somebody else because the moment someone spoke I almost jumped from my parents' arms. The girl in the white coat looked at me before touching my shoulder. She, too, had a concerned look on her face. She knew. This person knew about Phoebe passing away.

"George? I'm Dr. Locke," she introduced herself to me as a doctor and I stood there very still. "I'm very sorry for your loss."

My parents let go of me when I had the courage to speak. I was stuttering, but managed to compose myself.

"What happened?" I was furious. I was hurt. I bid no hello's to a stranger.

"I'm a veterinarian, George. Your dad called me as soon as possible for Phoebe."

"What happened?"

As if on cue, my dad talked before I did. The difference was I spoke to Dr. Locke while he spoke to me in a serious tone. "Honey, you shouldn't speak to her that way," he scolded. In turn, I tried recomposing myself to be polite to her, but she smiled sadly at him and told her that it was okay.

I tried again. "I'm sorry, Dr. Locke. What happened..." Tears began streaming down my face as I said this. "What happened?"

"Phoebe was sick. She had Eastern Equine Encephalitis or EEE. It's a virus transmitted by mosquitoes," she explains very carefully. "The mrbidity rate of horses infected with EEE is high."

She, then, explains to use how it happened. She explained that signs of weakness are symptoms already. While she was explaining much further I could no longer stand everything thus I said thank you, bid good bye, and ran to my room.

I had never felt this kind of pain in my entire life. In fact, I didn't want to experience this kind of pain ever again. I made ways to cheer myself up for the next few weeks with my parents doing their very best to make me happy.

The pain I felt when Phoebe died was the hardest thing I had moved on from. I thought I wouldn't experience that kind of pain again, but little did I know I would experience the same 13 years later. Only this time with a guy who was about to breakup with me.

"Jeremy! Talk to me!"

Jeremy Scott is my boyfriend. Or should I say ex? We met at Richewood University and have been together for about a year and a half. He is in his Senior year taking up Journalism. Everything was rainbows and butterflies until he decided to be such a complete asshole and breakup with me despite my popularity in Uni.


We were at the field. I planned to surprise him today for no reason. I was taken aback when he began talking instead since I was the one that called him first. 10 minutes ago we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Now, I'm calling out to him like an idiot as he walks away.

"What the hell is your problem? I called you here to surprise you and you come to me with bad news?!"

He turns around for the first time after breaking up with me. He doesn't look sad. He doesn't even look worried. "I'm done, Gigi! I am fed up with you!"

"You're fed up with me me? I should be the one telling you that because you keep forgetting I exist in your life, Jeremy!"

"I'm sorry."

"You're sorry? That's it? After a year and a half you tell me you're sorry for something I don't know?" I had a plan to surprise him today. I don't understand why I'm the one who got surprised more. I don't understand where he's coming from either because as far as I can tell we were the definition of a perfect couple.

Jeremy Scott is handsome. He's smart, too. He's also sexy. He courted me for a while before I said yes. We dated everyday. He is worth remembering. I don't think he's cheating on me, too, because most of his friends-including the girls-are my friends. I don't understand the slightest bit.

We stare at each other for a few minutes before he steps back, kicks a rock, then sits down on the bench. Then he started crying. I hate seeing him cry because it breaks my heart. I don't know whether I should go there to him or not but soon I was crying with him.

"I don't love you anymore, George."

"What did you say?"

"I don't love you anymore! I don't want to be with you anymore!" Jeremy stands up furiously while I stood there in complete shock.

He continues explaining why he doesn't love me anymore. He said that I have changed in a bad way. He said I let my popularity get to me, that I was starting to act like a bitch to everybody in Uni. He told me words that broke my heart once more after Phoebe's death. He told me words that cut deep- like I was stabbed by a knife. It made me feel terrible.

I tried to walk towards him but he made me stop. I stood still again for the nth time not knowing what to do. I love Jeremy, the least I can do is to fight for what we had no matter how much this hurts.

"Jeremy, we are in love." I don't know if he heard me because I might have said it in a hushed tone.

"We were," he corrected. I didn't realize using the past tense would hurt more than ever. "We were in love, Gigi."

"I still am."

"I'm not anymore. I'm done fighting for us, George. I'm done. Please do me a favor and leave me alone."

With that, he left me sobbing at the field. Jeremy doesn't want anything to do with me anymore. But, this shouldn't be good bye. We should be fighting for each other. I can't let this happen. I need to keep fighting for us. I need to chase after him and tell him how much I love him before it's too late. I need to tell him that this is still the George he fell in love with a year and a month ago. I need to show him that my popularity didn't change me. I need to show him how much he means to me.

But, it's always easier said than done. When I started running to his direction I instantly fell on the ground, sobbing more and more. I'm a huge mess. I tried to stop sobbing but ended up failing so I sat on one of the benches and didn't let myself stop.

We made plans for our future together. We wanted to have two kids- a boy and a girl. We were going to live in California because that's where his family lives. We were going to get married in front of a hundred people. We had written our vows.

I thought he was the right person to be with, and that we would become successful together. We would reach our goals together. We were going to do everything together. I thought he would stay for as long as we lived. He made me crazy happy. He was sweet.

Holy crap. I sound pathetic.

I keep thinking of the things that seem impossible now. There's no point in staying here and crying... at the field of my University. Although I feel like hell I am not about to sulk in this sadness at this time of day.

I begin wiping away the tears on my face so my friends wouldn't ask me why I look like a mess. Before I could stand up properly, a guy who has wavy brown hair, pale skin, with deep brown eyes approached me. "Hey, are you okay?" The last thing I want to do right now is to answer questions like that.

I didn't want to sound rude so I nodded and smiled at him.

"It doesn't seem to me like you are," this guy examines me before sitting down next to me. "Though I would give you a solid ten for trying to act you are. Hi, I'm Xavier. You don't have to introduce yourself because I know who you are, Ms. Erson."

I was stunned by how he talked to me that I almost forgot what I was crying about. Xavier held out a hand and I shook it. I feel like I know him from somewhere I just can't put a finger on it.

"Had a rough day, Ms. Erson?"

"Call me George."

"George." He laughed.

I frowned at him for laughing. "What's so funny?"

"Well, George. I hear most people call you Ginny."

I can't help but roll my eyes at him. Who does he think he is?

I correct him strictly. Whenever I meet someone, I make sure to get their names right. Nobody wants to be called another name let alone make a mistake pronouncing their names. "It's Gigi. Only my friends are allowed to call me that."

He laughed some more at this. He's not making my day any better I'm not keen on sticking by his side right now. I want to go home, go shower, and think. This day can't get any worse, can it?

"Why do you keep laughing?" This time, I don't hide the anger in my tone. I want to make it clear. "Do you think calling someone's name by mistake is funny to you, Xavi?"

"Xavi, huh? I like it."

What is his deal?

"I think I'm going to keep calling you Ginny. Not that we're close, and that's kind of the point. We aren't friends. We aren't acquaintances either. Just two strangers saying hi to one another."

"You approached me. You could have ignored me here."

"I know. But I didn't, did I?" Xavier started standing up again. "I'm taking up Architecture. I wanted to check if you were okay because you seem pretty down. What would the students of Richewood University think if the popular girl in school suddenly roamed the halls looking like shit?"

With that word I started getting furious. The anger I didn't know I felt towards Jeremy became so strong I punched Xavier in the face. Today is not my day, and I will not stand here with this know-it-all. He fell down on the field with his hand on his face.

About an hour ago I was with my boyfriend- ex boyfriend. Today I had just punched a stranger. Guilt washed over me as soon as I saw students stopping by to look at us. Most of the students at Richewood University know me because of my status. I belong to the affluent society. I belong to a wealthy family. I cannot deny that.

Xavier began wiping blood off of his nose so I took this as an advantage to grab his arm to help him get up. I apologized about what I did. My expectation from him is anger, but to my surprise he laughed some more.

What a weirdo.

"Damn, Ginny. You know how to take a punch! I can't keep up."

I gave him a hard stare. "What? I just punched you!"

"You did. I can tell we're going to be great friends."

"Who told you I wanted to be friends with you?"

"Oh? Then how come you're still wasting your time with me when you could've gone after you punched me?"

"I felt bad. That's called being concerned."

"My point is," he smiles at me for some reason. "you could've left when I introduced myself." After telling me this he laughs one more time before leaving me behind.

I was ready to leave the field when a voice called out to me, "Nice to meet you, Ginny! See you around!"

Right. See you around.

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