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Twisted Realities

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Madison had never believed in gypsies or fortune-tellers so when her best friend Callie dragged her into a tent to have their fortunes told she was already skeptical. The girls were told fortunes that were brutally honest and upsetting to them both. Hearing enough Madison drug Callie out and when the old woman offered them a wish, Madison said something smart assed walking out never thinking it would actually come true. That was until she woke up the next morning married to notorious bad boy rocker, Nathan Blackwell. A year had somehow passed overnight and now she found herself living with a stranger. It didn't take long to find that the marriage she was in was on a steep downhill spiral. Reaching out to Callie she discovered they were no longer friends. Madison tries to get down to the bottom of things but no one can seem to answer her most basic questions.

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The Fair

October had always been my favorite time of the year. I loved the changing of the leaves, the cooler weather, and most of all our small town fair. Every first weekend in October the fair rolled around to the sleepy town of Riverside. There wasn’t a year one that I could remember not going to it and this year would be no different.

Sitting on my front porch I awaited my best friend Callie’s arrival. I had just moved into my house and still had tons of unpacking to do but I refused to miss tonight. Overall my life had finally seemed to straighten itself out. Even though I had dropped out of college I had managed to find a great paying job and advance up in its ranks.

With my new promotion it had allowed me to buy this two-bedroom starter home that I had been eyeing for years now. Letting out a sigh of happiness I kicked my feet making my porch swing sway. I had passed this house ever since I was a little girl and swore one day it would be mine, now that it was I felt a sense of accomplishment.

Looking up I saw Callie’s purple Camaro hit the corner as if she was running from the law. Shaking my head I stood up watching as she slung her car in my driveway. “You really need to slow down,” I said opening the passenger door and sliding in.

She rolled her chocolate eyes at me, “shut up before I make your ass drive us. I don’t like driving anyways.”

I laughed at her buckling my seatbelt and holding on for dear life as she backed up rather fast out my drive. How this girl hadn't gotten a speeding ticket or into a wreck by now I'd never know. She claimed it was her guardian angel visor clip that watched over her.

Callie and I had been friends since jr high when she had transferred down and I had a falling out with my old group of friends. Even though she was a little loud and bossy she had taken me under her wing and we soon became best friends. Now she was more of a sister than a friend. We were complete opposites but I guess that’s why we got along so well. As any friendship goes we had gone through our ups and downs but we always managed to pull through.

“I hope we don’t have to park too far away.” I looked over at Callie who was currently trying to drive and reapply her lipstick at the same time.

She nodded looking over at me, “yeah I know. I heard they are opening up Robertson’s field for parking this year, You just better make sure not to step in any cow crap.”

I rolled my eyes at her, “I should do it on purpose.”

We ended up having to park in Robertson’s field but at least it wasn’t too far away from the gate. Getting out of the car I twisted my long blonde hair into a messy bun. “Ugh what the hell are they playing.”

Callie shrugged, “that’s the band everyone in town has been going crazy about.” I made a face, Texas country had hit our town hard but I couldn’t care less about it.”

Walking toward the gate I looked up at the setting sun as we stood in line waiting to buy our bracelets. “Look’s like the whole town is here.”

Callie nodded, “there isn’t shit else to do, hell this is the only interesting thing that happens in this town all year.”

I agreed with her looking around and waving at random people as we made our way up in the line. Paying for our tickets we made our way onto the fairgrounds taking it all in. I loved the lights and couldn't wait for nightfall so I could take it all in at its fullest.

Callie immediately found a group of girls that she worked with and drug me over to their circle. I looked around as they chatted about some drama that had happened earlier in the day. Callie had always been the type of person to tell you exactly how she felt, she never held anything back so as she started going off I could only shake my head. Like I said before we were complete opposites. She was by no means tall but compared to my 5′1 frame she was. Her warm mocha skin only made mine appear paler.

When she had finally had her say she shook her head at me, “come on Madi, I can’t even deal with all that right now.” I let out a breath not about to tell her if she would have just shut up we could have left a whole lot sooner and let her drag me on ride after ride. I know we must have ridden the Farris wheel 3 times. It had always been our favorite. Something about being on top of the world and looking down at our small town just did something to us. Getting off some tilt a spin ride I looked around seeing it was getting late and people were beginning to thin out. We had been on every single ride here that wasn't a baby ride, most of them multiple times.

With a little convincing I persuaded Callie it was time to go but she wanted to grab a funnel cake first. After we stood in line for a good ten minutes I thought all was clear but God was I was wrong. Callie about dropped her food as she gawked, “omg Madison look it’s a fortune tellers tent! We have to go get our palms read.”

Rolling my eyes I shook my head, “no way I’m wasting my money on that.”

She paused turning around quickly to face me. Sticking out her lip she gave me her best sad face, “please Madi. I promise you it will be fun, then we will leave I promise.”

Letting out a sigh I nodded, “fine but I think this is a waste of time.”

She let out a squeal jumping up and down as she nodded at me, “ok noted, now come on and keep all negative opinions to yourself.”

Entering the tent I coughed, the smell of incense about knocked me to my feet. A woman was sitting behind a table laying out tarot cards. Hearing us enter she looked up focusing straight on me. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

I arched my brow at her taking in her look, she was everything I imagined a gypsy to look like. Her hair was faded a dirty white and she wore bright scarves in her hair. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was 80, maybe even older.

Callie sat down opposite her, “how much to read our fortunes?”

The woman looked up at her revealing one milky colored eye, the other was a brilliant blue that if not beside the other one would be beautiful. “Twenty dollars for each fortune told,” she said looking straight at me.

I shook my head, “Callie, no....come one.”

Ignoring me Callie reached in her pocket pulling out money, “here, let’s start with mine.”

The woman reached her veiny hand out grabbing the money pulling it back in toward her. I watched as she tucked the money in a pocket that was hidden in her dress. “I can read your palm or we can do the tarot.”

Sitting down Callie held her hand out and I couldn’t help but take a step behind her as the old gypsy lady took her hand and began tracing the lines with her dirty fingernail.

“You speak when you should listen. You get angry when you should be calm. You ignore love when it is staring you in the face to chase after someone who will never love you.”

I busted out laughing causing them both to look up at me, I had to admit the gypsy lady wasn’t far off about her love life. Callie had a tendency to go for the wrong type of guys.

The lady traced the lines of her hands one more time, “if you keep going on the path you are on you will end up alone and lonely.”

Callie gasped pulling her hand back and I wanted to tell her I told you so but the lady suddenly turned her eyes on me.

“Sit,” she said and I surprisingly found myself obeying her.

She held out her hand and I cautiously placed my left hand in her cold and clammy grip. She traced the lines of my hand just as she had Callie’s before turning her eyes back on me. I could feel chills running through my entire body as she began to speak.

“You are a people pleaser, to the point you make your self miserable. You settle for loveless relationships just because you feel as if you must be with someone. You dream of bigger and better things but will never actually put the effort in to accomplish them. You want the world to like you when you don’t even like yourself.”

Frowning I pulled my hand back from her, “whatever,” I mumbled under my breath standing up.

I grabbed Callie’s arm who was still lost in the old woman’s gaze, “do you think I can change my path?” She asked.

I shook my head at Callie cutting the woman off, “forget her Callie."

Pissed off I turned around to the gypsy lady tilting my head, “you would be more useful if you granted wishes. Instead you just charge twenty bucks to say hurtful things to fuck with people’s head. What happened to the fortune?”

Pulling Callie toward the opening of the tent the woman stood up, “and what is it you wish for.”

I turned rolling my eyes, “oh I don't know according to you I crave bigger and better things right so why don't I wish for a famous husband then I can still be lazy.”

Let’s see her make that happen damn fraud. The woman laughed, “you should really be careful what you wish for.”

She started talking in some foreign language that I could only guess was Russian. This seemed to put a pep in Callie’s step and it was her that practically drug me out. I was too caught up into trying to make sense of what she was saying

“You shouldn’t have pissed her off. What if she put a curse on us like in that movie where that woman took that girls button off her jacket.”

I rolled my eyes, “Callie really she had nothing of ours. She is just an old woman who makes her money by saying meaningless things at a fair. She is nothing but a fraud"

“But it’s a full moon and all kinda weird shit happens on nights like this. Didn't you feel the air in there, it wasn't normal,” Callie said looking up at the sky. Looking up I shuddered at a sudden breeze but shook it off, this girl wasn’t about to freak me out.

On the way home neither of us spoke of the old gypsy, neither of us really wanted to relive that. She had freaked Callie out and I myself wanted nothing more than to crawl in bed and forget the woman ever crossed my path. Stepping out of Callie’s car I told her bye and to call me in the morning. She agreed and I stood on the porch watching as she backed up.

Once inside I took a bath changing into some comfy pj’s. Turning my air down I went and crawled in the bed. The old lady had freaked me out more than I cared to admit. I looked around my room half expecting the shadows to be moving but nothing was amiss. Rolling over I looked out my bedroom window, the air from the vent caused my sheer white curtains to float almost magically and the full moon outside looked close enough to touch. Sighing I closed my eyes drifting off to sleep.

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