Twisted Realities

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I awoke sitting straight up in bed, only it wasn’t my bed. The room was mostly windows and it combined with the white sheets and decor almost blinded me. Turning my head back and forth I panicked. Where the fuck was I?

“Shit Madison I told you to be up and ready. Is your ass really just now waking up.”

My mouth dropped open as Nathan Blackwell, lead singer of one of the hottest rock bands out now, entered the room pulling off his shirt before disappearing in a closet. Blinking I know my mouth must have been wide open in a look of pure disbelief.

I instantly looked down seeing a huge wedding ring on my finger. No fucking way. I had to be dreaming. I buried myself back under the covers squeezing my eyes shut trying to force myself to wake up. That gypsy woman was fucking with my mind.

“Madison!” I jumped. “Get that ass up. We are already running late.”

Pulling the covers down I saw Nathan watching me with a confused look on his face. "What the fuck did you get into last night?" He shook his head, "you know what, never mind I don’t even want to know.” He turned walking through another door, “I’ll start you a bath but you’re going to have to get the fuck up.”

Sitting up I swung my legs over to the side of the bed closing my eyes. I instantly felt dizzy, almost nauseous. My mind was racing looking for answers, I was either a) dreaming b) in a coma or c) I had lost my damn mind. Right now c was looking like a pretty good answer.

Slowly standing up I padded softly to the sound of the running water. Nathan was coming out of the door and had to reach out and grab me to stop our collision. “I’m getting dressed, don’t take all day.” I nodded up at him not knowing what to say.

His bathroom was just as pristine and bright as his bedroom had been. I eyed the running water wondering if I was on some kind of hidden camera reality tv show. Turning the water off I turned circles looking around the bathroom but found no explanation. I must be dreaming, this had to be a dream brought about from that crazy ass woman.

Nathan walked back in only this time he was wearing a fresh pair of jeans. “Madison come on shit.”

I swallowed watching him put deodorant on before turning back around. Even in my panicked state of mind I couldn't deny how fucking hot he was. I just needed to know how the hell I ended up in his house.

Removing my clothes reluctantly I sunk down in the tub looking around trying to take in my surroundings. I looked at each and every bottle that lay on the edge of the tub as if I had never seen shampoo bottles before. Reaching out I grabbed the face towel that was laying beside a bar of tan-colored soap.

The soap smelled of jasmine and something else I couldn't quite put my finger on. Soaping up I couldn’t get rid of the sinking feeling in my stomach. I still felt like I could puke at any second. Leaning back I closed my eyes just wanting to wake up. Sure this had always been a dream of mine but that’s all it ever was a fantasy, not something that I ever expected to wake up too. I needed to talk to Callie.

“Madison God Damn, I don’t know what the fuck your problem is but I will leave you.”

My eyes flashed open and I sat up with a sad attempt to hide my body from him. He didn’t seem to notice as he was already on his way back to the bedroom. Pulling the drain I stood up reaching out and wrapping a towel around me. Looking around I had no idea where to find anything that I would need. It took several attempts for me to find my makeup and hair supplies.

I put my makeup on in record time and brushed my hair braiding it into a fishtail braid. Looking at the girl in the mirror I knew it was me but I still didn’t understand how I had come to be here. Once again I looked down at the rock on my finger turning it watching it gleam in the light. Biting my lip I walked out in the bedroom to find Nathan sitting on the edge of the bed smoking a cigarette.

Looking him up and down I tried to judge what I needed to wear by what he was wearing. He was no help, his bad boy image usually only had him in jeans and a t-shirt. Today just like every other time I had seen him on tv or in a magazine he had on jeans and a white t-shirt.

His eyes flashed up at me and I caught the annoyance in them. I swallowed. I could only guess where the closet was from watching him earlier. “I...I don’t know what to wear.”

Nathan took a hit of his cigarette blowing out the smoke before he shrugged, “it doesn’t matter Madi, just get dressed damn.”

My eyes wided at his responce but I quickly turned around walking into the enormous walk-in closet. I looked around lost for a minute, one side was clearly his the other mine. Turning toward my clothes I looked down the row seeing more clothes than I have ever had in my entire life. I debated in my head should I wear jeans, should I wear one of my many dresses. I didn’t know.

Reaching in I grabbed a navy colored dress that had cut out on the stomach and along one side. I shrugged pulling dresser drawers out untill I found my panties and bras and chose ones that would be appropriate to wear with the dress. Once I pulled the dress on I started shaking my head. It was very form fitting and the slits on the side made me nervous to say the least. I only ever showed this much skin when I was in a bathing suit. This surely wasn’t appropriate to wear anywhere public. Why did I even own a dress like this? What had possessed me to even try the damn thing on?

I was about to take the dress right back off when Nathan walked in leaning against the door frame. “Madi seriously put your damn shoes on and come on.”

I looked over at him, “this? You think THIS is...ok.”

He looked me up and down, “yes and it would look much better with some shoes.” I frowned at him reaching above my head and pulling down some heels that laced up the front.

Walking out in the bedroom I sat down lacing my shoes, the fact that Nathan’s attention was now soley on me made me have to tie one shoe twice. Standing up I walked back in the closet spraying some perfume on and took one last look in the mirror. The girl in front of me stared back unsure.

“Madison now!”

I jumped walking back in the bedroom unsure of what else I needed if anything. He shoved my phone at me before he turned walking out of the bedroom. I followed behind him figuring that was my best bet. Nathan pulled his own phone out of his pocket calling somebody and telling them we were on our way, I just wished I knew where in the hell we were going.

Walking through the house we made our way to the garage. The garage was huge and held three different cars. I had heard him start one but I had no clue which one and I just stood there frozen in place. Nathan turned his head to frown at me but opened the passenger door to the middle car, "today would be nice."

Jesus was he always such an ass? Once safely in the car I glanced over at him. He was looking at me like I had lost my mind. “Madison for real are you ok?”

I nodded at him, “yeah I just...I just have a headache and it has me off.” I wanted to tell him the truth. I wanted to scream at him and ask him what the hell was going on but I didn’t. I buckled my seatbelt and looked forward awaiting whatever adventure I was about to be on.

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