Twisted Realities

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After my phone call with Callie, I had sat in the bed confused for hours. I still couldn’t fathom anything that would make us stop being friends. I had gone downstairs in an attempt to find Nathan and came up empty however, I did learn the layout of the house better. Giving up I went back upstairs to the bedroom, the only room I felt safe in. I don’t know maybe because it was the first room I had came to know.

The longer I sat starring at meaningless tv the more I tried to figure out how to wake up from this terrible nightmare. The thought came that maybe I was meant to fix this, that old woman had given me my wish but had made sure it was completely fucked up. I had no idea where things had fallen off between Nathan and I, or if they had ever been good to begin with. I only knew one thing that could give me fast answers...Google.

Through Google I found out Nathan and I married after only dating 4 months. Our surprise wedding shocked the entertainment world, hell it shocked me too. According to our wedding date we had now been married almost 8 months, and if I believed Ryan I had been having an affair for most of my marriage. I flipped through the images of Nathan and I hoping that they would spark some type of memory but even though I recognized myself in the picture I didn’t connect with that girl.

There were rumors of his affairs, many rumors, but that’s all they ever were rumors. No one seemed to have any concrete evidence. I knew though, without a doubt that I wasn’t the only one stepping out on our marriage. I couldn’t say how I knew but I just did, it was a gut feeling. He had never come to bed last night and I wasn’t even sure if he had spent the night at the house or if he had ended up wherever that girl from the club did. All I knew is he made coffee and had now disappeared all over again.

I had somehow managed to waste the entire day doing nothing. I had found out bits and pieces of my story but not enough to make them fit together. I tried to log on to Facebook but apparently I didn’t have a Facebook page anymore. Looking down at my phone I saw it was 9. I still hadn’t seen or heard from Nathan all day although I thought I had heard some noise downstairs earlier.

Getting up I went downstairs in search of him. I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to find him but I knew that he held most of the answers I needed. I first went to what I had found to be his office, it was dark so I kept going down the hall to where I assumed he spent most of his time. It was what I would call a bonus room, it had everything I would normally expect in a normal person’s living room.

The closer I got to the room I began to hear the tv. The door was cracked so I gently pushed the door open. He had been laying on the couch watching ESPN but as I walked in his eyes looked up meeting mine. I could see a confused look cross his face before he sat up, “Madison...” I waited for him to continue to speak but he just sat up looking up at me.

Letting out a deep breath I found myself going to sit beside him. He watched me walk toward him almost as if he was scared of me. If he only realized how scared I was of him. I let out a deep breath looking over at him, “can...can I talk to you?”

I looked down almost afraid that he would say no. I had sat at his feet and when I felt the couch move and him get up I was sure he was leaving me alone. Hearing the tv cut off I looked up seeing him light up a cigarette before he sat back down on the couch.

He sat down facing me, “and what is it you want to talk about?”

Having Nathan’s full attention on me suddenly took my braveness away. It made me aware of how much I didn’t know him. I knew nothing more than what he portrayed in his music and the tiny bit of his personality he would let show during interviews. Looking up I saw him arch his brow at me as he took a hit of his cigarette.

My lungs felt on fire so I took a deep breath letting the cool air inflate them again. “ you remember when we first met?” I hadn’t meant to just blurt it out like that and now that it did I wanted to crawl under a pillow and hide.

The question seemed to confuse him at first. I almost didn’t think he would answer but when he looked back up at me he nodded, “yeah Madison I do, it was backstage at one of my concerts. Why?”

I shrugged, “I...I just wondered? Do you remember our wedding?” Nathan cut his eyes at me, “of course I remember our wedding Madison, what kind of question is that?”

I looked up at him, “I don’t know. I was just thinking about it today, looking at pictures.”

Biting my lip I decided to test him, “I don’t know what I was thinking about having my bridesmaids wear purple”

I cut my eyes up to look at him, he blew smoke out in the air above us, “you picked it.”

I cocked my head to the side. I specifically remember the bridesmaid’s dresses, and not one of them was purple. They had all been red.

My mind began spinning, surely he would know something as simple as the colors for our wedding. “I guess but I wish you would have done something with that beard. It was wild.”

Nathan frowned at me and I thought for a second he was going to tell me it was shorter than it was now. He shrugged, “yeah I guess. You should have said something to me before.”

I shook my head, he had gotten two details wrong about our wedding. It was as if that whole period of time didn’t exist. It was a memory planted in his head but no details remained.

Nathan sat back taking a drag of his cigarette before putting it out, “so are you done with your questions?”

I nodded at him not knowing what else to say at the moment. Nathan nodded looking over at me, “ok well I have one.”

I looked up at him nervously. “What is it?” I hoped I could get his questions right.

He sighed, “are you going to tell me who was messing with you last night?”

I shook my head looking down. I could tell he was aggravated. Tears rimmed my eyes again just thinking about what had happend. Looking down I twisted my hands together. “I will tell you, just not today. I need time.”

My answer seemed to somewhat satisfy him. Nathan stood up turning the lights back off and the tv on before sitting down beside me. I had figured this was my signal to leave but he threw his arm around the back of the couch and motioned me to move closer to him.

I obliged scooting closer to him. We were so close our legs touched and as his arm dropped from the back of the couch and rested on my shoulder. I felt awkward but I couldn’t help but snuggle into him. He seemed to be my only comfort in this fucked up word and for whatever reason he was being nice at the moment. I wasn’t about to tempt the fates, not tonight. Tonight I needed a friend.

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