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The Dark Rider (18+) [Complete]

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**Completed** **18+ Mature Scenes ** Ride or Die Biker Book #1 I gasped as he pulled me out of the fight, his grip tightening around my arm as he pulled me towards his body. I could feel his erection pushing into my core as my eyes try to scan his face. “Who the fuck are you?” I hiss at him. He looks at me with piercing green eyes as he continues to drag me to the exit of the club. “I’m just here to do my job and bring you back” he smirks. “No!” I scream out, trying to rip myself from his hold. “You can’t take me back there. Please. I’d rather die” He stills, looking up at me perplexed, but not loosening his hold. “Please” I whisper. I’ll kill myself if you do”

Romance / Action
J. Writing
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Chapter 1

Quick A/N: THANK YOU for getting this book on the "Popular" highlight on Inkitt!! You are all amazing! XOXO. Also - yes this is a short read, but it was my first ever fully complete book to be uploaded so I was still learning how to pace it. :) Hope you all enjoy my work!

Chapter 1

Eva ( 3 years ago).

I cannot pick myself up off the floor. My ribs are cracked, my arms are bruised, and I can barely see from my swollen eye from his most brutal beating yet. I laugh at myself. I was a happy care-free girl, just finished college, ready to make a name for myself in Los Angeles until I met Ty. A dreamy, tattooed blonde boy with blue eyes that had my heart. I was sitting at a bar grabbing a few drinks with friends when he approached me. He was nice, sweet, and gave me his full attention. He asked for my number and I thought why not? Little did I know he was leader of one of the most brutal gangs in the city and that his possessiveness would be the death of me.

Today, it was because I took too long getting ready and kept him waiting. He came in to see I wasn’t yet clothed and downstairs, making him late for a meeting with an important prospect. I had been out for 3 days. I woke up, noticing only one guy outside of my room instead of the usual 4. It’s Taylor. He’s actually the nicest of all of them.

I peek out of the room, knowing that when men here are light, Ty is out and needs backup, meaning I have my one chance to escape. I try to think of a plan to get the fuck out of here.

I go to Taylor and blurt out the first thing that comes to mind…”Taylor...do you mind if I go to the store around the block please? I...ugh...need some tampons. It’s an emergency”.

I blush a bit, but I bite my lip and pray it works.

“Ugh you know boss usually gets everything you need Eva”

“Yes, but I don’t think he’d be too happy if I’m bleeding all over the floor. I’ll only be gone a minute. You can wait in the car near the store. I’ll be right back I promise”.

He shifts his feet and agrees and I almost jump for joy. I hop in the car and we drive to the local drugstore a few miles out. I walk out, go to the store and tell him to wait in the car, surprised he actually stays behind.

I walk in, and wonder what to do. This is my last chance to get out of here alive. I have no place to go, I've been an orphan since I lost my parents, on my own my entire life. I start to look around, pretending to check out products I need, until I see a delivery truck out back getting ready to leave after it dropped off the store’s shipment.

I sneak out back, praying that the door in the back is unlocked as I pull. It’s pitch black and I step inside, closing the door behind me and hope the driver gets me the fuck out of here.

I still, hearing the engine come to life and feel the truck move out of the space. I wait for what felt like hours, but was maybe 15 minutes before I dare to peek out and realize we’re on the highway, the drugstore long behind me and for what feels like years, I finally breathe out a sigh of relief as I let my head sink to the side and fall asleep, hoping that by the next truck stop, I’ve left my hell on Earth far behind me.

Eva (present day)

I just won the Femme Fatale Finale with a knock-out blow to my opponent. I've been in NYC for 3 years in an underground fight club. Tonight was the night I took home the Gold. However, my mind is back in the present; the green-eyed tatted up God has not let me go after pulling me off the stage. I feel bile rising up in my mouth. I remember what he said, “I’'m just here to do my job and bring you back”. I’m frantic. The audience is screaming at the next fight. If I yell, no one will hear me. I panic.

I’m pulling myself from his grasp, scratching at him, kicking, using my fighting skills to make sure I never go back there. I don’t know who he works for, but I don’t want to know. He could have been sent by Ty to drag me back and I promised myself I would slice my own throat before I ever go back into his arms.

The green-eyed God, Fuck I need to know his name so I cannot refer to my kidnapper like this. I think to myself...has yet to let me go. He drags me outside of the fight club where it’s dark out and pushes me against a wall, holding me in place, refusing to let me go.

He looks at me like I’m some creature, taking me in slowly, eyeing me up and down while I try to steady my heartbeat. His grasp on my hands are tight, he’s pressing me against the building refusing to let me move an inch.

“Stop moving or kill you right now”, he says.

I still my body the best I can, but my nightmares crawl into my mind as if it were yesterday. My body betrays me, I know he sees fear in my eyes. I look up at him one last time, “Please. Do not take me back there. Show me mercy and kill me now.” A familiar feeling crawls up my skin, my vision goes blurry, the outer world darkens as I pass out.

Green-Eyed Tatted God

I sit at our local bar in New York City, waiting to meet my next client. Some douchebag from California sent one of his pawns to talk business with me. Apparently, he says his girlfriend was kidnapped and brought to NYC and he heard of my name as a good extractor. I laugh. I’ve been part of the Hellhounds Biker Group since I was a teen. And yeah, you can say I’m good at extractions. Humans, guns, secrets, you have something somewhere, and I’ll get it for you. But never in my time here have I been paid to bring back a girlfriend. I would have refused to waste my time with this shit, but the guy is willing to pay me $500,000 to bring back his girl who he says was taken from him. That’s good money and I would be lying to say that I wasn’t intrigued by what kind of pussy power this woman has that caused her to be worth such a price.

I eye the guy as he comes in, knowing he’d be wearing a brown jacket and jeans as he walks up. “I’m Mike” the guy says. “Vick” I spit out.

“$250K now so you know it’s serious, $250K when you bring her alive. Here’s the number you call when you have her” He drops the envelope with the cash and contents.

Before he leaves, I grab his hand, “Why aren’t you looking for her if you’re already here?”

He looks back, “You want the money or not?”. I grunt, take the envelope, and head out.

I go back to the clubhouse straight to my room. I take the envelope out, count the money, and see a picture fall on the bed. Fuck, she’s gorgeous. Long brown hair, hazel eyes, her breasts are mouth-watering. I can tell the picture is a few years old, I gather now she’s probably 26, 27. I see a piece of paper with an address scribbled, probably where she was last seen.

I recognize the place immediately. It’s a fight club I used to be a part of back in the day. It’s a brutal, no rules, fight ’til you blackout or die type of shit. I grab my jacket and head out. There’s about to be a fight there tonight, Femme Fatale Finale where the top fighter of the club will take on the last winner.

I reach my Harley, put my helmet on, and start the engine knowing that if this woman is part of that club - she won’t be missing tonight’s show.

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