The Rouge Alpha.

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Alexis Reed is tired of her life in the pack and decide to run away and become a rouge. Life of a rouge isn't easy and she learns slowly how to adapt and survive through it. Follow her on her journey as a rouge and all the changes that takes place during her time and finally finding love.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1.

"Wake up slave and make me breakfast." Yeah that was my daily morning alarm with several kicks to my stomach by the next in line Alpha of the Blackwood Park that is Mason Blackwood.

My name is Alexis Reed but most people used to call me Alex which this day is omega,slut,slave and many more which I clearly don't remember. I was once happy princess living with her family but it changed one day and I become the pack's slave. Till today I have no idea what caused that to happen as even my family and my friends don't recognize me they disowned me as everyone else my and I got tired of begging and left them alone as the more I begged the more the beating I received.

Groaning I wake up from my worn out mattress on the floor from an underground cell which was transformed to be my room. Today at least I just have two broken ribs which is better than most days where I can't even walk.

Walking to the kitchen I begin to prepare breakfast for the pack. For the next hour I make mountains and mountains of food and sneak back to my room to avoid any confrontation with the pack members.

Tomorrow is my 18th birthday and I am supposed to meet my mate which can either happen or not. I don't know whether to be happy or sad about it because if he is from this pack am sure he is going to reject me as I am worthless and he would be ashamed to be mated to me.

So today I am planning on running away and become a rouge though I know there are many bad consequences to becoming a rouge but for me it was better than the constant beating and starvation by the pack.

The day went by without any events as I kept myself hidden in my room where I packed my old torn clothes in an old school bag I had. According to them a slave shouldn't go to school though I tried learning by hiding some books from the library.

"Amazon are you ready for tonight?" I asked my wolf, I know she is weak from the constant starvation and beating but I have tried feeding well for the past few days and I have gained some energy though not enough but i hope it will help me succeed in my escape.

"Yes I am. I am tired of how they treat you it's time we left this place." I love my wolf she has been there for me in the good and bad days and is always there for me constantly encouraging me since everyone avoided she was the only one I could turn to and she never failed me.

"The feeling is mutual." Its around 5 and I begin making dinner for the pack by the time I am done am extremely tired feeding an entire pack is not easy as werewolves eat a lot. Sneaking some food into my room I eat quietly avoiding attracting noise to myself.

I decided to take a nap before 11 reaches where I will slip through my window and run all the way to the border. Waking up at 10 I snuck to the kitchen and stole some food for survival for a few days. Heading back to my room I packed the food and jumped through the window.

Walking slowly away from the pack house to avoid attracting the guards I went behind a tree and changed to my wolf form and began running in the direction of the border. My wolf is tired as she is not used to all the running as I was not allowed to train with the others. When I crossed the border I could feel all ties to my pack break but I didn't fell bad I appreciated that as they tortured me for too long and i was happy for the sense of freedom finally.

I was lucky I didn't meet with border patrol anyway nobody would notice a useless person like myself has gone missing but that was my luck I manged to escape easily. I continued running until I came to a clearing with a small cave. Checking my surrounding for any other rouges I found none and changed back to my human form ready for some much needed sleep as I was very tired.

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