My Guy Best Friend (MATURE)

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Chapter One


I returned from my college, exhausted. There wasn’t a single day where I wasn’t welcomed with cursing and beating. My life sucked.

I sighed as I saw the time on the clock hung in the hallway, I still had to go to my part time job. As I slowly walked towards the living room, I prayed for my parents to be asleep and gladly they were.

Both of them were passed out in the living room couch, empty beer bottles occupied the living room’s floor. I walked upstairs and changed up, I didn’t have to worry about doing my assignments or anything because I already did them in the college, more time for me to stay away from home.

I was really sleepy but I didn’t dare to take a nap, I couldn’t risk losing my job. I took out a new pair of baggy clothes and walked inside my bathroom.

I stared at my reflection. I had pitch black eyes and long eyelashes, fair white skin and waist length pitch black silky hair, I traced my finger against my red plump lips. I was tall and slim, I had the perfect body but nobody knew how I looked like since I only wore baggy clothes. I was what they liked to call a Tomboy.

Despite such beauty, everyone at college hated me because of the popular girls, I don’t know why they hated me so much. I don’t recall doing anything bad to them or anyone else. I got inside my shower and took a short yet relaxing bath.

After taking a bath, I cleaned my bruises and bandaged them. After that, I wore my new outfit and walked out of my bathroom. I threw my black bag pack over my shoulder after putting my phone and wallet in it.

I left my house once again and made my way towards my workplace.

People say that being a teenager is fun, that we should enjoy this time of life as much as we can. How I wish I could be the average girl with a happy family.

Ever since Dad lost his job, my parents have been depressed. They blamed all of this on me since I was born on the same day when all of this happened.

My parents weren’t your typical type of loving and caring parents, they loathed me but I loved them. I hated myself for being so kind but I couldn’t help it. This was the problem with kind and innocent people, others took advantage of their kindness and innocence.

I heard that life isn’t always perfect and this is a big world, maybe there are other people who are suffering more than me. I shouldn’t be ungrateful.

I reached the cafe that I worked in and entered it. I greeted my co-workers with a smile. They returned it. I went to the back and changed up into my work clothes.

I went to the front and greeted Sofia, my co-worker who was a friendly person, she was elder than me by five years,

“ Hey sofi.” I greeted,

“ Oh hello Grace, how’s college kiddo?” She asked with a smile,

“ It’s good.” Lie,

“ That’s good to hear, here order for table 7 and 8 are ready.” She said and handed me two trays, I held one tray in one hand and passed her a smile,

“ Thanks.” I said and started to work.

Time went by fast, my shift was over. I left my workplace and headed towards home. Today was my last day at work, the contract I signed was expired.

I was told by my teachers that everyone has a right to think, to dream and to explore our imaginary worlds. We all have dreams don’t we? I have mine. I dreamt of spending my life in a small house in a friendly neighbourhood with my happy family.

Something I wasn’t blessed with.

When I reached home, I got inside and heard my parents arguing, it was a daily thing. I didn’t bother to go and ask them to stop because I knew that all the blame would be thrown in my way anyway.

I slowly walked upstairs towards my bedroom and locked my bedroom door. I collapsed on my bed and closed my eyes. I really needed an escape.

I was unable to fall asleep due to nightmares, grabbing my pills from my nightstand, I gulped them down and fell back in my bed. For an 18 year old,
I had so many problems in me.

I just wish I would find my happiness soon...

To Be Continued

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