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Lenora Adams is devoted to riding. It's her life, her passion, but she also uses it as a distraction. Underneath her charmingly disarming smile and crystal image she's struggling with the guilt that clouds her heart. But when Josh meets Lennie he can't help but become enchanted by her. Will he notice her secret pleas for help or does Lennie carry too much baggage for him to take on. Will he choose not to look past the perfect facade everyone else sees or will he help her over come her demons?

Romance / Drama
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It was chaos. Complete and utter chaos by the time she got there. Swarms of people and cars and flashing lights. They said bee hives were well organized, but to the human eye seemed like complete disarray. The scene in front of her made her feel like she was watching a beehive. The buzzing of voices getting louder and louder the closer she got.

Why wasn’t she called sooner? Why wasn’t she the first damn call he made? She was always his first call when things went wrong.

What was different this time?

She’d been driving home from the stables when Sam called her. Her foot had pressed the gas the moment Sam said his name in that tone of voice. All the while the questions whirling through her mind. Why had Sam called her? Why hadn’t he called her himself? Sam and him never even got along very well. In fact they hated each other. They always claimed it was because they were so different, but that wasn’t true. She found their feud amusing because it was really that they were too alike.

It was why they were the two closest people to her besides her brother.

Still it was that feud that confused her now. Why would he call Sam? Why?

It didn’t make sense.

And why were all these damn people here? Oh god she was gonna be sick.

It felt like her senses had never really worked until this moment. Blood rushed through her veins, she could feel each cubic inch of it beneath her skin. She could hear it gushing like the Missouri to her heart and brain. It was gonna make her sick.

Everything was in high definition.

The red, blue, white lights were blinding, like someone was shining them directly at her. It wasn’t true of course, they were flashing normally, but her sense had become acute with adrenaline coursing through her body.

She skimmed the crowd for a face she knew well. She knew Sam was here so she was especially looking for him. But really it didn’t matter, she’d settle for anyone who could tell her where he was without an issue. It seemed like the whole god damn town was here after all.

Deep down she would later realize, even now, even in this moment she knew the truth of the matter. All along it had only been a matter of time. In the end it was no surprise.


She spun around at the sound of her name to see a shaggy blonde head pushing towards her through the crowd. The boy’s face was pale, with raspberry splotches under and around his eyes.

“Sam, where is he? Where is he?”

Her hands gripped his shoulders, fisting the fabric of his jacket— white knuckles. Once she had her grip on him he became a source of support, her legs shaking so much she could barely stand in one place. They’d give out from underneath her. Any moment now. Sam’s arms wrapped around her waist as she shook him.

His skin, usually golden and warm was paler than the moon above their heads. And Lennie would not categorise Sam as one of the faint hearted. He had nerves of steel, or was it balls of steel? Maybe he had both.

“Lennie, Lennie please. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” His voice wavered as he shook his head slowly.


“I’m sorry.” He repeated, voice strained and in a moment it was like all the energy was expelled from her body like a bullet from a gun. She collapsed into his arms. Tears, pain, agony. His words were excruciating. Her heart was exhausted.

Later she would see him one last time.

Later she would have to pick herself back up.


But for now, for now she lay in Sam’s arms. Now she fell apart at the seams.

A/N- Eh? Eh? What do we think? What happened?

I know it’s a little confusing, but it’s supposed to be haha

We’ll get into the present in the next chapter!

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