Delicious Temptation

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Lee Fenton has been developing feelings for his curvy 18 year old stepdaughter, Fiona. Little does he know, Fiona feels the same way.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Lee Fenton had been married to Suzanne Marx for nearly three years, years that had grown increasingly more miserable as they passed. Suzanne was snobby, chilly, and frigid. They hadn't had sex in nearly seven months, which was actually fine with Lee, because he no longer had any attraction to her whatsoever. He was still an incredibly sexual being, so this lack of physical intimacy was beginning to wear on him, despite his daily masturbation sessions, which were increasing in frequency.

Now it was the beginning of summer and Suzanne was about to leave for Shanghai on one of her business trips, and Lee was greatly looking forward to her departure. So was his stepdaughter Fiona. Suzanne wasn't very kind to her daughter, in fact often she could be downright cruel. Even though Fiona was a straight A student who played the clarinet and had gotten into an Ivy League school, Suzanne never stopped tormenting the 18 years old about her weight.

Fiona had a very curvy body, with large and bountiful breasts. With her thick hourglass figure, creamy skin, bright green eyes and long tumble of red hair, she could easily be a plus size model. She was physically the opposite of her mother. Suzanne was brittle and twig-thin, with muddy-colored brown eyes and straight dark hair worn short, no softness whatsoever to her body. She didn't enjoy food, she spent hours running mindlessly on the treadmill and ate egg-white omlettes. There seemed to be something about her daughter's voluptuous body that she found threatening. She took every opportunity to snipe at her, dropping nasty comments here and there, at mealtimes and whenever Fiona dressed to go out, especially in the summer.

Despite her mother's efforts, the 18 year old had a healthy sense of self-esteem and seemed to like her body exactly the way it was, which infuriated the self-conscious Suzanne to no end. Fiona simply started to avoid the house when her mother was around, which made Lee sad. He didn't want to be forced to spend time around his wife either, truth be told, she was often as cutting and vicious to him as she was to poor Fiona. Now, thankfully, she was thousands of miles away, and it was a beautiful, warm sunny day. Lee smiled as he poured himself a cup of coffee, relishing the quiet morning in his kitchen, no Suzanne rushing around with cable News blaring ominously in the background, dumping packet after packet of artificial sweetener into her coffee. No, it was just a nice day, full of possibilities.

Lee heard footsteps coming down the stairs and turned around just as Fiona entered the kitchen. Her fiery hair was still messy from sleep, spilling down around her shoulders in coppery ringlets. A robe was draped around her but hanging open so that Lee could see the small shorts and tank top that she was wearing underneath. He tried not to let his eyes linger for too long on her, but he couldn't help himself. To be honest, for some time now Lee had become attracted to his stepdaughter, had been fantasizing about her. He remembered the first time, it was right after she'd gotten her college acceptance letter. He and Suzanne had taken Fiona out for a celebratory dinner. He'd found himself wishing that it was just he and his stepdaughter. They would have had a better time.

Suzanne was a difficult customer. Whenever they went out to eat, she always found something to complain about. She'd picked joylessly at a salad while he ate a delicious steak with potatoes and Fiona ordered scallops and linguine in a creamy garlic and white wine sauce. It smelled delicious. Lee and his stepdaughter had a similar love of good food and cooking. He happened to know that she had an excellent palate. Suzanne, of course, had gone on and on about fat and carbohydrates, even going so far at one point as to mention that if Fiona wanted to have a boyfriend when she went to college, or ever---she might want to stay away from the pasta. Fiona simply smiled good-naturedly and took another bite, thanking her mother politely for the advice, which threw Suzanne into sulky silence, having been deprived of the joy of emotionally injuring her daughter. While she was glaring down at her lettuce, Fiona's eyes had met Lee's across the table and they exchanged a smile.

Something warm engulfed him at that moment. He saw her not just as his funny, kind, brilliant stepdaughter and instead as a beautiful, sensual woman. It was as if Suzanne had vanished from beside him, along with all of the other restaurant patrons. Now it was just he and Fiona, and Lee was captivated by her, her pale skin aglow in the candlelight, her plump lips accented by gloss. She wore a purple dress that clung to her curves and pushed up her ample, mouthwatering breasts. Lee found himself thinking less than wholesome thoughts and later that night when they'd returned home and all gone to bed, he'd found that he was incredibly aroused. Naturally, Suzanne was not in the mood and so he had gone downstairs to the rec room to jack off. As he took his cock in hand, he found himself thinking about Fiona, the way the purple dress had hugged her ass and tits. For the first time, he let himself imagine what she looked like naked, pictured her ripe full breasts dangling in front of his face. It didn't take him long that night to come; he came hard just at the thought of those luscious globes, not daring to allow the fantasy to go further.

But now, now things were different. Now there was...real temptation. The two of them were alone in the house and Lee's feelings had only grown.

''Morning,'' said Fiona with a smile as she reached for a cup and then poured herself some coffee. Lee smiled back at her. ''Morning. What would you like for breakfast?'' he asked.

''Wow.'' His stepdaughter feigned surprise. ''I don't think I've ever been asked that in this house. Not since I was like, 7.'' She seemed to be thinking. Then her bright green eyes lit up. '' about French Toast?''

That sounded delicious to Lee. ''I can't remember the last time I had homemade French Toast,'' he said, and his stomach growled in hunger at the thought. Fiona let out a giggle. ''I'll take that as a yes.''

She got to work pulling out bread and eggs, preparing their breakfast. ''Hey, why don't you let me do that?'' Lee found himself saying. ''You worked hard all year, you deserve to be waited on a little. Let me make you breakfast.''

Fiona looked mildly startled, then pleased. A smile curved up the corners of her full mouth. ''Ok,'' she said. ''How about you make the French Toast and I'll squeeze some fresh orange juice.''

''Deal,'' answered Lee, returning the smile. They got to work and a very pleasant atmosphere settled over the kitchen. All of the tension that usually draped the house had seemingly evaporated. The patio door was open, letting in a pleasant breeze. It was shaping up to be a beautiful weekend. ''So, got any plans for today?'' he asked his stepdaughter. Fiona shrugged. ''I was just going to hang around here,'' she replied. ''Kick back, you know, maybe catch up on some fun reading.''

Lee was pleased by this, though he tried not to let on too much. He'd expected her to vanish early the way she usually did, going out to meet up with her friends. ''What about you?'' Fiona asked him. ''Same,'' he admitted, turning over a piece of toast with the spatula. ''I'm actually all caught up with work for once, if you can believe that.'' Lee was a very successful software developer, but he had a very full work load. Usually, he was grateful for the distraction when Suzanne was around, but now she was gone and he no longer felt the need to hide by drowning himself in various projects. For once, the day loomed bright and unencumbered, brimming with potential.

Since it was such a lovely morning, Lee and Fiona had breakfast on the patio, savouring the marvellous homemade French toast dusted with powdered sugar, crisp slices of bacon, and orange juice. They took time to really enjoy the meal, something that they hadn't been able to do in awhile.

By afternoon the day had grown even hotter than had been predicted, and Fiona decided to go for a swim. She figured that this would be a good opportunity to try out her new bathing suit; it was a two piece, bought to wear when she went to the beach with her friends. She wouldn't dare usually wear something like that around the house, not because she was ashamed of her body, but because Suzanne was, and Fiona just didn't feel like fighting anymore. Over the past few years, she had learned to pick her battles when it came to her mother. Evasion seemed to be the best strategy. Yet now Suzanne was far away, and Fiona felt very comfortable around Lee, perhaps a little too comfortable if she was being honest with herself.

She supposed that she had always had a bit of an attraction to him, but one that she'd kept fairly suppressed. Fiona liked her stepfather; he was intelligent, kind and funny. And he had never once made her feel bad about herself for any reason, quite the opposite, in fact. He was always encouraging, trying to build her up whenever Suzanne tore her down. Fiona heaved a deep, heavy sigh as she thought about her mother. Soon, she would be far away at school, building her own future, and there would be no more constant, cruel nagging. She decided that she was going to enjoy this reprieve, enjoy her home for at least a little while before she left it.

Fiona headed out onto the patio, her tablet in hand and a towel draped across her shoulders. She spread the large towel over one of the lounge chaises by the pool and then settled on top of it, revealing her bikini-clad body to the sun. The suit was, admittedly, much skimpier than anything she'd owned before. It was white with tiny blue flowers. Her very full breasts strained at the top, leaving little to the imagination. Several hours passed as Fiona relaxed by the pool, enjoying the beautiful day, reading some of her favourite trashy erotica. Soon, she found herself growing rather horny. That was nothing new, however. She had a high sex drive, usually masturbating discreetly at least once a day. When she finished a particularly spicy story, she realized that her suit bottom was damp and her pussy was tingling. Fiona decided to go for a swim to try and cool off"in more ways than one.

She got up and walked down the stairs into the shallow end of the large in-ground pool. As she continued to wade in, she heard the patio door open and then saw Lee walk towards her. He waved to her and then started cleaning his grill and she sank into the water and swam back and forth. The thought of hamburgers and steaks made her stomach growl. Fiona paused and treaded water for a few minutes, and while she did she found herself surreptitiously watching Lee. At 42, he was very attractive and could easily pass for mid-thirties. He was incredibly fit, working out several times a week and going for long runs. He had dark hair and eyes that were a clear, deep blue.

Unconsciously, Fiona shifted closer to the pool wall as she watched him, where the bubble jet for the filter pulsed out a steady stream. She began to rock up against it, strategically positioning her body so that the jet was aimed right between her legs. Realization suddenly dawned and though she had wanted to continue and probably could have, she turned and went back to swimming. ''The heat must be getting to me,'' she thought, shaking her head. Fiona ducked down under the water and then came up in the shallow end, standing. When she opened her eyes and blinked away stray droplets clinging to her eyelashes, she saw Lee staring right at her, specifically, at her breasts, which were straining against the white, wet bikini top. Once he saw that she was aware of him, he swallowed and turned away quickly, going back to scrubbing the grill with a new earnestness. Fiona smiled. Before Lee had turned away from her, she saw what else he was trying to hide: the large bulge in the front of his pants.

Fiona climbed out of the pool, pretending that she hadn't seen anything. She went inside, heading upstairs where she stripped off her wet bathing suit and hung it up to dry. Then she climbed into the shower. As she rinsed the chlorine from her body and relaxed under the warm spray, she took a long, honest look at her feelings for Lee. She couldn't get him out of her head. Temptation was right in front of her face and growing stronger all the time. Fiona had always known that her stepfather liked her, but she'd never dared to dream that he might be sexually attracted to her as well. The possibilities, wicked possibilities, that now presented themselves made the 18 year old almost dizzy. She kept thinking about the very large erection that her stepfather had been sporting while ogling her breasts. They were impressive, Fiona knew, as she looked appraisingly down at herself. She thrilled at the thought that it was her voluptuous body that had so aroused him. But how to proceed? For the time being, Fiona decided, she was going to act like nothing had changed, which, technically, it hadn't. She was now still quite turned on, all of her earlier arousal from before her swim had only amplified after her poolside encounter with Lee. Fiona turned the water off and wrapped herself in a towel as she stepped out of the shower. She'd resisted taking care of herself while in there, because sometimes, she had found, it was even better to stretch out the tension, but now Fiona wasn't sure how long she was going to last.

Fiona towel-dried her hair and spritzed it with sea salt serum to create a wavy, beach look. Then she pulled a white sundress out of the closet. Lee had seemed to appreciate the colour on her earlier, she thought with a smile as she slipped it on. It was form-fitting, hugging her curves well and emphasizing her hourglass figure. The top half of the dress was also rather low-cut, displaying her cleavage in a tantalizing way. Slipping on her sandals, Fiona splashed some floral perfume on her neck, gave herself an approving last look in the mirror and then headed downstairs in search of Lee.

Lee figured that maybe the early summer heat was getting to him. But then he had to admit that no, it wasn't just the heat, it was a lot of suppressed desire bubbling urgently to the surface, seeking an outlet. He scrubbed harder at the grill with a brush, trying to get the image of Fiona in her swimsuit out of his mind, but it was no use. She was now burned behind his eyelids. Those curvy hips, those breasts; he had now glimpsed more of them than he'd ever had before, and he was dying to see everything. He was getting hard again just thinking about it, Lee realized with dismay. Fiona must have seen him earlier, though he'd tried to hide it. He worried that his stepdaughter had been utterly disgusted with him, but there had been instead a strange new look in her eyes, almost warm and hungry, if he wasn't mistaken. It made Lee truly wonder if there might be some possibility that Fiona was sexually attracted to him. The thought made him feel both excited and sick at the same time. The excitement, however, was winning out over the fear. He wasn't sure now how to proceed, so he decided to just watch and wait. After he finished cleaning the grill, Lee went back into the house to grab a cold beer and decide what to make for dinner. He hadn't had free reign in the kitchen for awhile, and he was determined to make the most of it. Since the grill was clean now, he decided to put it to good use and cook some steaks, he knew that Fiona liked them.

As he was closing the fridge door, Lee saw his stepdaughter enter the room. His mouth went dry as he saw the skimpy, clinging white sundress that she was wearing, her luscious tits again on display. For him, it seemed. This couldn't be a coincidence, could it? Lee willed his heart to stop pounding, tried to stop the blood from rushing south, which seemed to be a near-impossible task. ''Mmm,'' she said with a smile, looking at the t-bones in his hand. ''Are we having steak tonight?''

Managing a nod, Lee replied, ''Yeah, I figured since the grill is clean I'd fire it up.''

''Sounds great,'' she said. ''I can be in charge of sides and salad if you want.''

''Absolutely,'' he answered. ''I'm just gonna marinate these for a little while.''

Fiona tossed her hair back. ''Cool. In that case, I'm gonna run to the store and pick up a few things, kay?''

''Sure thing, hon,'' he said, and she gave him another glowing smile and then left the room. Once he had the steaks prepared and he'd heard Fiona depart through the front door, Lee breathed out a huge sigh. He was in deeper than he'd thought. Well, for the time being there was only one thing to be done about it. He was going to have to relieve some of the tension before Fiona got back from the store.

Lee headed into his office, closing the door behind him. Sinking down onto the couch, he palmed his growing erection through his pants and then, after a moment or so pulled out his cock. Wrapping a hand around it, he allowed images of Fiona to come sliding across his mind, the same images that he had been trying to force away earlier. He imagined being in the pool with her. Undoing the straps of the flimsy white bikini top, baring her breasts to him, splashed with droplets of water. He imagined closing his hands over the soft, forbidden flesh, kneading and squeezing. God, he was almost there already, Lee realized as his hand moved faster and faster.

Fiona reentered the house, having realized that she'd forgotten her phone. It was lying on the kitchen table. She didn't see Lee anywhere, but as she walked down the hall, she noticed that the door to his office was closed, but not entirely. In Lee's haste, he had forgotten to shut it all the way. There was a sliver of space enough to see into the room, but also there were certain...sounds emanating from the office that intrigued Fiona when they reached her ears. Unmistakeable moaning sounds, but not of pain. Of...pleasure. Those sounds set loose a strange warm feeling of recognition in her lower belly and she crept closer, needing to indulge her curiosity. Very quietly, Fiona peered through the slightly open door. Her eyes widened at the sight that greeted her: her stepfather sitting sprawled on the couch, his head tilted back, lips parted. Her gaze dropped lower to his lap and focused on the impressive cock in his hand, which he was working very rapidly. Skin flushing, Fiona began to feel wetness pooling in her panties as all of her earlier frustrations came clamouring back, spilling through her.

''Oh,'' she breathed softly. If there was any lingering doubt in her mind that she was attracted to Lee, it vanished utterly at that moment. She was seeing him in an entirely new light today, not just as her stepfather, but as a man, a very handsome man, well-endowed and with clear sexual appetites. Fiona found herself licking her lips. She now heard more sounds escape him: ''yes, that's it baby, don't stop...aww, fuck, Fiona, yes.''

Her heart skidded and skipped, turning over in her chest. Had she really just heard that? It dizzied her. Fiona knew that he had been aroused by her earlier, but she hadn't dared to truly entertain the thought that he might want her. Now, however, was proof. He was jerking off to the thought of her. And he was about to come, by the looks of it; his hips were bucking up and down, the movements of his hand quicker and more erratic. Fiona wanted nothing more than to watch him climax, knowing that it was she who had brought him to that point, but she needed to get out of the house while he was still preoccupied. The last thing she wanted was to be caught and then have Lee be awkward around her.

Shaking herself back to reality, Fiona darted down the hall, snatched her phone off the kitchen table, and practically sprinted out the front door and into her car. At the grocery store, she could barely concentrate, her mind was humming with the implications of what she had seen and heard. How to proceed? Where did they stand now? Clearly, the nature of their relationship was changing drastically, at least in both of their minds. But would that translate into anything real, anything physical, or would they both be too afraid? Could she go through with something like that? Fiona wondered as she perused the selection of produce, picking some fresh greens for a salad. Even though her mother had never been exactly kind to her, could she really betray her to the extent of sleeping with her husband? Despite all of her anger towards Suzanne, Fiona was, at her core, softhearted and honest, and doing something like that would feel so wrong. And yet... Her mind fluttered back to the image of Lee that was now scorched into her retinas, the beauty of him, observed in that private moment with his long legs splayed out and his head fallen back, moans and gasps and shallow breathing.

Fiona's hand shook as she selected a few tomatoes and put them in a bag, focusing on the smooth skin of the fruit beneath her fingers. Dinner, that's what she needed to concentrate her attentions on now. She decided to make asparagus and roasted potatoes as a side, with fresh rosemary and maybe some chives. Suzanne did not approve of potatoes, she thought that they were too starchy. True, but they were also delicious as hell, and healthy in moderation if prepared right. Fiona actually felt sorry for Suzanne in many ways, because she didn't really seem to enjoy life very much at all. And good food was there to be enjoyed.

Fiona liked to cook, and for the most part she had a healthy and balanced diet for a teenager. And despite what her mother said, her shape and weight were healthy too, given her height and bone structure, even her doctor had said so. Nobody really seemed to find fault with it, except Suzanne. She was popular at school, had lots of friends, and she was not a virgin; she'd had sex before, more than once, and had thoroughly enjoyed it. Fiona just honestly wasn't interested in having a boyfriend in high school, she was too busy. Much of her focus had been on her grades, and getting into a good college, moving out into the world on her own, away from Suzanne.

Her heart felt very heavy for a moment as she wondered if her mother would ever love her, if she'd ever be enough. With a sigh, Fiona shook these thoughts away and resumed her shopping, focused now on having a nice dinner with her stepfather.

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