Delicious Temptation

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Chapter 3

Lee stopped breathing for a moment as his eyes hungrily roved over her breasts, exposed to him at last. They were better than he'd ever imagined in his most feverish fantasies. ''Oh, Fi,'' he breathed, once he could speak. ''You're so beautiful, baby.'' He moved even closer. Fiona felt her pussy begin to tingle under his approving gaze. She loved that she was exciting him so.

Lee's hand reached out, almost in slow motion, and then closed over one of her globes. Fiona sighed at the warmth of his big hand against her skin. His other hand came up and grabbed the other one. He tested the weight of them, squeezing and kneading, rubbing his thumbs over her stiff nipples. ''That feels so nice, Lee,'' came her breathy voice. Her eyelids fell closed as she absorbed the sensation. He inched them closer to the couch in response. ''Sit back, baby,'' he said, pushing her down gently onto the cushions. He removed his hands from her irresistible titties just long enough to reach down between her curvy thighs, rubbing her clit through her tiny shorts, noticing with delight that they were already damp. That fabric was the only barrier between them now, once they came off, and he laid eyes on her glistening pussy, he would be finished. This was really happening. His eyes met hers. She didn't seem frightened at all. She seemed sure. As if reading Lee's mind, Fiona said, ''I'm not a kid anymore. I'm not a virgin, either. I know what I'm doing. I know what I want.'' Her hand closed over his, guiding him to the waistband of her shorts, then helping him to slide them down her legs and off. She allowed her legs to fall open slightly, providing him with a perfect view of her gorgeous, shaved snatch. Moisture glistened on her soft pink folds, her clit was swollen and standing up. Fiona was undoubtably aroused. Lee sat down beside her and pressed his lips to hers, joining their mouths in a deep, sensual kiss, before his fingers returned to her sex, touching her sensitive flesh directly.

Fiona let out a moan of delight as she felt the press of Lee's fingers against her engorged nub. He began to stimulate her, rubbing in a circular motion, gentle at first and then faster as she began to rock and buck her hips. Her breasts jiggled slightly with the motion and as he found her drenched opening and slid a finger inside of her, Lee bent his head down and captured one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking and flicking at it with his tongue. Fiona gasped. She could barely believe that this was happening, that she was sprawled naked on the couch with Lee's fingers in her cunt and his mouth on her tit. She was extra horny because she hadn't taken care of herself earlier, and the tension had been brought to a near boiling point. At this rate, she was going to come hard and fast, Fiona could already feel an orgasm right around the corner. Lee could feel it too, the way her walls clutched wetly around his fingers, the noises she was making as she rocked against his hand. ''That's it sweetheart,'' he whispered, curving his digits at a certain angle inside of her heat, felt the spot that he knew would finish her and pressed against it, hard. A scream pulsed from Fiona's throat as she spasmed and shook, waves of bliss crashing over her.

''Good girl,'' Lee whispered, kissing her again as he withdrew his fingers. It took Fiona a minute to recover but once she did she immediately reached out her hands to close over the tent in his pants. ''Let me touch you,'' she begged, and he was more than happy to oblige. Lee unbuckled his pants and pushed them down, shucking them off along with his boxers, letting his swollen cock spring free. It was bigger and more beautiful that Fiona had expected, the engorged purple-red tip already shimmering with precome. Her hand closed over it, wrapping around the base and then tugging upward. Lee let out a hiss at the feeling of her warm, soft hand on his prick. She began to stroke him, almost too softly at first while she got a feel for it, but then she gripped him more firmly and pumped him harder and faster the way he liked, the way she had seen him handle himself earlier that same day.

''Uuuuh,'' he grunted, the sound a savage one. ''Yes, that's it, Fi. Oh, you're so good.'' He looked imploringly down at her, gently resting his fingers over hers. ''Put it in your mouth, baby, please,'' he said. ''I need you to suck me.'' His instructions inflamed Fiona and she leaned forward excitedly, closing her lips around him, getting used to his thickness and size"he was by far the largest she'd ever had. This wasn't a boy's cock, it was a man's cock, and she wanted to be able to take it, to please Lee the way that he had pleased her. Bobbing her head up and down, Fiona built a rhythm, careful to alternate between fast and slow, licking and sucking, running her tongue along the tip, which made him jerk and gasp. She took him as deep as she could, opening her throat until he bumped the back of it and her eyes watered. The animal noise of pleasure that Lee made when she did that made it all worth it, and Fiona was quite proud of herself.

For his part, Lee was in heaven. His gorgeous, curvy young stepdaughter was sucking him clean, giving him some of the best head he'd ever gotten. It had been so fucking long, he realized as his eyes fluttered closed with pleasure. Suzanne had never wanted oral sex, either giving or receiving. But now he needed her to stop, he desperately wanted to be inside of Fiona and that wasn't going to happen if she kept this up. He reached down and took hold of her hair, pulling gently. ''Fi, baby, that's enough.'' She paused and then released him, almost reluctantly. ''I liked that,'' she said. ''You taste good.''

''I have something else that you're going to like,'' he told her, holding out his hand. She accepted it and he helped her to her feet. ''Let's go into the bedroom so that I can give it to you.''

''Let's go to my room,'' Fiona suggested. Lee nodded in agreement. He didn't want to make love to her on the bed that he'd shared with Suzanne. His stepdaughter opened the door and led him over to her bed. She climbed on, they lay back, her nude body displayed enticingly for him, waiting. Lee leaned down and pressed his mouth between Fiona's curvy thighs. She gasped and rocked up her hips. She tasted so sweet, so delicious. He rubbed her juicy little clit with his tongue, sucked on the swollen nub. Her cunt was like ripe fruit. Fiona moaned wantonly at the pleasure, barely recognizing the sound of her own voice. ''Oh, oh Lee that's perfect,'' she cried out, and in answer he swiped his tongue inside of her silken wetness. She convulsed in orgasm, her legs shook and Lee tasted a flood of her come.

Then he repositioned himself on the bed, but first he removed the rest of his clothes. Fiona stared admiringly at his body, dark and unmistakeable lust glittering in her eyes. ''I want you on top,'' he explained as he leaned back. Fiona climbed over him eagerly, taking his thick rod in hand as she straddled him, lining the tip right up with her entrance. ''You ready?'' she asked. Lee nodded. ''Yes baby. So ready.''

She began to sink down onto him, to slowly take him inside of her body. He was bigger than she'd ever experienced, obviously, so it took a minute to adjust, but then she finally came down all the way, the entirety of his length now buried in her tight pussy. Fiona began to rock up and down, trying to find her rhythm. Lee put his hands on her hips, guiding her. ''That's it, sweetheart,'' he said encouragingly. ''Ride my cock. Do you like the way it feels inside of you?''

''Yes,'' she breathed, bouncing a little harder, making her breasts jiggle in a delightful way.

''Play with your titties,'' Lee instructed, and Fiona obliged, her hands closing over her bountiful globes, squeezing them as she moved. ''Pinch those nipples. That's it. God, you're so beautiful.''

Fiona felt a little zing of electricity right to her pussy as she pinched her own hard nipples. The look on her stepfather's face and his heated words added to this"she loved the way that she could drive him wild, it made her feel gorgeous and powerful. She changed her rhythm a little bit, rolling her hips and grinding on him. Lee growled and thrust up, the head of his prick grazing that secret pleasure spot deep inside of her. Fiona rocked and ground against him, the friction of their bodies creating shockwaves all through her. Almost there. She leaned forward, bouncing eagerly, her long hair falling into her face. ''You're getting so wet, Fi,'' he said ''You're gonna come, aren't you? That's it, come on daddy's cock.''

And then she did. Lee felt her pussy walls flutter and clench as Fiona gasped and cried out, continuing to ride him. ''Oh yes! Yes! Lee, I'm coming! God, it's incredible!'' The look on her face triggered his own orgasm with a fierce intensity, he shuddered and bucked, clutching her hips as jets of his hot seed shot up inside of her.

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