Pavements to Success With Band Groupies

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Addison Rae finds herself stuck in a situation when a famous rockstar notices her from a past drunken encounter. Enjoy her ride through fame and wonder as she falls for her least-loved musician.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I'm looking around behind the curtain and watching the people bobbing their heads and feeling the music, my attention is then turned to what they're all looking at that's when I see him. He's standing there in all his beauty, I know he's not the easiest person to deal with, and half the time I swear he was designed as my complete opposite but I know his heart is always meaning well. Even when I'm at his throat and swear I would love to just toss his little ass off the stage, as much as I hate this man my love for him was somewhere deep down. I guess over the months I stuffed it somewhere deep down in the darkest nook of my heart. I swallowed hard as someone behind me is adjusting my outfit and slipping an earpiece around my ear and I finish pushing it inside my ears. Let me just start at the beginning to catch you up to speed how the hell we got here in the first place.

Lilly got us tickets to her favorite singer, I reluctantly was dragged out after a hectic week of work for my birthday. I use that lightly because I actually did not like the singer we were going to see, I can't say hated since it's fairly hard for me to hate someone or something I only took two seconds to listen to and just decide to switch stations or turn it off altogether. However, Lilly was a huge fan, yeah. I'm talking about screaming and fanning her face when a tall brown haired guy took the stage, I plugged my ears as I headed over to a vendor for something to get me through this experience. Several beers later, a few hours later I might have even enjoyed myself a little as I watched him slam on a guitar and sing to the crowd. This man was literally all over the place and put on a good show, just would have been completely amazing if I actually knew or enjoyed his music. When people started to trickle out Lillian's hand found mine, "Happy Birthday babe, I have one more thing for your Birthday." I rolled my eyes, "What now Lilly?" She smiled brightly as she withdrew two lanyards from her pockets, the red passes read BACKSTAGE VIP on them. "What's this?" I questioned as I took one into my hand. "VIP, we're actually going to meet him, can you believe it?!" She was in hysterics, this was not a treat for me this was about Lilly, still I pretended to be happy. "Ohmygod! Thank you so much LIL!" I tried to sound excited like this was something I dreamed of. All in all, I was lucky to even meet someone famous.

Before I could even give it anymore thought I was being dragged behind the stage and in a large room with sofas and a bar. I guess this was the hangout because a few groupies and people started to fill the room. Everything was relaxed as I ordered a drink, finally, I could have liquor. I took the drink straight and let the liquid fall down my throat, I ordered another when I could hear Lilly scream. I just shook my head, he must be here so I turned around and there he was. To my surprise, he was standing right in front of me in all his glory. He stood towering over me, long brown hair wet and tired. A bead of sweat had glistened off of his brow as he smiled down at me, his music eh, everything about him that stood before me? Yum. "Hey," He greeted me in a low and husky tone, I shook the thoughts from my head as I answered, "Hey." I responded as the bartender handed me a drink, I turned around and took my drink as he ordered his. "Whiskey on the rocks." He looked at me and cock eyebrow up, "Same?" he was pointing at my drink. I nodded and threw it back and put the glass down and asked for another. "Cool..." He seemed so quiet and awkward, very different from his rebellious attitude on stage, or maybe he was just waiting for me to throw myself at him. The bartender returned with more drinks, after he knocked his back he found the courage to ask me one simple question. "Did you enjoy the show tonight?" I turned my face to him, he was leaning back against the bar and was watching the group of people mingle and talk. Most were smoking and drinking, "Uh-yeah. You put on a good show." He nodded in response and took another drink, "So you're a big fan I hear?" I tried my best to hold back a laugh but it must have escaped because he turned to face me. "I'm sorry." I apologized still laughing, he began to smile and laugh himself. "Okay, so not a fan I take it?" I apologized again as I turned around to watch the group, my eyes falling on Lilly. She was laughing and talking with people so easily, God she was a perfect creature. She knew it too because she was flirting and talking with someone and getting a little closer.

"Yeah, I mean I knew a couple songs, but I was really dragged here by the redhead. She loves you, I swear she could probably rattle off anything you've ever said in an interview." We both laughed, he reached out a hand to me. "Well I'm sorry you don't enjoy my music, but I'm still glad you came...?" He was waiting for my name, "Addison, but everyone calls me Addie." His hand was turned out to me, I took it and shook his hand. "Clayton, but everyone around here calls me Mo Speed-Hitta." I shook my head and took another drink as I laughed to myself, "Uh, what a name." He nodded and laughed agreeing, "Look it was the only thing I could think of. It's for the kids man," He sounded like he was pleading for his defense. He was studying my face closely, just looking at me with a weird expression as if he was thinking hard. "I feel like I've met you before." I shook my head, like I would really forget meeting a beautiful creature like him. "I don't think so. Sorry." He wagged a finger, "Yes I did. You can sing can't you?" I shook my head furiously. "No. I have no idea what you're talking about." I lifted my now empty glass and the bartender slide me another.

Speed shook his head as if he didn't believe me, suddenly he disappeared. Thank God. I silently said to myself, then the music started playing softly, I knew the song but it was acoustic completely different than what I was used to. I hummed to myself as he appeared before me, clearly, it wasn't up to everyone else's' standards because everyone looked around until they stopped on Speed. "Can't count the years on one hand, I need the other one to hold you." He sang to me softly, Oh no. Suddenly it was coming back to me, months back after work I had hit a bar by myself something I don't do for a good reason. Nothing bad happened I just sang very drunkenly to this song. "I can't deny, can't deny you're worth it." I slide a hand to cover my embarrassment, my face must have been blushing as everyone was watching him sing to me. "You know the words, c'mon! Sing it." I struggled with myself as he reached for my hand, I turned my back to everyone as I took a quick drink. "And after all the time, I'm still into you." I started out softly, "I should be over all the butterflies but I'm into you." The room beside our song was quiet, I turned around he sang to me as I sang back the chorus to him. We were smiling and laughing and dancing around each other like no one else was watching. He locked a hand around the back of my head as he pressed his forehead to mine, "Some things just make sense, and that's you and I. And even after all this time." He was singing softly and looking to my eyes as if he meant and felt what he was singing. "I'm still into you," I sang back softly. The song carried us away, as it ended he lifted my hand and we bowed, I was surprised when a few people lifted their hands to clap. It was over after that, Speed was hounding me about doing music and making songs. I hated to sing in front of people.

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