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Recovering from a painful breakup, Vanessa travels across the globe with her best friend, that is where she meets Marcus. Marcus is a waiter with a regrettable past that seems to follow him wherever he goes. He doesn’t need the job but he wants to get away from the trouble he's caused. Join Marcus and Vanessa in their story. Will they choose love over fear? Or will fear shut them down. “Marcus look at me,” she says as she grabs his face “they won’t hurt me, don’t let fear ruin what we could have. If they do hurt me, then know I wanted this, I wanted you, I’ll be happy,” He shakes his head “No, Vanessa you don’t know them…” **This book is now being heavily edited. Like HEAVILY**

Romance / Drama
Meticulous Rice
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Chapter 1

This was the first book I wrote so read at your own risk :) The only reason it's still up on my page is because it's where I started.

You'll find errors, plot holes, and pretty fast pacing but if you can read past that then enjoy!

Do check out my other and much improved books though. Xx



Groaning, Vanessa rubbed her eyes. She never hated waking up more than right now.

Her face felt blotchy and swollen. Her nail bitten hand brushed against the damp pillow her pounding head rested upon. Her puffy eyes opened, and her heart tugged painfully.

She felt like she had been laying in bed for a lifetime, yet it wasn’t long enough to escape her reality. The only way she could escape, slip through the fingers of fate, was through sleep. Only then did she find a sense of calmness.

Two days ago she had thought it would be an excellent idea to surprise her boyfriend of three years and come home early to surprise him with a nice homemade dinner and some red wine. Being the owner of her photography studio, it made it easy for her to get off whenever she pleased.

Parking her car, she made her way up the stairs only to find the door unlocked. How many times did she have to remind Dylan to lock the door! He would always forget. She needed to stick a red sign on the door as a reminder.

Walking in, a strong feminine smell invaded her nose, that was not her perfume. The scent was potent; it was fruity and sweet, definitely not Vanessa’s perfume.

Looking up, her eyes widened, and a sudden coldness hit her core causing her to drop her keys.

All heads turn around at the sound of the keys clanking on the floor.

Vanessa couldn’t believe her eyes, she shook her head in denial, she always feared this moment.

Her boyfriend was all over another girl, his hair disheveled, shirt unbuttoned and belt unbuckled. He looked into her eyes, looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

She stayed rooted in her place as her hand flew to cover her trembling lips.

He scrambled to his feet, his chest rising and falling rapidly.

“Nessa, I swear it is not what it looks like.”

She pressed her lips tightly, her eyes beginning to sting.

“Oh, so then what is it? What else could it be, hm? My boyfriend is making out on MY couch with another lady.”

“MY COUCH, but what could it be hmm? Do you think I’m dumb? Do you think you can manipulate me again, Dylan?” She said, her voice shaky.

“I’m not sure what lies you can use to help yourself out of this one, because I am not blind and what I saw was very real-”

“I swear Nessa, I love you please don’t do this-”

“DON’T, don’t you even dare to say you love me not when you are smothering another woman’s face with kisses in our home.”

“How could you stoop so low, Dylan? If you weren’t happy with me, why not just tell me instead of going behind my back and fucking other women?”

“Was I not enough?” she paused while Dylan looks speechless.

“What is she even doing in our apartment hm? Please enlighten me, Dylan,” she asked, her brows drawing in together.

“Nessa, I swear it. We were just having a friendly dinner like colleagues do and then… Well then things just escalated and I don’t know what happened. I’m so sorry Nessa, please. Please don’t leave me,” he lied.

Dylan looked away from her, breaking their eye contact, not knowing what else to say. She noticed something in his eyes and she dare not say he might have looked sorry. She knew he wasn’t. He was sorry he got caught.

Did he think they could sort it out when she caught him cheating on her... Did he think she could trust him again or had he lost his mind?

“Colleagues do not have dinner together... Alone, in their girlfriend’s apartment…” She snorted.

“Just get out Dylan... and take your colleague with you,” she said while emphasizing on the word colleague and giving the woman a despising glare.

Taking a hard, obvious swallow he tried again, “But Nessa-”


She collapsed on her knees, feeling dizzy as she squeezed her eyes shut for a moment.

“Please get out, I don’t need an explanation from you, besides, there is nothing for you to explain.”

“I saw it all right in front of me. I’m glad I did because God only knows how long your fuckboy actions have been going on for. Don’t call me, don’t text me. Just stay away from me,” she said, scooting away from the doorway, pressing a hand to her abdomen.

Dylan walked out of the apartment looking down, hiding his amused face. He’s never seen this feisty side of her.

He knew things between them were over for sure. He did not understand what to think or how to fix his mistake; he wasn’t sure if he wanted to fix it.

Dylan never loved Vanessa, she was a distraction for him and the only woman that ever truly loved him which is why he kept her close; she knew nothing about his background and never dug deep to find out.

He was living two lives those three years he had spent with her and was happy about leaving her. He had to protest a little to make it more believable that he was sorry.

A slow smile crept up on his face as he thought of his impressive acting skills.

Jessica, his colleague, scrambled to her feet as she tried to fix the strap to her dress. She grabbed her heels and walked by Vanessa’s slumped body, not failing to throw a smirk her way.

If Vanessa hadn’t been so sad and hurt, she would have smacked her and wiped that smirk off her face, then turn her into a human punching bag, but all Vanessa wanted to do was curl up and cry.

How could he do that to her and how could another woman do that knowing the man was taken?

She could never sleep with a man she knew was not available, so it made her wonder how people could be heartless.

Three years. He had wasted three years of her life.

Looking around her she took a sharp breath and laid on the floor staring at the ceiling. She never thought she’d experience such pain, all the emotions rushing in at once. She wanted to escape it but didn’t know how. She wanted to scream, but her body was too weak to move.

She squeezed her eyes shut, almost like she was trying to forget it all.

He had never loved her. She was just there for his satisfaction, and to fill in a void he had. She knew she had to leave this place. All it held was lies of their relationship together.

Getting up, Vanessa leaned her back on the wall, her face puffed and sticky, she sighed.

She walked over to the kitchen to get herself a cup of water. Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, she stared at the screen of her phone. She wanted to call Holly, but she had no idea what to say.

She sighed and tapped on it. Holly was her best friend, and she never failed to cheer her up when things went wrong. It wasn’t the first time she called Holly crying about Dylan.

By the fifth ring, Holly picked up.

“HEY BABES what’s up?” she said happily only to be met with silence on the other end followed by a sob.

“Nessa? Nessa, are you okay? What happened? What’s wrong? Is Dylan okay?”

“Yeah,” she whispered in a hoarse voice.

She stared ahead of her at the wall with a blank expression on her face as she explained everything to Holly.

“Omg, baby I am so sorry you don’t deserve that piece of shit I will punch him and teach him a lesson when he comes back, he just lost the best thing in his life and I’ll make his life hell, fucking asshole.”

“I’m coming over, okay? I’ll get ice cream. Love you.” she said as she hung up and hurried to Vanessa’s apartment.

“Love you,” Vanessa whispered as she dropped her head on the counter and just breathed, her tears forming a pool on it but she couldn’t care less.

First chapter! I hope you guys like it. Please comment on what you think... oof.

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